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Research News

From the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs - Serving the Research Community of Wright State University

Spring 1997 Vol. 28, No. 3

In This Issue

Focus on Faculty Needs

Facilitating Collaborations

Research and Sponsored Programs convened four focus groups of faculty (representing all colleges and schools and at all career stages, including chairs and deans) in November 1996 to explore the potential incentives and constraints in doing university research. Participants, among whom 75% had received support for external funding, were encouraged to discuss their perceptions of the importance of research at WSU, the challenges they face in writing grant applications and conducting the research once funding has been awarded, and their interest in collaborations (across departmental lines and with other institutions). The input received by faculty was very valuable; the discussion was frank and revealing. It supports the notion that faculty are deeply committed to their roles and responsibilities as teachers, scholars and researchers. While many of the issues raised will take time to sort through, some will be immediately addressed as follows:

Indirect Costs

The issue of indirect costs is one that is often misunderstood and in many cases, poorly communicated. While charging indirect costs will never be warmly received by those who submit grant applications, it is the only way WSU has of recouping the costs of conducting externally sponsored research. These costs include departmental, college and central administration, heat, light, building maintenance and depreciation.

WSU prepares an annual indirect cost proposal that is audited, negotiated and approved by the federal government. Unless otherwise stated in the sponsor's guidelines, RSP will use, when preparing a budget, the actual federally negotiated indirect cost rate in effect on the day a proposal is submitted. The current indirect cost rates (and other important proposal development information) are available on the RSP home page (http://www.wright.edu/rsp/).

Bridging the Funding Gap

Successful grantseekers often find themselves "between grants"; that is, a funding cycle has come to an end, applications are in the review process, there is no current infusion of grant funds, but the research must go on. Research Challenge funds are available to "bridge" this gap in funding, and can be used to support a project in the interim period between funding cycles so long as a new or renewal proposal has been submitted. Please contact Leon Testas at ext. 2425 if you would like further information.

RSP can match WSU faculty with similar research interests using its faculty database. In addition, WSU has joined the Community of Science, which offers access to an extensive "faculty expertise database." Passworded expertise records are currently being created for faculty in the School of Medicine, College of Engineering and Computer Science, and the College of Science and Mathematics. The effort is being coordinated by the University Libraries. This is only the beginning of WSU's involvement in a searchable database that contains the records and research interests of over 85,000 scholars in the U.S. and Canada.

These are but a few of the many topics we will be exploring in future issues of Research News. We value and appreciate very much the time and considerable effort spent by those participants in the focus groups. We would also welcome topics for discussion by other members of the University community.

Notes from the Director

I have been very fortunate recently in having been invited to see first hand some of the research results being generated by Wright State faculty. Dr. Robert Gilkey, Chair of Psychology, asked me to step into his CAVEa three-dimensional synthetic environment that has enormous research potential (e.g., for the study of sensory interaction, display and control design, endoscopic surgery, and complex data visualization). For this particular demonstration, I was able to walk in a meadow, pick a flower, and carry it into a cottage.
On April 29 I attended the Great Lakes Aquatic Ecosystem Research Consortium Colloquium hosted by WSU. This gathering of researchers from around the state featured presentations by Allen Burton, Wayne Carmichael, María González, and Keith Grasman. I was very impressed by the phenomenal breadth of the work being done, which I am sure will help continue to make the Great Lakes ecosystem safer for both animals and people.

Then on May 7 the School of Medicine invited me to participate in an informal discussion with Dr. Donald Vereen of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. I learned a lot about NIDA's research interests and how they might dovetail with what WSU researchers, such as Harvey Siegal, are doing. I was also able to view a related poster session where faculty in SOM, S&M, CONH, and SOPP exhibited some very exciting on-going research activities.

The end of May will find me at the Research Forum being put on by the College of Engineering and Computer Science. There I hope to be able to see what our engineering faculty are doing in such areas as muscle biomechanics and thermodynamics, biomaterials, medical imaging, and medical ultrasound technology. It should prove extremely enlightening.

I appreciate receiving these invitations because it enables me to understand better some of the work that is being supported by the grants and contracts flowing through Research and Sponsored Programs. I hope that the RSP staff and I can continue to broaden this understanding.

