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Research News

From the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs - Serving the Research Community of Wright State University

Fall 1998 Vol. 30, No. 1

In This Issue

WSU External Funding Exceeds $30 Million in 1997-98 Fiscal Year

For the second year in a row, Wright State University faculty and staff exceeded the $30 million mark in the quest for funding for externally sponsored projects. Figures from the 1997-98 fiscal year are indicative of the level of dedication and hard work shown by the WSU community in garnering support for research endeavors. Awards made to WSU through June 1998 amounted to $30,283,100, just shy of the previous fiscal year's record-breaking effort.

External Funding 1989-1998 Bar Graph.

In total dollars, federal sponsors top the list with $15.5 million in awards, although industry sponsors provided $9 million in funding, with the greatest number of awards (149 of a total of 462). State agencies are big supporters of WSU's efforts, to the tune of $9.3 million or 31% of the dollar volume. Rounding out the list of sponsors, by category, are other educational institutions (3%), non-profits (3%), and other government agencies (3%).

Pie Chart.

Congratulations to WSU grantwriters and all recipients of external funding for your continued outstanding work! For a list of awards for the period, May 1 through August 31, 1998, please see below.

Please visit the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs in 122 Allyn or view our Web site at http:/www.wright.edu/rsp/ to learn more about the many ways we can assist you in the pursuit of external funding. Among the numerous services we offer are funding opportunities searches, proposal development and preparation (including budgets), copying and transmission of applications to the sponsor, institutional compliance oversight, contract negotiations, post-award administration, coordination of internally funded programs, technology transfer, and government security.

We look forward to working with you in the coming year!

Notes from the Director

I should like to extend a warm "Welcome!" to new faculty and an equally warm "Welcome Back!" to those returning from their summer haunts. Although we are beginning a new academic year, the university fiscal year is already into its fourth month and so far it looks like we are off to a great start with respect to proposals and awards to support faculty research, training, and public service activities. Keep up the good work!

As I enter my third year as Director, I continue to be on the lookout for ways to make the RSP office function more efficiently. As you will see elsewhere in this issue, on the post-award side we will be reviewing only significant charges to ledger 6 accounts (over $1000). In the pre-award area we are moving steadily toward using electronic vs. hard-copy procedures wherever it makes sense. The National Science Foundation's FastLane allows us to submit proposals and reports via the web and we have been receiving award notices via e-mail from NSF for awhile now. The National Institutes of Health will soon be sending award notices via e-mail and we are already signed up for that. A small step in the direction of campus-wide electronic proposal processing was recently introduced on our web page: http://www.wright.edu/rsp/, where you can now fill in a short form on-line if you want to let RSP staff know about proposal planning. And in what we call the "compliance" areas (human subjects, lab animals, biohazards), I will be assuming the duties of IRB Coordinator in order to allow Glen Jones to concentrate exclusively on post-award administration.

Beaker graphic.

Another hat that I wear relates to managing the "technology transfer" function at Wright State. In other words, when a member of the university community makes or conceives of an invention, a description of the invention is submitted to RSP and then we try to find businesses or start-up companies willing to license the technology and commercialize it. If there are any royalty payments down the road, the net income can either be put into an account to support the inventor's further research or 50% of it can be given directly to the inventor. This can be a substantial source of revenue for both the university and inventors, as evidenced by the fact that last year's royalty income totaled more than $150,000. But for an institution of Wright State's size, the level of technology transfer activities is below what might be expected. For example, universities with comparable levels of research expenditures typically receive about two disclosures a month, on average. Last year, however, we averaged a little less than one per month, and this year to date we have received only one disclosure. Needless to say, if you do have a novel idea or think you might be on to something that could lead to a commercial product, we'd like to hear from you! The disclosure form itself, incidentally, is available from our web site (click on "Technology Transfer") or you can call me at ext. 2709.

RSP Staff News

Clapping graphic.

Research and Sponsored Programs salutes two staff members on their landmark anniversaries with Wright State University. Jan Power, Sponsored Programs Assistant for pre-award services, recently celebrated 15 years of service; and June 1998 marked the occasion of ten years of WSU duty for Cheryl Nickoson, Sponsored Programs Assistant specializing in RSP's databases. Thanks to both Jan and Cheryl for their dedication and continued commitment!

