Wright State University

Institutional Review Board

Charter/Standard Operating Procedures

[IRB Guidelines/Policies]

Table of Contents

P1 Institutional Authority and Purpose
P2 Membership of IRB
P3 Categories of Review for Human Subjects Research
P4 Operations of the IRB
P5 Submission of New Protocol for Review by the IRB
P6 Review of Human Subjects Research by the IRB
P7 Continuing Review by the IRB
P8 Modifications (Amendments) to Previously-Approved Research
P9 Adverse Events or Unanticipated Problems
P10 Suspensions and Terminations
P11 Use of Investigational Drugs or Biologics in Human Subjects Research
P12 Obtaining Informed Consent in Human Subjects Research
P13 Non-compliance with the Requirements of the Human Research Protection Program
P14 Advertising and Payments to Subjects

P15 Facilitated Review of CIRB

P16 Use of Commercial IRBs

P17 IRB Authorization Agreements

P18 Requests for WSU Participation in Approved Research

P19 Using Protected Health Information in Research

P20 Transferring a Previously Approved Research Project to a New IRB

P21 Use of Investigational Devices in Human Subjects Research

IRB Form F.10 (Form to Transfer a Previously Approved Research Project to a New IRB)

Emergency Use Notification to WSU IRB

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