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Intellectual Property

Depending on the technology created, one or more of the following types of intellectual property could be used to protect the technology and used for licensing.

Patents are commonly used to protect inventions.

Copyrights are generally used to protect works of authorship such as literary works, musical works, graphic works, and software. Copyright protects the expression of an idea but not the idea itself.

Research Materials are products that are not patented or otherwise protected but have value in the market place. 

Royalty Distribution

Royalty received by the university from licensing of university's intellectual property will be distributed according to the Royalty Distribution Schedule in the IP Policy. This distribution method does not apply to equity.


Ownership of Intellectual Property (IP) created at the University is determined by federal law, state law, University’s IP Policy, and by contract. See more.

For further information contact:

Elana Wang, J.D.
Director, Office of Technology Transfer
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