Overview of the Office

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) works with faculty and staff to increase externally funded research and other sponsored programs. RSP staff provides the following services:

  • Identification of External Sources of Funding
  • Dissemination of Funding Information
  • Liaison with Sponsors
  • Proposal Development and Preparation
  • Budget Preparation
  • Institutional Compliance
  • Institutional Authorization
  • Proposal Transmittal
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Post-Award Administration of Externally Funded Programs
  • Administration of Internally Funded Programs
  • Technology Transfer
  • Government Security

Research News is published periodically during the academic year, covers grant awards and related topics of interest. Descriptions and deadlines of upcoming programs are listed in RSP's semi-monthly bulletin, Funding Update, available at http://www.wright.edu/rsp/.

If you would like to be placed on the mailing list or would like further information on funding opportunities, application procedures, or other services provided by the office, please contact us (ext. 2425, rsp@wright.edu) or visit the office in 122 Allyn Hall.


Hit a Home Run With RSP's Fall Lineup of Workshops!

Baseball batter graphic.

You think breaking home run records is an exciting way to spend the summer? The staff of Research and Sponsored Programs has spent the last few months putting their creative minds together to develop a stimulating slate of training events to welcome faculty to WSU. Please take advantage of the many opportunities awaiting you, courtesy of the enthusiastic staff of RSP!

Scholarly Writing Workshop

Dr. Robert Lucas of the Institute for Scholarly Productivity, returns to WSU, but for a different kind of workshop: scholarly writing. Intended for faculty who are writing less than they would like, participants will learn how to incorporate writing into their daily routine and learn how to use the major ways they have of knowing, learning, and understanding to improve their writing. For those who have experienced Dr. Lucas's unique style, we can assure you that the workshop will be entertaining, educational, and leave you energized!

Pen graphic.
  • Date: Tuesday, November 17
  • Time: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Place: E156C Student Union
  • Note: Limited to 20 participants. Campus-wide call for applications will be distributed in October.
 -- and --

Research Ethics Workshops

Scheduled for five dates in January and February 1999, faculty participants and their graduate students are welcome to attend one or more of these timely luncheon discussion groups. Focusing on ethical issues that arise in biomedical research (e.g., intellectual property, authorship and reporting of data), debate is stimulated by the viewing of videotapes produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Inquiries may be directed to Research and Sponsored Programs at ext. 2425 or by e-mail at rsp@wright.edu.

 -- and --

Faculty Orientation Workshop

Intended as an overview of the services offered by RSP, new faculty are especially encouraged to attend, but anyone interested in discovering more about the office is welcome to attend. (Please see invitation on pg. 12 for more details.)

  • Date: Tuesday, October 27
  • Time: 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
  • Place: Student Union E156A&B

Please call Jan Power (ext. 2425) by October 22 to reserve a space.

 -- and --

Post-Award Training

Geared to faculty and staff to help manage expenditures processed on 66-ledger (restricted) accounts. The session is an overview of post-award administration, monthly printouts, allowable/unallowable expenses, billing, effort reporting, cost sharing, and audits.

  • Date: Tuesday, November 10
  • Time: 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Place: E163A Student Union
  • Note: FAS Training helpful

Please call Diana Lewis, Human Resources (ext. 2373) or send e-mail dlewis@wright.edu by November 5 to reserve a space.

Post-Award Training will also be offered on February 9, 1999 (9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) and May 13, 1999 (2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.).

Board meeting graphic.

Stay tuned for the unfolding agenda for winter and spring quarters. In the offing is "Surfing the Net for Funding Opportunities," a hands-on session which will provide an introduction to the many electronic resources available to faculty for matching research interests with funding opportunities.

Please contact RSP at ext. 2425 with any questions regarding planned or hoped-for training opportunities.

Edison BioTechnology Center Supports WSU Research

In the treasure chest of resources available to WSU faculty and staff is access to the programs and services provided by the Edison BioTechnology Center (EBTC). Dedicated to the development of the biotechnology industry in Ohio, EBTC professionals work closely with Research and Sponsored Programs staff to stimulate the growth of new programs and enhance collaboration between academia and industry.

