Reporting Security Incidents

When traveling overseas, serious security incidents should be reported to the Post Security Officer or Regional Security Officer at the nearest US diplomatic facility. In arranging to make this report, remember that telephone calls to the local American Embassy or Consulate may be monitored by the local security service.

After returning from your trip, any suspicious or noteworthy things that occurred during your trip should be reported to your organization's appropriate security component immediately. Suspicious incidents may also be reported to any of he following agencies, as appropriate:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington Metropolitan Field Office
(202) 252-7801 (Suspect incidents should be reported to your local FBI field office. Consult your local phone book for the telephone number.)

Department of State/Bureau of Diplomatic Security
(202) 663-0739

Defense Intelligence Agency
(703) 907-1307

National Security Agency
(301) 688-6911

Department of Army

Naval Criminal investigative Service

Air Force Office of Special Investigations

Department of Energy
(202) 586~-1247

US Customs Service
1-800-BE-ALERT (to report suspicious activities involving export of high-technology, munitions products, other commodities, narcotics, intellectual property, and US currency)

Department of Commerce/Office of Export Enforcement
(202) 482-1208 (to report suspicious targeting of US export-controlled commodities)

Defense Security Service (DSS)
(Defense contractors report suspect incidents to local DSS special agent.)

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