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Research News

From the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs - Serving the Research Community of Wright State University

Spring 1998 Vol. 29, No. 3

In This Issue

Research Challenge and Research Incentive Awards Announced

The Research Council is pleased to announce the Research Challenge Early Start/Augmentation winners from the April 6, 1998, call for applications:

Dr. AdityanjeeSOM14,350Extra-Striatal (Thalamic) Dopaminergic Abnormalities in Schizophrenia Using PET and 18-Fallypside
K. T. ArasuSM5,120Arrays With Special Correlation Properties
Scott Baird SM22,810Reproductive Isolation in Caenorhabditis
C. L. Philip Chen,
Jer-Sen Chen
ECS$10,000Enhancement of Networks Control: An Intelligent Approach
Kenneth CorneliusECS$10,000Pneumatic Vortex Generator Jets
Jay DeanSOM$12,500Developing a Model of Brainstem Compression Injury
Fred GarberECS$10,000Performance Prediction of ATR Technologies
Robert GrubbsSOM$26,690Role of FGF-2 in Regulating Cardiac Cholinergic Receptor Expression
Robert ShockECS$10,000Transformation Sustems
Raghavan SrinivasanECS$9,600Paper Abrasivity Testing
Pamela TsangSM$27,000Implications of Cognitive Aging on Transportation
John TurchiSOM$10,008Mammaliam Telomere DNA Replication

The following were also awarded from the Research Challenge Incentive for Collaboration and Contingency categories:
Peter Lauf,
Norma Adragna
SOM$25,000Structure/Function Studies on K-Cl Cotransport
Julian Gomez-CambroneroSOM$7,500Phospholipase D Purification by Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography

RSP is pleased to announce the award recipients for the FY 1998 Research Incentive (Research Initiation and Professional Development) grant programs. The competition for the Research Initiation Grants attracted 22 proposals. Ten were selected for funding for a total amount of $74,776. The Professional Development Grants competition attracted eight proposals. Two proposals were funded at $2,500 each.

Research Initiation
Jeffrey AllenSOPP$5,988Quality of Life Accompanying Psychological Distress And Physical Disability
Maher AmerECS$8,000Micromechanics of Ti/SiC Composites Using Macro-Raman Spectroscopy
Marjorie BakerLA$7,912The Role of Self Forgiveness in the Addiction Recovery Process for African American Women
Songlin ChengSM$8,000Hydrogeochemical and Sedimentological Characterizations of Crystal Lake
Richard ClemensCEHS$7,901Bicycle SAFEty CD-ROM
Barbara FowlerCONH$5,100The Decision-Making Process of Low Income, Urban African-American Women Who Forego Mammography Screening
Larry IsaacsSM$7,900Cardiovascular Responses to Acute Bouts of Isokinetic and Isotonic Muscular Contractions by Prepubescent Females
Audrey McGowinSM$7,975 Reactions of Sydnones in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Deborah Steele-JohnsonSM$8,000Effects of Goal Orientation on Performance
Li XuCOBA$8,000A Manufacturing Decision Support System for Joint Venture
Professional Development
Jackson LeungLA$2,500Conductors Institute at Hartt School of Music
Barry MilliganLA$2,500The Medical Professions and Popular Culture in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Congratulations to Research Challenge and Research Incentive Winners!

Sponsor Alerts

Remember the Children

The National Institutes of Health, in its March 6, 1998 NIH Guide, has established guidelines for the inclusion of children (defined as individuals under the age of 21) in NIH-supported research involving human subjects, unless there are scientific and ethical reasons not to include them. Because children have been historically excluded from research studies, inadequate data are often available to judge whether medical treatments tested on adults are applicable to children.

The new NIH policy becomes effective for all initial (Type 1) applications/proposals and intramural projects submitted for receipt dates after October 1, 1998. In order to respond to the new requirement, the investigator should create in the proposalís research plan a section titled, ìParticipation of Children.î The investigator should either describe plans to include children and a rationale for selecting or excluding a specific age range of child, or an explanation of the reason(s) for excluding children as participants in the research. Circumstances for the exclusion of children in research involving human subjects must be fully justified using one of the NIHís options for acceptable exclusion.

For those faculty who are contemplating NIH applications with the involvement of human subjects research, the new policy will provide valuable reading. The policy can be viewed at:


If you have any questions regarding use of human subjects at WSU, please contact Glen Jones in Research and Sponsored Programs at ext. 4461.