EBTC staff will schedule training workshops to give WSU grantseekers an overview of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs-federal funding opportunities that support research and development efforts that offer the potential for commercialization of products. In addition, EBTC staff members conduct formal SBIR/STTR writing workshops or can informally answer questions, review draft proposals and provide feedback. EBTC boasts an 80% success rate for proposals that have been prepared in conjunction with their staff.

Useless graphic.

Those who wish to take advantage of the outstanding services offered by EBTC should contact Bill Sellers or Ellen Reinsch Friese in Research and Sponsored Programs at ext. 2425.

RSP Web Site Places Virtual Tools at Your Fingertips

You may have noticed the conspicuous absence of the paper version of our monthly publication, Funding Update. Since August, Funding Update has been available only as a link on the RSP Web site http://www.wright.edu/rsp/ as we do our part to save trees, while also providing more frequent reminders of upcoming deadlines. Funding Update is now posted twice each month, on the 1st and 15th, itemizing deadlines looming 90 days in the future, sorted by disciplines, and offering links to numerous sponsor Web sites.

Graphic of woman at computer.

We invite you to visit the RSP home page to check out the wealth of information available there. You will find three funding databases designed for electronic sponsor searches: Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN), Community of Science, and The Grant Advisor Plus. New policies and procedures for overload, account balance write-offs, and Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost exceptions are outlined. RSP's 1996-97 annual report, Research in Review, is a recent addition to the home page.

Your comments and suggestions to further enhance the RSP Web site will be especially welcome. Please contact us by e-mail at rsp@wright.edu.


Research Challenge Early Start/Augmentation Applications Due October 23

The Research Challenge Early Start/Augmentation Grant program offers funding to support and improve the effectiveness of basic or applied research programs supported by external sponsors. In addition, "augmentation" may also include support for the pursuit of promising related new directions for an existing project.

Who is eligible to apply?

Fully affiliated WSU faculty who have:

  • submitted a competitive basic or applied research proposal through RSP to an external agency...
  • between April 1, 1998 and September 30, 1998 (regardless of deadline date)...
  • with a total first year sponsor cost of at least $30,000...
  • on which the faculty member is the Principal Investigator.


May not exceed 25% of the total cost of the first year of the submitted proposal or $50,000, whichever is less.

Due Date

Three copies of the application are due in RSP (122 Allyn Hall) on or before October 23, 1998.

Additional information

Questions should be directed to Bill Sellers, Director, RSP, ext. 2425. Guidelines are available on the RSP home page: http://www.wright.edu/rsp/

Post-Award NEWS

Document graphic.

RSP has implemented a new policy for the review of expenditure documents submitted against restricted (6-ledger) accounts. Effective November 1, 1998, only expenditures over $1,000, will be reviewed by RSP staff. In the past, grant and contract expenses for less than $1,000 that involved personnel, purchased services, travel, or equipment were still reviewed by RSP personnel. The new policy eliminates the need for this additional scrutiny; however, it does not change the University's responsibility to ensure that expenditures on extramural awards are allowable, reasonable, and beneficial. All expense documents must still contain at least two signatures, but all requests for payments under $1,000 (regardless of budget category) may now bypass RSP and be sent directly to the appropriate department (e.g., Purchasing, Accounts Payable) for processing.

For questions regarding the new procedure, please contact either Glen Jones (ext. 4461) or Jackie Frederick (ext. 4459).

Play the Match Game

A few minutes spent completing or updating your "Research and Scholarly Activity Interest Profile" could be your key to funding success. Here are three good reasons why:

  • RSP's database will automatically match your research interests with late-breaking funding opportunities;
  • locating WSU collaborators for multi-disciplinary projects can be simplified by using keyword searches; and
  • completed Profiles are required for all WSU internal funding programs and specialized workshops.

Profile forms and lists of keywords are available from Jan Power in RSP at ext. 2425 or by e-mail request at rsp@wright.edu.

Sponsor Alerts

AREA Funding an Option for Small-Scale Projects

Faculty who are seeking a funding mechanism to support new or small-scale health-related research projects, such as feasibility studies; development, testing, and refinement of research techniques; and similar discrete research projects that demonstrate research capability need look no further than the AREA Program. A National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant mechanism, the "Academic Research Enhancement Award" Program is designed to stimulate research in educational institutions that provide baccalaureate training but that historically have not been major recipients of NIH support.

$$$ graphic.