Bill Sellers

RSP Staff News

Happy Trails to Lori Gabriel!

New horizons await RSP's Assistant Director, Lori Gabriel, who will be leaving WSU for a new position as Sponsored Projects Officer in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, at the main campus of Arizona State University. There she will be handling proposals and post-award administration for the Department of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Materials Engineering. She begins her new duties on July 1, 1997.

A graduate of WSU, who earned an M.P.A. from UD in December 1996 while working full-time, Lori has been with WSU for over six years. She has skillfully managed the post-award administration of faculty grants and contracts in RSP since 1993.

We wish Lori the best of luck in her new position at ASU. We are sure that, come winter, she will fully appreciate her new surroundings!

Overview of the Office

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) works with faculty and staff to increase externally funded research and other sponsored programs. RSP staff provides the following services:

· Identification of External Sources of Funding
· Dissemination of Funding Information
· Liaison with Sponsors
· Proposal Development and Preparation
· Budget Preparation
· Institutional Compliance
· Institutional Authorization
· Proposal Transmittal
· Contract Negotiations
· Post-Award Administration of Externally Funded Programs
· Administration of Internally Funded Programs
· Technology Transfer
· Government Security

Research News and Funding Update are publications of RSP. Research News, published periodically during the academic year, covers grant awards and related topics of interest. Descriptions and deadlines of upcoming programs are listed in RSP's monthly bulletin, Funding Update.

If you would like to be placed on the mailing list or would like further information on funding opportunities, application procedures, or other services provided by the office, please contact us (ext. 2425, rsp@wright.edu) or visit the office in 122 Allyn Hall.

Sponsor Alerts

A Salute from the Navy

RSP recently received a letter of thanks from the Office of Naval Research (ONR), complimenting WSU on its efforts in promptly spending ONR funds awarded and billing for completed research. ONR terms this practice "mutually beneficial." We agree!

Online Grant-Writing Hints

The grants world is changing quickly, and we at RSP are the first to admit it! As we come across helpful information in the quest for successful grant applications, especially the "online" variety, we will pass along the URL for you to peruse at your leisure.

For writers of National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants in particular, we recently discovered this site entitled, "Hints for Writing Successful NIH Grants":


While specifically geared to the NIH format, many of the principles apply to grant-writing in general. Happy surfing!

The Internet Working for You

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) are two agencies now offering electronic services to keep you informed of new publications or solicitations.

The NSF offers its "Custom News Service." To set up your profile, visit the NSF home page at:


and click on the "Custom News Service" button on the toolbar at the bottom of the home page. You will be prompted to provide your e-mail address and other data to structure your customized alert service.

The ODOD will automatically send electronic reminders of solicitation openings and closings, as well as useful Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) information, if you send your email address, company name and address to:


Last, but not least, do not forget about WSU's own electronic reminder service, SMARTS (SPIN Matching and Researcher Transmittal System), available as a link through the RSP home page:


Sponsor Acknowledgments

As a reminder, publications that have been derived in whole or part from federal support (federally supported by agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services, National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Education), should acknowledge the support of the sponsor. In some cases, the sponsor will also request that a disclaimer be added to the acknowledgment.

If in doubt about the requirements for acknowledgments from your sponsor, please contact RSP.

The Hallmark of Excellence

The National Science Foundation (NSF) will adopt new criteria for evaluating funding proposals, beginning October 1, 1997. Approved by the National Science Board, the new criteria will make "excellence" the hallmark of the merit review process. Under the new criteria, reviewers will be asked to answer two questions regarding proposals for funding:

· What is the intellectual merit and quality of the proposed activity?

· What are the broader impacts of the proposed activity?

High Risk/High Impact Research

It's the academic Indy 500! The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), a component of the National Institutes of Health, has announced a new, ongoing program that will provide pilot-scale ($70,000 direct costs per year or less; maximum of 2 years) support for potentially ground-breaking ideas, methods or systems that meet all of these criteria:

  • proposed research lacks sufficient preliminary data for feasibility to be established - the "risk";
  • successful demonstration of feasibility would have a major, precedent-setting impact on biomedical research; and
  • research falls within the areas supported by NIGMS (basic research on cell biology, biophysics, genetics, developmental biology, pharmacology, physiology, and biological chemistry).