NIH Must Agree in Advance to BIG Dollar Proposals

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has clarified and revised its policy about the acceptance of applications requesting direct costs of $500,000 or more for any one year. While the policy previously applied only to new unsolicited applications, it has now been updated to include ALL new unsolicited applications (Type 1), competing continuations (Type 2), competing supplements and any amended/revised version of the preceding grant application types requesting $500,000 or more in direct costs for any year.

Effective June 1, 1998, those applicants must contact the NIH program staff of the potential awarding component (e.g., Institute or Center such as the National Cancer Institute) when the application development process begins and obtain agreement from the cognizant staff member that the awarding component will accept the application for consideration for award. The applicant must identify in a cover letter accompanying the proposal the staff member and Institute or Center who agreed to accept assignment of the application. Without this required information, the application will be returned to the applicant without review.

Note that this policy does not apply to applications submitted in response to RFAs (Requests for Applications) or in response to other announcements with specific budgetary limits. As always, applicants for NIH funding are encouraged to contact Institute or Center staff at any time about the preparation of proposals to which this policy will apply.

For further clarification, this notification can be viewed at:


Post-Award NEWS

All salary reallocations for FY97-98 are due in the Payroll Office by July 17, 1998. If you have a grant or contract with a budget for salaries, please check to make sure all of the salaries have been properly reallocated to the grant or contract for FY97-98. Please direct questions regarding salary reallocations to either the business manager in your college or school, or Research and Sponsored Programs staff, Jackie Frederick (ext. 4459) or Glen Jones (ext. 4461).


Community of Science

Funding Alert Service

WSU belongs to the Community of Science (COS), which has recently unveiled its ìFunding Alertî service, an automatic e-mail notification system that alerts researchers to new funding sources of interest to them. The system provides weekly e-mail updates to faculty who have a COS Expertise profile on record by matching keywords from the profile with the COS Funding Opportunities database. This database is the largest repository of private, commercial, and government funding information on the World Wide Web. In addition, COS offers each faculty member a personalized Web account, where they can create and modify up to five customized queries.

WSU faculty in the School of Medicine, the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and selected departments in the College of Science and Mathematics have already had their Expertise profiles added to the database to give them access to the ìFunding Alertî capability. Those who are interested in adding or updating their profiles can access the services of COS at the following URL:


Other COS services available at this Web site include the Funding Opportunities Database, Federal Register, Commerce Business Daily, and search mechanisms for inventions, expertise, and facilities.

Any questions regarding the services offered by the Community of Science may be directed to Ellen Reinsch Friese in RSP at ext. 2425.

Springing Forward to Fall

This is the last issue of Research News for the 1997-98 academic year. As the spring term draws to a close, the staff of Research and Sponsored Programs is busily planning workshops for the fall quarter. In the works are the following University-wide events:

Faculty Orientation Workshop

Designed as an overview of the services offered by RSP, new faculty are

particularly encouraged to attend, but anyone interested in learning more about the office is welcome.

    Date: Tuesday, October 27
    Time: 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
    Place: Student Union E156A&B

Research Ethics Workshops

Recommended for faculty mentors and their graduate students, discussion of timely ethical issues (e.g., intellectual property, authorship and reporting of data) is stimulated by the viewing of videotapes produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). This is a four-part series.

    Dates/Times/Places to be announced.

Post-Award Training

Geared to faculty and staff responsible for expenditures processed on 66-ledger (restricted) accounts, the session offers guidance in the area of post-award administration.

    Date/Time/Place to be announced.

Surfing the Net for Funding Opportunities

Finding a sponsor is one of the first steps on the road to funding success, and RSP has numerous electronic resources to smooth the trip. Learn to use the Community of Science, Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN), and The Grant Advisor Plus to match your interests with funding opportunities.

    Date/Time/Place to be announced.

Further details and registration information will be published in the Fall 1998 issue of Research News. Best wishes from the staff of RSP for a restful and relaxing summer!