While the WSU School of Medicine's success in attracting NIH funding has made it ineligible for the AREA Program, other faculty may be interested in the particulars of this opportunity. Up to $75,000 (direct costs) may be requested for a period not to exceed 36 months. Applications are accepted and reviewed three times per year; annual receipt dates are January 25, May 25, and September 25. Details may be found at the NIH/AREA Program Announcement (PA-97-052) Web site at: http://www.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PA-97-052.html

Application Packets Under Construction

Saw graphic. Hammer graphic.

Two major federal sponsors, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), have been busily updating their standard application packets to incorporate current terminology and instructions for electronic proposal submission. Copies of the new NSF Grant Proposal Guide (NSF 99-2) are currently available at RSP and should be used for proposal submissions effective immediately. Advance copies of the revised NIH packets (PHS 398 and PHS 2590) are available for review through the Web, but as yet should not be used for proposal submission. As soon as the NIH forms have been finalized, RSP will maintain a supply of the packets and advise WSU faculty of their availability.


The grants and contracts on these pages were awarded from May 1998 through August 1998

College of Business and Administration

Scherer, Robert F.
U.S. Department of Education

College of Education and Human Services

Cole, Donna J.
DeWitt Wallace Reader's Digest Fund Supplemental Award
Institute for Educational Inquiry

Courtney, Donna S.
Regional Personnel Development Center
Ohio Department of Education

Hansell, T. Stevenson
Reading Recovery Program
Ohio Department of Education

Tomlin, James H.
Cole, Donna J.
DeWitt Wallace Reader's Digest Fund Incentive Award
Institute for Educational Inquiry

Trent, James S.
Market Analysis
Tipp City School District

Trent, James S.
Passing School Levies and Bond Issues
More Than One Source of Support

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Berra, P. Bruce
Garcia, Oscar N.
Cooperative R&D with Miami Valley Center for Information Technology
Miami Valley Center for Information Technology

Gallimore, Jennie J.
Field-of-View Research IPA - Gallimore
DoD, Naval Aeromedical Research Laboratory

Garber, Fred D.
Shaw, Arnab K.; McCormick, William S.
Automatic Target Recognition Systems
Mission Research Corporation

Garber, Fred D.
Automatic Target Recognition Systems
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Garber, Fred D.
Performance Prediction of ATR Technologies
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Garcia, Oscar N.
Berra, P. Bruce
Priorities in Graduate Education
Ohio Board of Regents

Garcia, Oscar N.
Gostashby, A. Ardeshir
Specialized Communication and Terminal Equipment
NSF, Miscellaneous

Garcia, Roberto R.
Materials Analysis
Applied Sciences, Inc.

He, Ping
Xue, Kefu
Lower-Limb Prosthetic Socket CAD System
National Institute on Disability & Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)

Hong, Lang
Multiresolution-Based Distributed Target Tracking
Calspan - University of Buffalo Research Center

Jean, Jack S.
Dynamically Reconfigurable Computing
Ohio Board of Regents

Kazimierczuk, Marian K.
Parametrized and Distributed Power Regulator
University of Cincinnati

Lieh, Junghsen
Advanced Manufacturing System and Vibration Testing
Delphi Chassis Systems

Lieh, Junghsen
Advanced Manufacturing Process Lab Development
Delphi Chassis Systems

Misra, Pradeep
Travel Grant
NSF, Miscellaneous

Mukhopadhyay, Sharmila M.
Doping of BSCCO Powders
Plastronic, Inc.

Narayanan, Sundaram
Multi-User Interaction with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Logicon Technical Services, Inc.

Phillips, Chandler A.
Koubek, Richard J.
Pilot State Modeling Support for the SIRE Laboratory
Logicon Technical Services, Inc.

Reynolds, David B.
Simulation of Thermal Injury

Shaw, Arnab K.
Algorithms for High-Range Resolution Automatic Target Recognition
Sverdrup Technology, Inc.