The program announcement (PA-97-049) can be found on the NIGMS home page at:


or by calling RSP at ext. 2425.

A Rose by any Other Name

Educational institutions, such as WSU, abide by the principles established by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for the determination of costs applicable to Federal grants, contracts and other sponsored agreements. These guidelines are compiled in OMB Circular A-21, "Cost Principles for Educational Institutions."

Last year Circular A-21 was revised to replace the term "indirect" costs with "facilities and administrative" (F&A) costs. F&A costs are synonymous with "indirect" costs and describe more accurately the various cost components of sponsored agreements.

Research and Sponsored Programs has already begun to use the term "F&A" to denote "indirect" costs on communications generated by this office. Effective July 1, 1997, FAS reports will reflect this change in terminology, as well.


Looking Ahead to Fall

This is the last issue of Research News for the 1996-97 academic year. The staff of RSP wishes all of you a happy, sunny and restful summer.

Please keep us in mind, though, as the first signs of fall (multi-colored leaves, Monday night football, crowds at the bookstore) become apparent. We plan three University-wide events for the fall quarter:

Faculty Orientation Workshop

We particularly welcome new WSU faculty, but invite any faculty and staff interested in knowing more about RSP and its services, to attend the workshop.

Scheduled for October 21 in E156A & B Student Union from 8:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.

Proposal Writing Workshop

Back by popular demand, Dr. Robert Lucas of the Institute for Scholarly Productivity, will offer his wit and wisdom to participants in this proposal writing workshop, scheduled for November 20. Further details will be available in a campus-wide "call for applications" in September.

Ethics in Research Workshop

RSP staff will facilitate an ethics in research workshop, tentatively scheduled for Friday, November 14. Further details will be made available in the fall quarter.

Post-Award NEWS

Buying More Time - At No Cost

Sometimes research or other sponsored projects cannot be completed within the proposed time frame. Investigators may decide to request a no-cost extension.

Sponsoring agencies are willing to grant no-cost extensions because of unforeseen delays in obtaining needed equipment or the hiring of personnel. Simply having a surplus of funds is not sufficient justification for requesting a no-cost extension.

If an investigator needs a no-cost extension, he/she should prepare a written request addressed to their sponsor. This request should include details as to why, in addition to how long, the extension is needed. After the investigator signs this letter, it should be sent to RSP for an institutional signature. RSP will provide the signature and mail the letter to the sponsor. A signed copy will be returned to the investigator for their file.

For projects that allow the university to grant a no-cost extension, the investigator only needs to send a memo to the RSP Director requesting an extension. RSP will notify the sponsor, in writing, that WSU has extended the project.

Using the aforementioned procedures helps to provide consistency in the way no-cost extensions are made. In addition, it allows sponsors to be informed of the specific reasons why projects cannot be completed as proposed.

Please call RSP if you are not sure whether the university can extend your project or if you need to request an extension from your sponsor. You may direct your questions to Lori Gabriel or Jackie Frederick at ext. 2425.

NSF/No Service Faster

National Science Foundation (NSF) award notices are now being received via email. As a result, the award notification period should decrease by a week or more! The notices will be sent to the RSP email address. Please call Lori Gabriel or Jackie Frederick at ext. 2425 if you have any questions.

Restricted Accounts Workshop Gets Rave Reviews

The first restricted accounts training workshop was given on Friday, April 4. This workshop was well-attended by a variety of personnel from many different departments.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and the numerous questions and comments both during and after the training were very much appreciated.

If you were unable to attend the workshop, be sure to check the training schedule, distributed by Human Resources, for next fall. (No training will be offered during summer quarter.) If you have any questions or comments regarding this training, please call Lori Gabriel or Jackie Frederick at ext. 2425.

Delivering the Deliverables

Beginning July 1, 1997, RSP will require PIs to submit a copy of the transmittal letter that accompanies their technical reports to our office.