The grants and contracts on these pages were awarded from January 1998 through April 1998

College of Business and Administration

Scherer, Robert F.
Small Business Development Center
Ohio Department of Development

College of Education and Human Services

Bernhardt, Gregory R.
Finegan-Stoll, Colleen A.
Helms, Ronald G.
Diversified Teaching Force
Ohio Department of Education

Bernhardt, Gregory R.
Regents' Scholar Program
Ohio Board of Regents

Bernhardt, Gregory R.
PRAXIS Training
University of Dayton

Courtney, Donna S.
Vocational Ed Personnel Development Regional Center
Ohio Department of Education

Courtney, Donna S.
School-To-Work System Integration
Ohio State University

Trent, James S.
Market Analysis
Kettering-Moraine School District

Trent, James S.
Schumacher, Ruth B.
Clinical Supervision Services
Goodwill Industries of the Miami Valley

Trent, James S.
Market Analysis
Tipp City School District

Trent, James S.
Independent Performance Audit
Lima City Schools

Trent, James S.
Job Climate Evaluation
Dayton Water Systems

Trent, James S.
Professional Development
More Than One Source of Support

Trent, James S.
Classroom Management and Conflict Resolution
Huber Heights Schools

Trent, James S.
Passing School Levies and Bond Issues
More Than One Source of Support

Wantz, Richard A.
Helms, Ronald G.
School-to-Work Integration Project
Ohio State University

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Awwal, Abdul A.S.
Pattern Recognition and Control of Automated IR Images
Zybron Optical Electronics, Inc.

Chen, Chien-In Henry
Design of a Monobit Receiver
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Chen, Jer-sen
Video Compression Schemes and Associated Hardware
Logicon Technical Services, Inc.

Garber, Fred D.
Worrell, Steven W.
Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement/Specialized Research
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Garber, Fred D.
Automatic Target Recognition Systems
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Garcia, Oscar N.
Berra, P. Bruce
Priorities in Graduate Education
Ohio Board of Regents

Garcia, Oscar N.
OBR Collaborative Research
Kent State University

Grandhi, Ramana V.
Object-Oriented Multidisciplinary Design
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Grandhi, Ramana V.
Multidisciplinary Nonlinear Sensitivity Analysis
DoD, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)

Hangartner, Thomas N.
Treatment of Established Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis
Sanofi Winthrop, Inc.

Hangartner, Thomas N.
Calcitonin Effects on Bone Mineral Density During Osteoporosis
Covance, Inc.

Hong, Lang
Multiplatform Cooperative Fire Control
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Jean, Jack
Tomko, Karen A.
Framework for Speculative Run-Time Reconfiguration
DoD, Advanced Research Projects Agency

Lieh, Junghsen
Manufacturing Information System Lab Development
A & S Pacific International, Inc.

McBeath, Giorgio M.
Ohio Aerospace Institute Fellowship
Ohio Aerospace Institute

Mukhopadhyay, Sharmila M.
Characterization of Sub-Micron Grains
Superconductive Components, Inc.

Narayanan, Sundaram
Crew-Aided Modeling to Support the Requirements Planning Process
Logicon Technical Services, Inc.

Narayanan, Sundaram
Interactive Simulation Applications on ORB_IT
Systran Corporation

Reynolds, David B.
Non-Frangible Pedestrian Leg Form Impactor
U.S. Department of Transportation

Slater, Joseph C.
Srinivasan, Raghavan
Weiss, Isaac
Spring Manufacturing Research
Spring Manufacturers Institute, Inc.

Thomas, Scott Keith
Micro Scale Heat Transfer: Micro-Cooler Feasibility
Universal Energy Systems, Inc. (UES, Inc.)

Tomko, Karen A.
Scalable Parallel Software
Dynamic Engineering Incorporated

College of Liberal Arts

Adams, Robert W.
Public Service Projects
More Than One Source of Support

Adams, Robert W.
Urban Projects - Urban Universities Linkage
Ohio Board of Regents

Adams, Robert W.
Holp, Timothy J.
Ohio Region 4 School-to-Work Alliance
Ohio School-to-Work

Adams, Robert W.
Holp, Timothy J.
Xenia Citizens Perception Survey
City of Xenia, Ohio

Adams, Robert W.
Welcome House Evaluation
Welcome House of Northern Kentucky, Inc.