Siferd, Raymond E.
Mechatronic Design Environment
University of Cincinnati

Slater, Joseph C.
Field-of-View Research IPA - Slater
DoD, Naval Aeromedical Research Laboratory

Slater, Joseph C.
Electromechanical Engraving Device
Ohio Electronic Engravers, Inc.

Slater, Joseph C.
Bladed Disk Assemblies Research
Universal Technology Corporation

Tomko, Karen A.
Compile/Run-Time Optimizations for Heterogeneous Architectures
Ohio Board of Regents

Weiss, Isaac
Amer, Maher S.
Investigation of Fracture Surfaces in Fatigued Aluminum Alloys
SelectTech Services Corporation

Wolff, J. Mitch
Design and Analysis of a Frequency Response Measurement System for Innovative Miniature Pressure Sensors
Allison Engine Company

Wolff, J. Mitch
Design and Analysis of a Basic Shock Tube System
Allison Engine Company

College of Liberal Arts

Dockery, Jane L.
Ohio Economic Development Information Network
Cleveland State University

Dustin, Jack L.
Urban Projects - Urban Universities Linkage
Ohio Board of Regents

Dustin, Jack L.
Customer Satisfaction Baseline Study
Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority

Dustin, Jack L.
UUP Ohio Futures Forum Project
Cleveland State University

Holp, Timothy J.
Adams, Robert W.
City of Dayton/Cultural Affairs
City of Dayton, Miscellaneous

Kennedy, Sandra D.
Wright State Center for Labor-Management Cooperation
Ohio Department of Development

Kennedy, Sandra D.
Partnering for the Future - Creating the Cooperative Environment
Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems

Kennedy, Sandra D.
Southwestern Ohio Labor-Management Working Network
Ohio Department of Development

Martin, Craig D.
The ob'jekt Project
Montgomery County Regional Arts and Cultural District

Mazey, Mary Ellen
Strategic Planning Process
City of Springfield, Ohio

Mazey, Mary Ellen
Staff Retreat Facilitation
City of Centerville, Ohio

Rickert, William E.
Southwest Regional Office - Ohio Historical Society
Ohio Historical Society

College of Nursing and Health

Graham, Margaret Clark
Nurse Practitioner/Nurse Midwifery Program
DHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration

Scordo, Kristine A.
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program
DHHS, Health Resources & Services Administration

Swart, Jane C.
Professional Nurse Traineeship
DHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration

College of Science and Mathematics

Amon, James P.
Beaver Creek Wetlands Research
Beaver Creek Wetlands Association, Inc.

Amon, James P.
Restoration of Amphibian Habitat
Columbus Zoo

Arlian, Larry G.
Dust Mite Culture Media

Arlian, Larry G.
Mite Allergen Studies
Reckitt & Colman, Inc.

Arlian, Larry G.
Acaricidal Efficacy of Selected Aerosol Reagents
AgrEvo Environmental Health Inc.

Arlian, Larry G.
Standardization of Enzyme Allergens
Procter & Gamble Company

Arlian, Larry G.
Management of House Dust Mite Allergy
S.C. Johnson Wax

Basista, Beth A.
Mathews, Susann M.; Tomlin, James H.; Ramey-Gassert, Linda K.; Slattery, William; Lunsford, Suzanne K.
Institutionalization and Enhancement of Discovery Practices in Teacher Preparation
Ohio Board of Regents

Bennett, Kevin B.
Design and Evaluation of Dynamically Adaptive Interfaces
Logicon Technical Services, Inc.

Carmichael, Wayne W.
Characterization of Cyanobacteria Secondary Metabolites
Several Sponsors

Carmichael, Wayne W.
Characterization of Cyanobacteria Secondary Metabolites
Several Sponsors

Carmichael, Wayne W.
Characterization of Cyanobacteria Secondary Metabolites - Federal Support
Other Federal Agencies

Feld, William A.
Single Ionic Conducting "Comb Type" Polymer Electrolyte
Northeast Consortium for Engineering Education

Fox, Jane Lee
Skinner, Thomas E.
Model Studies of Excited States of N2 and N+2 in the Thermosphere/Ionosphere
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Foy, Brent D.
Macromolecular Transport in Articular Cartilage During Cyclic Loading Using MRI
Whitaker Foundation