Currently, PIs are reminded of reporting requirements approximately one month prior to the report due date. However, in the past, RSP did not ask for a copy of the report or require proof that it had been sent. Sponsoring agencies have begun withholding new awards or additional funding if reports are not submitted, or not submitted on time. Not only does this affect the particular PI's project, it affects new awards or additional funding to the entire university. In addition, our auditors need a way to confirm that we have provided the deliverables, usually a final report, to our sponsors. As a result, we believe this new procedure will enable us to monitor the reporting process, as well as resolve any discrepancies of missing reports.

Your cooperation in providing copies of your transmittal letters is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or comments, please call Lori Gabriel or Jackie Frederick at ext. 2425.


The grants and contracts on these pages were awarded from November 1996 through April 1997

Academic Administration

Renner, Patricia A.
Ohio Summer Institute
Ohio Department of Education

College of Business and Administration

Scherer, Robert F.
Developing International Trade Management Competency
National Security Education Program (DOD)

College of Education and Human Services

Barnhart, Michael L.
Fiscal Agent Role for Geographic Regional Training Sessions
Ohio Department of Education

Bernhardt, Gregory R.
Fortson, Stephen B.
Diversified Teaching Force
Ohio Department of Education

Bernhardt, Gregory R.
Fortson, Stephen B.
Students Taking Action to Succeed "STATS"
Ohio Department of Education

Cole, Donna J.
Mathies, Bonnie K.
DeWitt Wallace Reader's Digest Fund Incentive Award
Institute for Educational Inquiry

Courtney, Donna S.
School-To-Work System Integration
Ohio State University

Helms, Ronald G.
Next Steps Activities
Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Renick, Patricia R.
Touching the Outer Limits of Special Education
University of Dayton

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Brandeberry, James E.
Artificial Intelligence
Ohio Board of Regents

Chen, C.L. Philip
Orthogonal Functional Neural Network
Technical Management Concepts, Inc.

Chen, Jer-sen
Bandwidth Requirement & Video Compression Schemes
Logicon Technical Services, Inc.

Chen, Jer-Sen
Perception Based Video Compression Algorithms
Research & Development Laboratories

Gallimore, Jennie J.
Field-of-View Research IPA - Gallimore
Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory

Garber, Fred D.
Automatic Target Recognition Systems

Garcia, Oscar N.
Jean, Jack
Ohio Computing & Communications ATM Research Network
Ohio State University Research Foundation (OBR)

Grandhi, Ramana V.
Design Decision Support System
Management Sciences, Inc. (SBIR - Phase II)

Grandhi, Ramana V.
Reliability Based Structural Optimization
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Grandhi, Ramana V.
Track Link Forging Operation
Caterpillar, Inc.

Grandhi, Ramana V.
Object-Oriented Multidisciplinary Design
USAF: Wright Laboratory

Hong, Lang
Multiplatform Cooperative Fire Control
USAF: Wright Laboratory

Hong, Lang
Multi-res/Multi-rate Target Tracking
MRLets Technologies, Inc.

Jean, Jack S.
Xue, Kefu
Automatic Target Recognition Module Evaluation
AbTech Corporation/DOD-STTR

Kazimierczuk, Marian K.
Semiconducting Devices for Aircraft Power System Applications
UES, Inc.

Lieh, Junghsen
3D Deformations, Forces & Moments of Aircraft Tires
Research & Development Laboratories (AFOSR)

McBeath, Giorgio M.
Ohio Aerospace Institute Fellowship
Ohio Aerospace Institute

Narayanan, Sundaram
Intelligent Information Synthesis
The Analytic Sciences Corporation (TASC)/Armstrong Lab

Narayanan, Sundaram
Architecture for Airbase Logistics Modeling
Research & Development Laboratories

Rowley, Blair A.
Rehabilitation Engineering & Technology Training
U.S. Department of Education

Rowley, Blair A.
Birt, Timothy
Rehabilitation Engineering Design I
Mont. Co. Bd. of Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities

Shaw, Arnab
Algorithms for High-Range Resolution Automatic Target Recognition
Sverdrup Technology, Inc.

