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Research News

From the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Fall 1995 Vol. 27, No. 1



Institutional Biosafety Committee

Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) has recently assumed responsibility for administering an expanded research compliance committee.

To comply with recent federal guidelines, Wright State University has recently reorganized its Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). The IBC is now constituted to provide oversight for and guidance in conducting research involving recombinant DNA (rDNA) activities, infectious microbiologics (e.g., viral and microbial), and/or biological toxins. As with the committees having oversight responsibility for the use of humans or animals in research (i.e., the Institutional Review Board and the Laboratory Animal Care and Use Committee, respectively), RSP serves as the administrative contact for this expanded committee. In this role, we can provide committee information, relevant documentation, petitions to request committee review, and other relevant information and guidelines.

If your research activities involve any of the biosafety concerns mentioned above, you may contact either myself (Eugene Hern) or Robyn Simmons (ext. 2425) for information concerning review requirements by the IBC or to obtain the necessary forms and guidelines to initiate and facilitate the review. If you are planning a proposal that will include any of these activities or that may contain other potentially hazardous biosafety concerns, I would encourage you to contact RSP early in the planning process so that potential compliance issues do not result in delayed internal authorization at deadline time.

You may also contact Jarrell Hagan, Environmental Health and Safety, at x4131 for additional information concerning your biosafety concerns and for help in determining appropriate review for your research activities.

Eugene Hern, Ph.D., Associate Director

Post Award

Each year Wright State University continues to obtain a high level of external funding for research and other sponsored programs. Many of these projects are continuations of existing programs and many are new projects. It is important for all investigators to be knowledgeable of their sponsor's guidelines.

Some sponsors have very specific guidelines for spending funds. For example, many do not allow equipment purchases without prior approval or they do not permit rebudgeting funds from one category to another. Some sponsors require the University to provide matching funds or cost sharing

After your award is received, RSP staff review its terms and conditions. When possible, we will note any unusual or notable requirements on the bottom of the project administrative summary.

We will be happy to clarify these requirements at any point during your project. Please feel free to meet with Lori Gabriel (ext. 2425) if you have questions concerning any project administration issue.

Lori Gabriel, Assistant Director

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