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WSU Trustees Finance Committee recommends 71 position cuts

At June meeting, the full board must approve position elimination

At a 9am, Friday, May 19 meeting, the WSU board of trustees finance committee has recommended the elimination of 71 positions of which 24 are classified staff, 43 are unclassified staff and 4 are faculty positions.

107 positions currently vacant, or will be vacant by the end of June will remain vacant.

14 full time positions will have their hours reduced.

Total savings will be approximately slightly more than 14 million dollars.

Of the cuts, about 65% are considered administrative positions, according to Interim President McCray.

The finance committee also recommended a savings of about eight million through reductions in such items as repairs and maintenance, travel, and student employment.

The athletic department will lose their men and women swim and diving teams, however their budget will increase by 1.6 million dollars. The athletic budget has for many years run a deficit, which means the newly proposed budget will be more in line with actual expenses.

The announced probable cuts add up to $22 million, $8 short of the previously announced goal of cuts to total $30 million, a figure that included $5 million to be added to reserves.