Shaw, Arnab K.
Automatic Target Recognition (ATR)
Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Siferd, Raymond E.
Design Library Function Generator
USAF: Wright Laboratory

Srinivasan, Raghavan
Models for Microstructural Evolution
Research & Development Laboratories (AFOSR)

Srinivasan, Raghavan
Evaluation of Cutting Forces & Tool Wear
UES, Inc.

Thomas, Scott K.
Copper-Ethanol Heat Pipes with Spiral Grooves
Research & Development Laboratories (AFOSR)

Tomko, Karen A.
3D Navier-Stokes Equation
Research & Development Laboratories (AFOSR)

Weiss, Isaac
Hot Tensile Testing
Rockwell International

Weiss, Isaac
Materials Analysis
University of Connecticut Health Center

Weiss, Isaac
Materials Analysis
MetLab, Division Metallurgical Service, Inc.

Wolff, J. Mitch
Test & Evaluation of Miniature Pressure Transducers
Universal Technology Corporation

Wolff, J. Mitch
Turbomachinery Component Design Systems
Research & Development Laboratories (AFOSR)

College of Liberal Arts

Adams, Robert W.
Urban Projects - Urban Universities Linkage
Ohio Board of Regents

Ballentine, Jeanne H.
Sociologists for Women in Society
Sociologists for Women in Society

Brun, Carl F.
Wellness Grant Planning Activities
Greene County Family & Children First Council

Caron, Linda
Dayton Collects II
Celebration Dayton '96

DeStephen, Daniel E.
Partnering for the Future
SuperValu, Ohio Valley Distribution Center

DeStephen, Daniel E.
Instructional Systems Design
Kent State University

DeStephen, Daniel E.
Partnering for the Future
Morris Bean & Company

DeStephen, Daniel E.
Training Needs Assessment
Cargill Foods

DeStephen, Daniel E.
Teambuilding for the Future
Appleton Distribution Center

DeStephen, Daniel E.
Leadership Retreat
International Fineblanking Corporation

Dockery, Jane L.
Labor Force Needs Assessment
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

Dockery, Jane L.
Business Base Analysis
City of Riverside

Dolan, Drew A.
Directory on Nonprofit Organizations
Key Bank

Dustin, Jack L.
Urban Administration/Graduate Student Study Program
Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority

Mazey, Mary E.
Intergovernmental Personnel Assignment (IPA)
Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

Milligan, Barry E.
Nineteenth-Century British Medicine & Culture
Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Nudelman, Jodi D.
Infant Immunization Multi-Stage Cluster Analysis
Cleveland State University (ODH)

College of Nursing and Health

Wise, Barbara L.
D.P.S./W.S.U.-CoNH HIV Prevention Empowerment Program
Dayton Board of Education/Amer. Nurses Assoc.

College of Science and Mathematics

Arasu, K. T.
Polyphase Arrays/Special Auto-Correlation Properties
National Security Agency

Arlian, Larry G.
Factors Controlling the Dust Mite Population in the Indoor Environment
Environmental Protection Agency

Arlian, Larry G.
New Formulations for Acaricidal and Allergen Inactivation Activities
Procter & Gamble Company/Laundry & Cleaning Prod. Division

Arlian, Larry G.
Testing of Multiple Compounds for Acaricidal Efficacy
Griffin Corporation

Arlian, Larry G.
Mite Allergen Studies
Reckitt & Colman, Inc.

Arlian, Larry G.
Standardization of Enzyme Allergens
Procter & Gamble Company

Arlian, Larry G.
Dust Sample Analyses
Air Quality Sciences, Inc.

Arlian, Larry G.
Standardization of Enzyme Allergens
Procter & Gamble Company Laundry & Cleaning Products

Arlian, Larry G.
Dust Sample Analyses
State of Florida, Office of Comptroller

Arlian, Larry G.
Dust Sample Analyses
Atlas Scientific Technologies, Inc.

Baird, Scott E.
TGFb Signal Transduction in Caenorhabditis elegans
American Cancer Society - Ohio Division

Barnhart, Michael L.
Academic Year Follow-Up Program
Hancock County Educational Services Center

Burton, G. Allen
Lima Water Quality Impact Study
Montgomery Watson Americas, Inc.

