Closeout Memo


From:  Glen Jones

            Director, Post-Award, Research and Sponsored programs



This memo is to remind you that, according to our records, the subject grant is scheduled to expire on the date mentioned at E-Mail.


If this award will be extended or renewed, please ignore this reminder, unless you have any procards on this grant, in which case they will expire on the above date unless they are renewed.


To initiate a renewal of the procards, send an e-mail to with the following information: the Banner grant fund number; the name of each cardholder as it appears on the card; and the last four digits of each card number.


To ensure timely, accurate closure of your grant fund, please review your available balance and open commitments. Be sure to estimate all expenses not yet charged to your grant fund, such as procard charges, student wages, and printing costs. Also, you should place any final orders for purchases of supplies or other items.


After the project ends, your grant fund should be closed. In most cases, any remaining balance will be returned to the sponsor and any cost overruns charged to your departmental budget. Please call me if you will be making other arrangements. If this project is to be invoiced upon completion of specific tasks, phases, or at the end of project, please contact me to initiate the billing process.


If you need additional time to complete your project, or if there is some reason your grant fund should remain open, please contact me as soon as possible. In some cases you may be eligible to receive a no-cost extension. I will be happy to assist you in obtaining an extension


If a final technical report is required to be submitted, you must send a copy of the report or the cover letter transmitting the report to RSP. If this report is submitted electronically, make sure RSP received notification that the report has been submitted. We need this information for audit purposes. RSP will coordinate submission of other required documentation such as invention statements and financial reports.


If this project involved funding from NIH, note PubMed Central publication deposit requirement (!