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Looming budget and personnel cuts this month

Up to 20 administrators could lose their jobs

Up to 20 administrators could lose their jobs and the number of staff reductions will be “far more” than the number of faculty who may lose their positions, according to information in a Daily News article.

Interim President McCray has announced some non-personnel budget cuts, including the items below:

  • 1.     Overnight travel
  • 2.     Minor construction projects (unless safety related)
  • 3.     Personal membership payments
  • 4.     Replacement of computers
  • 5.     Consulting agreements
  • 6.     Furniture buying
  • 7.     Cell phone payments
  • 8.     Local business meal reimbursements
  • 9.     University contracts must be used to acquire goods or services
  • 10.  Supply purchases should be reduced