Burton, G. Allen
Effluent Bioassay Testing at the Eastern Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
Montgomery County Sanitary-Wastewater Treatment Plant

Burton, G. Allen
Cleveland Project
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

Carmichael, Wayne W.
A Supply of Cyanobacteria Secondary Metabolites
Miscellaneous Sponsors

Carmichael, Wayne W.
Structures of Antibiotics and Related Compounds
University of Illinois

Carmichael, Wayne W.
A Supply of Cyanobacteria Secondary Metabolites
Calbiochem-Novabiochem Corp.

Carmichael, Wayne W.
A Supply of Cyanobacteria Secondary Metabolites
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Colle, Herbert A.
Behavioral Research Projects
National Cash Register (NCR) Corporation

Feld, William A.
Single Ionic Conducting "Comb Type" Polymer Electrolyte
Northeast Consortium for Engineering Education

Feld, William A.
Single Ionic Conducting "Comb Type" Polymer Electrolyte
Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)

Fox, Jane L.
Skinner, Thomas E.
Model Studies of Excited States of N2 and N2 in the Thermosphere/Ionsphere
National Aeronautics & Space Administration

Gilkey, Robert H.
Flach, John M.
Cognitive Workload-Complex Synthetic Task Environment
Department of Defense (AFOSR)

Gilkey, Robert H.
Cognitive Workload Research in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Department of Defense (DURIP)

Gilkey, Robert H.
Patterns of Acoustic Cues
Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Goldstein, David L.
Localization of Peptide Hormone Action in Kidney
National Science Foundation - RUI

Grasman, Keith A.
Biomarkers for Organochlorine-Associated Immunosuppression in Birds: Field Investigation in the Great Lakes and Laboratory Studies
EPA - Early Career Research Award Program

Grasman, Keith A.
Endocrine Biomarkers for Monitoring Contaminant-Associated Health Effects in Fish-Eating Birds of Lake Erie
Lake Erie Protection Fund

Hennessy, Michael B.
Predictors of Behavioral Adjustments in Adopted Animals
Iams Company

Kozlowski, Gregory
Melt-Textured High Current Density Superconductors
Northeast Consortium for Engineering Education

Kozlowski, Gregory
Microstructural & Magnetic Study of Magnetic Materials
Northeast Consortium for Engineering Education

Ritzi, Robert W.
Ground Water Protection Program
Southwestern Portland Cement Company

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Herbicide Materials
ATANOR - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Chlorinated Compounds in Tissue and Sediments
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Well Water Samples
Dow Chemical

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Bovine Samples
Bioscience Research Lab - USDA

Tiernan, Thomas O.
PCDDs/PCDFs in Sludge - The GEON Company
The GEON Company

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Analyses of Sediments from Johnston Atoll
Boston University Marine Program

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Fish
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Herbicide
Fisher & Assoc.

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Analyses of Fish for PCBs
Boston University

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in groundwater - Mississippi Dept. of Environmental Quality
Mississippi Dept. of Environmental Quality

Tiernan, Thomas O.
PCDDs/PCDFs in Sludge - Village of Lodi, Ohio
Village of Lodi, Ohio

Tiernan, Thomas O.
PCDDs/PCDFs in Sludge
City of Salem, Ohio

Tiernan, Thomas O.
PCDDs/PCDFs in Sludge - City of Painesville, Ohio
City of Painesville, OH

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Fish
Enviro-Test Laboratories

Turnbull, Kenneth
Synthetic Compound Testing Agreement
Astra Arcus USA

Turnbull, Kenneth
Biological Evaluation Agreement - DuPont
DuPont Agricultural Products

Wheatly, Michele G.
RUI: Physiological & Molecular Characterization of the Ca Pump and Exchanger
National Science Foundation - RUI

Wolfe, Paul J.
UXO Magnetic & Acoustic Signatures
Battelle RTP Office (Army)

Wooley, Dawn P.
Molecular Mechanisms of Retroviral Variation
National Cancer Institute (NCI)

School of Graduate Studies

Chappell, Janice L.
Mathematics & Science Reform - Discovery
Miami University (OBR/NSF)

Look, David C.
Advanced Device Structures
Wright Laboratory

Sanville, Thomas J.
Ohio Board of Regents

Thomas, Joseph F.
Ohio's Research Challenge
Ohio Board of Regents

School of Medicine

Laboratory Support Services - Psychiatry
Dayton Area - VAMC

Alvarez, Francisco J.
Synaptic Mechanisms of Spinal Cord Sensory Fibers
National Institutes of Health - NINDS

Arnold, William L.
Evaluation of Thrombogenicity of Modified Polyurethanes
BSI Corp. (Bio-Metric Systems, Inc.)