Adams, Robert W.
Development of a Site Selection Inventory and Marketing System
City of Springfield, Ohio

Adams, Robert W.
Graduate Student Study Program
United Way

Adams, Robert W.
Housing Survey - Southern Dayton View
Montgomery County Affordable Housing Fund

Adams, Robert W.
Research the Economic Development Clearinghouse Concept
Dayton Business Committee

Adams, Robert W.
Focus Group Session
Downtown Dayton Partnership

Ballantine, Jeanne H.
Sociologists for Women in Society
Sociologists for Women in Society

Dockery, Jane L.
ODOT Economic Analysis Evaluation
Cleveland State University

Dustin, Jack L.
Orfield Mapping of Ohio Metropolitan Change Project
Cleveland State University

Dustin, Jack L.
City Charter Appraisal
City of Xenia, Ohio

Kennedy, Sandra D.
Organizational Task Force
City of Hamilton, Ohio

Kennedy, Sandra D.
Department of Public Utilities TRUST FORCE and Trust Action Teams Training and Facilitation
City of Hamilton, Ohio

Kennedy, Sandra D.
Interactive Bargaining
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Moore, Perry D.
Southwest Regional Office - Ohio Historical Society
Ohio Historical Society

Sayer, Cathy
English 199: Writers Helping Writers
Ohio Campus Compact

College of Nursing and Health

Fowler, Barbara A.
African-American Women Decisions to Forego Mammography Screening
Oncology Nursing Foundation

Hickok, Kimberly X.
Media Blitz Contest
Greene County Family and Children First

Praeger, Susan G.
Health STARS: Health Strategies to Assure Regular Services
Ohio Department of Health

College of Science and Mathematics

Arasu, Krishnasany T.
Polyphase Arrays/Special Auto-Correlation Properties
DoD, National Security Agency

Arlian, Larry G.
Scabies: Biology, Culture, Host Specificity and Antigens
DHHS, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

Arlian, Larry G.
Dust Mite Culture Media

Arlian, Larry G.
Acaricidal Efficacy of Selected Aerosol Reagents
AgrEvo Environmental Health Inc.

Arlian, Larry G.
Management of House Dust Mite Allergy
S.C. Johnson Wax

Arlian, Larry G.
Dust Sample Analyses
Drexler Heritage Furniture

Burton, G. Allen
Development of a Tiered Ecologocial Risk Assessment Model, Phase II
Operational Technologies Corporation

Carmichael, Wayne W.
A Supply of Cyanobacteria Secondary Metabolites
More Than One Source of Support

Carmichael, Wayne W.
A Supply of Cyanobacteria Secondary Metabolites
Amway Corporation

Colle, Herbert A
Behavioral Research Projects: 2
NCR Corporation

Flach, John M.
Manual and Process Control Applications in Aviation
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute

Foy, Brent D.
Physiologically-Based Kinetic Model of Perfused Liver
Research and Development Laboratories

Goldstein, David L.
Localization of Peptide Hormone Action in Kidney
NSF, Research in Undergraduate Institute

Hennessy, Michael B.
Maternal Influences on Hormonal Activity and Behavior of Juveniles
NSF, Grants for Scientific Research

Kozlowski, Gregory
Development of New RF Sputtering Technique
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Krane, Dan E.
Forensic DNA Profiling
More Than One Source of Support

Ritzi, Jr., Robert W.
Ground Water Protection Program
Southwestern Portland Cement Company

Ritzi, Jr., Robert W.
Miami Conservancy District Internship Agreement
The Aquifer Preservation Subdistrict of the Miami Conservancy District

Tiernan, Thomas O.
PCDDs/PCDFs in Industrial Wastestreams
Parsons Engineering Science, Inc.

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Fish
State of Tennessee

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Fish
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Tiernan, Thomas O.
PCDDs/PCDFs in Treated Chemical Wastes
IT Corporation

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Herbicide Materials

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Well Water Samples
Dow Chemical

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Analyses of Fish for PCBs
Boston University

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Biological Samples
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Tiernan, Thomas O.
PCDDs/PCDFs in Fish Tissue
State of Alabama

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Sludge
City of Marysville, Ohio

Tiernan, Thomas O.
PCDDs/PCDFs in Sludge
Appleton Papers Inc.

