Who're You Going to Call (for assistance in managing your grant)?!
If you need help with: Primary resource: Secondary resource(s):
Allowability of costs Yun Wu Glen Jones
Award terms and conditions RSP post-award rep Yun Wu
Budget revisions Yun Wu Glen Jones
Close-out of your award RSP post-award rep Glen Jones
Correcting an erroneous expense Business manager RSP post-award rep
Cost sharing RSP post-award rep Yun Wu
Extending grant end date Yun Wu Glen Jones
Financial reporting RSP post-award rep Glen Jones
Foreign students Yun Wu Glen Jones
Foreign travel approval Yun Wu Glen Jones
Hiring personnel (GRAs, postdocs, technicians) Business manager Human Resources
Issuing a subcontract/subagreement Aja Ash Yun Wu
Ordering supplies/services Business manager Purchasing
Procards: obtaining, using, documenting, renewing Maralee Leonard Yun Wu
Progress reporting (incl. final technical report) Yun Wu Glen Jones
Protecting intellectual property (inventions, copyrights) Connie Dudley Reid Smith
Reviewing your monthly expenditures Business manager RSP post-award rep
Travel authorization and expense report Business manager Accounts Payable
Tuition waivers Aja Ash Yun Wu
Using biohazards in research Chris Piekkola Kim Morris, Dawn Wooley
Using hazardous chemicals Dramane Konate Env. Health & Safety
Using human subjects in research Robyn Wilks Ellen Reinsch Friese, Laurel Elder
Using lab animals in research Chris Piekkola Ellen Reinsch Friese, Adrian Corbett
Using radioactive materials Bill Palmer Env. Health & Safety
Not listed? Glen Jones
For individuals listed, complete contact information may be found at:  WSU Directory
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