Batra, Prem P.
High School Minority Student/Teacher Science Enrichment
National Institutes of Health - NCRR

Berberich, Steven J.
Mdm2 Oncoprotein as a Cell Regulator of P53
National Cancer Institute

Bernstein, Jack M.
Treatment of Acute Community Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia

Bernstein, Jack M.
Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia (R-0440)
Pfizer, Inc./U.S. Pharmaceuticals Group

Bernstein, Jack M.
WSU - University of Warwick, UK, Collaborative Interchange
NATO International Scientific Exchange Programmes

Burwinkel, Thomas H.
Gruber, Jack S.
Hormonal Management of Endometriosis
Paragon Biomedical, Inc.

Castillo, Manuel H.
Breast and Cervical Cancer Professional Education Project
Ohio Department of Health

Chumlea, Wm. Cameron
Relationship Between Male Pattern Baldness & Health Quality
Merck Research Laboratory

Clasen, Mark E.
Haddy, Richard I.
Establishment of Departments of Family Medicine

Dean, Jay B.
Mechanisms of CO2/H+ - Sensitivity in Brainstem Neurons
National Institutes of Health - NHLBI

Guo, Shumei S.
Statistical Analysis of Body Composition and Risk Factors
National Institutes of Health - NICHD

Hangartner, Thomas N.
Treatment of Established Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis
Sanofi Winthrop, Inc. (formally Sterling Winthrop, Inc.)

Hangartner, Thomas N.
Treatment of Established Osteoporosis Deformities
Covance, Inc. (Formally G.H. Besselaar Assoc., Agent for P&G Pharmaceuticals)

Hangartner, Thomas N.
Calcitonin Effects on Bone Mineral Density During Osteoporosis
Covance, Inc. (Formally G.H. Besselaar Assoc., Agent for P&G Pharmaceuticals)

Ho, Mengfei
Selective Inhibition of Raf-dependent Transformation: Design of Adenine-based Bisubstrate Inhibitors for Raf Kinase
American Cancer Society - Ohio Division

Jentleson, Donald B.
AHEC Support
Ohio Board of Regents

John, P. George
Study of Kidney Disease and Hypertension
OSU Res. Fdn./NIH Subcontract

Leffak, I. Michael
Analysis of the Human c-myc Gene Replication Origin

Lemkau, Jeanne P.
Mammography Referral in Primary Care
Mass. Institute of Behavioral Medicine, Inc./NIH subcontract

Mandal, Anil K.
Astra Merck Educational Program Support
Astra Merck

Mohler, Stanley R.
Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement - Doarn
National Aeronautics & Space Administration

Moore, Dennis C.
Ohio Pals: Substance Abuse Prevention for Youth with Disabilities
Ohio Department of Education

Organisciak, Daniel T.
Leffak, I. Michael
Environmental Light and Retinal Membrane Development
NIH - National Eye Institute

Patterson, III, Alonzo
West Dayton Area Health and Wellness
Ohio Commission on Minority Health

Paul, Cassandra
Baumann, Michael
License Agreement for Eosinophilic Cell Line: Zeneca
Zeneca Pharmaceuticals

Paul, Cassandra
Baumann, Michael
License Agreement for Eosinophilic Cell Line: GlaxoWellcome
GlaxoWellcome/Glaxo R & D Limited

Paul, Cassandra C.
Baumann, Michael A.
License Agreement for Eosinophilic Cell Line: DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Co.
DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Co.

Paul, Cassandra C.
Baumann, Michael A.
License Agreement for Eosinophilic Cell Line: Pfizer
Pfizer Limited, Central Research, UK

Reo, Nicholas V.
Hepatic Toxicity of Perfluorinated Carboxylic Acids
Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)

Siegal, Harvey A.
ODADAS-Funded HIV Intervention Project
Project C.U.R.E., Inc.