Gilkey, Robert H.
NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Grasman, Keith A.
Biomarkers for Organochlorine-Associated Immunosuppression in Birds: Field Investigations in the Great Lakes and Laboratory Studies
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Grasman, Keith A.
Immunological Biomarkers and Contaminant-Associated Immunosuppression in Fish-Eating Birds of the Lower Great Lakes
Ohio State University - Miscellaneous

Grasman, Keith A.
Endocrine Biomarkers for Monitoring Contaminant-Associated Health Effects in Fish-Eating Birds of Lake Erie
Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Hauser, Ernest C.
Ground Penetrating Radar Survey
Xenon GeoSciences, Inc.

Katovic, Vladimir
Rechargeable Lithium-ion Cells
Electrochemical Systems, Inc.

Kozlowski, Gregory
Development of New Sputtering Techniques
DoD, Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory

Krane, Dan E.
Burton, G. Allen; Grasman, Keith A.
Intraspecies Genetic Diversity Measures of Environmental Impacts
Environmental Protection Agency

Richard, Benjamin H.
Wolfe, Paul J.
Identifying Potential Collapse Features Under Highways
Ohio Department of Transportation

Shalin, Valerie L.
Distributed Work in Complex, Dynamic Domains
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Slattery, William
K-12 Environmental Education at Cedar Bog
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Johnston Atoll Ocean and Reef Ecosystem Study
Boston University

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Fish
State of Texas

Tiernan, Thomas O.
PCDDs/PCDFs in Treated Chemical Wastes
IT Corporation

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Well Water Samples
Dow Chemical

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Fish
State of Tennessee

Tiernan, Thomas O.
PCDDs/PCDFs in Sludge
Appleton Papers Inc.

Tiernan, Thomas O.
Dioxins in Biological Samples
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Turnbull, Kenneth
Heterocyclic Compounds for Biological Testing
Bayer Corporation

Turnbull, Kenneth
Biological Evaluation Agreement
DuPont Agricultural Products

Lake Campus

Cavanaugh, Joseph K.
Steinberg, James W.
Mercer County Health Needs Assessment
Mercer County Health Department

Evans, Dan L.
Grand Lake/Mercer County Project
Grand Lake/Mercer County Research, Inc.

School of Graduate Studies

Look, David C.
Indium Phosphide Analysis

Look, David C.
Hall Effect Measurements
Varian Associates, Inc.

Sanville, Thomas J.
Ohio Board of Regents

Thomas, Jr., Joseph F.
Ohio's Research Challenge
Ohio Board of Regents

School of Medicine

Bauer, Laurence C.
Faculty Development for Family Physicians at Wright State University
DHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration

Berberich, Steven J.
DNA-PK phosphorylation of the human Mdm-2 oncoprotein
Ohio Cancer Research Associates

Bernstein, Jack M.
Effectiveness of Treatments for Pneumonia
Upjohn Company

Bernstein, Jack M.
Effectiveness of a Treatment for Influenza Infection
Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Bigley, Nancy J.
Cytokine-Induced Changes in Cell Adhesion Molecule Expression in Picornavirus Infection
American Heart Association - Ohio/West Virginia Affiliate Inc.

Chumlea, W. Cameron
Relationship Between Male Pattern Baldness and Health Quality
Merck/Merck Research Laboratory

Clasen, Mark E.
Enhancing Community-Based Research Capacity in Family Medicine
DHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration

Dean, Jay B.
Putnam, Robert W.
Intracellular pH Responses of Central Chemoreceptors
DHHS, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

Demerath, Ellen W.
Siervogel, Roger M.
Early Determinants of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Adulthood: The Fels Longitudinal Study
American Heart Association - Ohio/West Virginia Affiliate Inc.

Fyffe, Robert E.W.
Mechanisms of Mammalian Neuronal Integration
DHHS, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Gao, Aijun
Guo, Shumei
Decanalization of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors
American Heart Association - Ohio/West Virginia Affiliate Inc.

Gomez-Cambronero, Julian
Phospholipid Metabolism and Superoxide Ions
American Heart Association - Ohio/West Virginia Affiliate Inc.

Langley, Albert E.
AHEC Support
Ohio Board of Regents

Lauf, Peter K.
AHA-Ohio/WV Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
American Heart Association - Ohio/West Virginia Affiliate Inc.

