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Retirees Association

WSURA presents: Two decades later: Lessons from 9/11

World Trade Center on 9/11

The terror attacks of 9/11 changed how Americans view threats to their national security and began two decades of foreign wars designed to prevent terrorism and remodel the societies that gave rise to violent extremism and authoritarian fundamentalism. The old Cold War tools of containment and “forward defense” are now under scrutiny as the US withdrawal from Afghanistan is complete, just ahead of the anniversary of 9/11.

What should Americans know about this persistent threat? How will the “global war on terrorism” change? Can terrorism be prevented? 

The Wright State University Retirees Association will present “Two decades later: Lessons from 9/11,” a virtual conversation with Donna Schlagheck, on Thursday, Sept. 16, from 11:30a.m.–1 p.m., using Zoom. All retirees are invited to participate in this free event.

A terrorism expert and emeritus professor of political science, Donna taught U.S. Foreign Policy, International Terrorism and United Nations/Diplomacy at Wright State University. She has served as past president of the WSU Retirees Association and as past president of the Dayton Council on World Affairs.

This meeting will take place using Zoom, a free web-based conferencing application, which you can access on a personal computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. To join the discussion, send your name and email address to Please RSVP by Wednesday, Sept. 15. You will receive a link and instructions for accessing the discussion by email.