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McCray: Board is Taking Charge of Budget

What people say about the proposed 2018 budget as reported by DDN

Doug Fecher, finance committee chair: “Nobody likes this budget . . . I apologize that we are here, but we must fix it. …everything from here is forward and up.”

Jeff Ulliman, Chief Financial Officer: The “elephant in the room” is the increase to the athletics budget.

Geoffrey Owens, vice-president, WSU AAUP: That the athletics budget is “shielded” is maybe an “abomination . . . “in this time of austerity it just seems uncomfortable.”

David Baugham, President, Student Government: “From here, there’s hope, I don’t have any angst in terms of how it’s been handled in general.”

Cheryl Schrader, WSU President Elect: “Only with open and clear conversation can we reverse the errors of the past and emerge stronger.”

David McCray, Interim President: “I’m sorry we’re in this position, but, I believe for the first time…this board is taking charge of the budget.”