Lu, Luo
Molecular Mechanism of Retinal GABA Receptor/Channel
DHHS, National Eye Institute (NEI)

Maynard, Leah M.
Siervogel, Roger M.
Physical Activity, Physical Fitness, and Changes in Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: From the Fels Longitudinal Study
American Heart Association - Ohio/West Virginia Affiliate Inc.

Mohler, Stanley R.
Supplement to Aerospace Medicine Residency Program
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Moore, Dennis C.
Adapting Prevention Education for Youth with Disabilities
Ohio Department of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services

Moore, Dennis C.
SARDI Training
State of Michigan

Moore, Dennis C.
RRTC on Drugs and Disabilities Training
State of Minnesota

Morris, Mariana
Baroreceptor/Hormonal Interactions
DHHS, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

Paul, Cassandra C.
Baumann, Michael
License Agreement for Eosinophilic Cell Line
Several Sponsors

Prochaska, Lawrence J.
Role of Subunit III in Cytochrome c Oxidase Functioning
American Heart Association - Ohio/West Virginia Affiliate Inc.

Schnader, Jeffrey Yale
Biomedical Laboratory Support Services - Schnader
Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Siegal, Harvey A.
Continuing Study of Case Management Treatment Enhancements
DHHS, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Siegal, Harvey A.
Crack and Health Service Use - A Natural History Approach
DHHS, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Siegal, Harvey A.
State Demand and Needs Assessment: Alcohol and Other Drugs
Ohio Department of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services

Siegal, Harvey A.
HIV Early Intervention Project
Project C.U.R.E., Inc.

Siegal, Harvey A.
MCHD CSAT HIV Prevention Project
Montgomery County Combined Health District

Turchi, John J.
Mechanisms of Mammalian DNA Repair
DHHS, National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Wilson, Brenda Anne
Pasteurella multocida Toxin: Structure and Activity
DHHS, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

School of Professional Psychology

Fraser, J. Scott
SOPP Student Practicum Training
Montgomery County ADAMH Services Board

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
Trotwood-Madison Schools

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
Children's Medical Center

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
South Community Mental Health Center

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
Central Clinic

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
Twin Valley Psychiatric System

Fraser, J. Scott
Internship Training
Franciscian Health System of the Ohio Valley, Inc.

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
Twin Valley Psychiatric System

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
Aids Foundation

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
Matrix Psychological Services

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
Dettmer Hospital

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
Montgomery County Juvenile Court

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
Youth Partial Hospitalization

Fraser, J. Scott
Pre-Doctoral Training
Cincinnati Center for Developmental Disorders

Fraser, J. Scott
Internship Training

Yung, Betty
Community Health Research Partnership
Ohio Commission on Minority Health

Yung, Betty
Post-Doctoral Training
Dayton Public Schools

Student Affairs

Darr, David R.
College Work-Study Program
U.S. Department of Education

Darr, David R.
Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant Program
U.S. Department of Education

Darr, David R.
Financial Assistance for Disadvantaged Students (Medicine)
DHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration

Darr, David R.
Exceptional Need Scholarship Program
DHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration

Vernooy, Jeffrey A.
Career/Occupational Planning
Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission


Dewberry, Brenda I.
"InCahoots" - Safety ARTS Program (A Right to Safety)
City of Dayton, Miscellaneous

Renner, Patricia A.
Ohio Summer Institute
Ohio Department of Education

An Invitation

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) invites new faculty and those just getting started in research to an orientation seminar that will introduce the various services available in our office. The seminar will be held on Tuesday, October 27, 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. in E156 A&B Student Union.

This seminar will answer these questions:

  • How do I locate external funding opportunities?
  • What Federal and University regulations affect my proposal?
  • What must I know about administering external funds?
  • Does the University have funds for research and scholarly projects?
  • How will RSP help?

In addition, RSP staff will demonstrate how their computerized database can be used to match faculty research interests with potential funding sources and, if desired, with WSU collaborators who share these interests. Your name and interest keywords will be added to the database at your request.

If you plan to attend the seminar, please contact Jan Power (Ext. 2425) by Thursday, October 22.

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