DATE: May 22, 1998

TO: Deans

FROM: Joseph F. Thomas, Jr., Dean, Graduate School and Associate Provost for Research

SUBJECT: Overload Review Procedure

This is to solicit your comments on a procedure for Research and Sponsored Programs review and approval/disapproval of overload payments on ledger 6 accounts. Under this procedure, RSP would use the following criteria in making the approval decision.

In the case of federal funds, RSP will be guided by OMB Circular A-21, namely:

Thus, if the overload charge is not in the approved budget or in an approval letter from the agency, the overload would not be approved.

With respect to non-federal funds, there is a little more flexibility, but the A-21 principle would still be used as a guide. If the overload is not allowed by the sponsor, then of course it would not be approved. In the absence of sponsor restriction, the overload would be allowable if it meets the following conditions:

This procedure has been used on an interim basis in several instances and seems to work well. Please send me your comments and let me know if we should discuss this at the next Dean's meeting.

cc: Perry Moore

With the subsequent concurrence of the deans, the procedurds outlined above are currently being followed by RSP.

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