Tiernan, Thomas O.
PCDDs/PCDFs in Sludge
City of Marion, Ohio

Wheatly, Michele G.
Physiological and Molecular Characterization of Ca Pump and Exchange; An Integrated Approach Modeled on the Freshwater Crayfish Molting Cycle
NSF, Research in Undergraduate Institute

Lake Campus

Evans, Danny L.
Small Business Development Center
Lima Technical College

School of Graduate Studies

Look, David C.
Advanced Device Structures
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Look, David C.
Indium Phosphide Analysis

Sanville, Thomas J.
Ohio Board of Regents

Thomas, Jr., Joseph F.
Ohio's Research Challenge
Ohio Board of Regents

School of Medicine

Batra, Prem P.
High School Minority Student/Teacher Science Enrichment
DHHS, National Center for Research Resources (NCRR)

Berberich, Steven J.
Mdm-2 Oncoprotein as a Cell Regulator of p53
DHHS, National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Bernstein, Jack M.
Treatments for Nosocomial Gram-Positive Pneumonia
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer

Bernstein, Jack M.
Effectiveness of a Treatment for Influenza Infection
Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Bigley, Nancy J.
Novel Delivery System for a Herpesvirus DNA Vaccine
DHHS, National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR)

Cauley, Katherine L.
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
Planned Parenthood of Miami Valley, Inc.

Cauley, Katherine L.
Regional Service Learning Coalition
Ohio Governor's Community Service Council

Cauley, Katherine L.
A Healthier Child is a Better Learner
Department of Education

Chumlea, W. Cameron
Guo, Shumei S.
Siervogel, Roger M.
Multifrequency Impedance and Body Composition
DHHS, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

Chumlea, W. Cameron
Relationship Between Male Pattern Baldness and Health Quality
Merck/Merck Research Laboratory

Gomez-Cambronero, Julian
Signal Transduction in Neutrophil-Mediated Heart Injury
DHHS, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

Gruber, Jack S.
Hormonal Management of Endometriosis
TAP Holdings Inc.

Janssen, Thomas W. J.
Evaluation of a New Knee Control System for Individuals with Transfemoral Amputations
Mauch Laboratories

Jentleson, Donald B.
AHEC Support
Ohio Board of Regents

Kay, Jerald
ODMH Multidisciplinary Training Program
Ohio Department of Mental Health

Leffak, I. Michael
Analysis of the Human c-myc Gene Replication Origin
DHHS, National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)

Mohler, Stanley R.
Aerospace Medicine Residency Program
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Mohler, Stanley R.
Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement - Frey
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Mohler, Stanley R.
Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement - Doarn
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Organisciak, Daniel T.
Leffak, I. Michael
Environmental Light and Retinal Membrane Development
DHHS, National Eye Institute (NEI)

Organisciak, Daniel T.
Coleman, Clint A.
The Effects of Light on Nitrogen Fixation in Stem Nodules
Sigma XI

Paul, Cassandra C.
Baumann, Michael A.
License Agreement for Eosinophilic Cell Line
Several Sponsors

Prochaska, Lawrence J.
AHA-Ohio/WV Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
American Heart Association - Ohio/West Virginia Affiliate Inc.

Rote, Neal S.
King, Jeffrey C.
Wilson, Brenda A.
Taylor, Catherine A.
Antiphospholipid Antibodies and Disorders of Pregnancy
DHHS, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)

Siervogel, Roger M.
Chumlea, Wm. Cameron
Guo, Shumei
Towne, Bradford
Subcutaneous Fat, Blood Lipids, and Subsequent Outcome
DHHS, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)

Siervogel, Roger M.
Guo, Shumei
Chumlea, Wm. Cameron
Standard Growth Curves for Egyptian Children and Adolescents
Cairo University

Stills, Harold F.
Material Transfer Agreement for Lawsonia intracellularis
Pfizer, Inc.

Wooley, Dawn P.
Molecular Mechanisms of Retroviral Variation
DHHS, National Cancer Institute (NCI)

School of Professional Psychology

Fraser, J. Scott
Internship Training
Montgomery County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities

Yung, Betty
Minority Health Program Evaluation
Ohio Commission on Minority Health

Yung, Betty
Prevention of Conduct Disorder in Preschool Children
Montgomery County ADAMH Services Board

Student Affairs

Minton, Alma
Uniform Commutation Allowance
DoD, Air Force, AFROTC

Simon, Stephen H.
Recreation Programs for Disabled Individuals
Department of Education


Dewberry, Brenda I.
Renner, Patricia A.
Partners in Academic and Career Exploration (PACE) Ohio School-to-Work

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