Retirees Association

Welcome Club

welcome.jpgThe purpose of the Welcome Club is to aid visiting international faculty and scholars adjust to the challenges faced while living and working in a different culture.  We hope to make their adjustment to your new surroundings a little easier and more enjoyable.

Many of our members have taught, lived or conducted research in foreign countries for extended periods of time. Our effort is to help these scholars enjoy living and adapting to their new environment.  We offer a reception for all international visiting faculty and scholars early in their stay.  We enjoy having the visitors visit one or more of our member’s homes for a meal or some special occasion.  In the past, our members have invited visitors to local theatre, musical, operatic, ballet or sporting events.  

Activities Offered To Visitors and Their Families

  • A tour of Dayton and surrounding areas
  • Introduction to grocery shopping in America
  • Help in furnishing living quarters with needed items
  • Help to shop for needed items.
  • Informing about the area’s cultural opportunities
  • Informing about the area’s sporting activities
  • Accompanying  to various local tourist attractions
  • Informing about our American holidays and celebrations
  • Help in learning about our religions institutions
  • Help with any individual needs or desires

Our Commitment

One or more of our members will personally accompany you on any of our activities offered.  If you need any assistance on anything you face during your stay here, let us know.  Our membership comes from all of Wright State University’s academic and service units and is very knowledgeable about the university’s policies and practices.  We are a very diverse group of people who are eager to help you adapt to our community inside and outside the university setting.

To reach us please contact

Robert Wagley   
(937) 426-8325 


Wright State University Retirees Association Office
139 Millett Hall
(937) 775-2777