Is the technology technical data directly related to a defense article?

"Technical data" is defined as:

  • (1) Information, other than software as defined in 120.10(a)(4), which is required for the design, development, production, manufacture, assembly, operation, repair, testing, maintenance or modification of defense articles. This includes information in the form of blueprints, drawings, photographs, plans, instructions or documentation.
  • (2) Classified information relating to defense articles and defense services;
  • (3) Information covered by an invention secrecy order;
  • (4) Software as defined in 121.8(f) of this subchapter directly related to defense articles;
  • (5) This definition does not include information concerning general scientific, mathematical or engineering principles commonly taught in schools, colleges and universities or information in the public domain as defined in 120.11. It also does not include basic marketing information on function or purpose or general system descriptions of defense articles.



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