Siegal, Harvey A.
MCHD CSAT HIV Prevention Project
Combined Health District of Montgomery Co.

Siervogel, Roger M.
Chumlea, Wm. Cameron
Subcutaneous Fat, Blood Lipids, & Subsequent Outcome
National Institutes of Health - NICHD

White, Richard E.
Mechanisms of Estrogen-Induced Coronary Vasodilation
National Institutes of Health - DRG

Wilson, Brenda A.
Selective Inhibition of Raf-dependent Transformation: Small Peptide Substrates of Raf Kinase as Templates for Inhibitor Design
American Cancer Society - Ohio Division

Wilson, Brenda A.
Recombinant Pasteurella multocida Toxin
Calbiochem-Novabiochem Corporation

School of Professional Psychology

Dobbins, James E.
Residency/Traineeship Program
Ohio Department of Mental Health

Dobbins, James E.
Residency/Traineeship Program
Ohio Department of Mental Health

Dobbins, James E.
Post-Doctoral Training
Goodwill Industries

Dobbins, James E.
Residency/Traineeship Program
Ohio Department of Mental Health

Dobbins, James E.
Internship Training
Miami Valley Hospital

Dobbins, James E.
Internship Training
Dayton Public Schools

Dobbins, James E.
Internship Training
Montgomery County Board of MR/DD

Glaus, Kathleen D.
Testing & Training of Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Jackson, Leslie C.
Health Careers Opportunity Program
DHHS: Health Resources & Services Administration

Malloy, Kathleen A.
Thornburg, Patricia
Treatment of Violent Adolescent Males from Abusive Homes
National Institutes of Health - DRG

Yung, Betty
Minority Health Program Evaluation
Ohio Commission on Minority Health

Student Services

Simon, Stephen H.
Recreation Programs for Disabled Individuals
U.S. Department of Education

Vernooy, Jeffrey A.
Career/Occupational Planning
Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission

The staff of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs congratulates those receiving external funds, and we encourage those with unfunded proposals to consult with us about resubmission.

Research Incentive Awards

RSP is pleased to announce the award recipients for the FY 1997 Research Initiation and Professional Development Grant Programs. The competition for the Research Initiation Grants attracted 22 proposals. Ten were selected for funding for a total amount of $73,708. The Professional Development Grants competition attracted 15 proposals. Five proposals were funded at $2,500 each.

The majority of the awards this year are for the support of research in areas related to the University's strategic objectives, particularly information technology, environmental science, and economic development.

Research Initiation

Hull, BarbaraSM$8,000In Vitro Model of the Oral Mucosa
He, PingE&CS$8,000Effects of Contrast Agents in Endoscopic Ultrasonography
Bhutani, ManoopSOM
Menart, JamesE&CS$8,000Fluid Dynamic and Thermal Analysis of Plasma Arc
Slattery, WilliamSM$7,986A New Method to Date Mass Extinctions and Global Climate Change
Wang, WeizhenSM$5,294Statistical Problems in Bioequivalence Studies
Geibert, RonaldLA$7,428Public Site Multimedia Art
Macaulay, ThomasLA$5,000MetroParks Exterior Art Environment
Naishadham, KrishnaE&CS$8,000Efficient Analysis of Large Electromagnetic Scatters in Automobile and Aircraft Applications
Tett, RobertSM$8,000Managerial Assessment Center
Watamaniuk, ScottSM$8,000Intergrating Motion at Different Spatial Scales

Professional Development

Hou, Xiang-dongSM$2,500Sabbatical Research in Coding Theory
Olson, PauletteCOBA$2,500Conversations with Prominent Women Economists: Their Lives and Their Work
Runkle, JamesSM$2,500Impact of Grazing on Vegetation in the Galapagos
Sanders, NadaCOBA$2,500A Comparative Study of Competitive Forecasting Methodologies for Business Forecasting
Wolff, J. MitchE&CS$2,500Professional Development in Unsteady Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity by a Three-Day Intensive Course

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