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Interim President Curtis McCray reveals thinking

Has difficut job in recommending how the University is to cut a substantial amount from budget

In an exclusive interview by Dayton Daily News reporter Max Filby, Interim President Curtis McCray reveals his thinking of how to address the University's financial problems.

Below is Dr. McCray's own words, but for the full story go to The Daily News

What accounts for the Wright State’s financial problems?

It seems to me there’s been no Dr. No here . . . In the past, if I’ve made commitments that were unreasonable and couldn’t be sustained, I had someone who said no. We’re not going to do that. None of it happened. There was no remediation. If I’d been here I could tell you (why) . . . most of our problems, not all of them, but most of our problems we’ve created by ourselves.

In response to the Board’s direction that WSU’s Division I athletic status be preserved:

Well, the AD [Athletic Director Bob Grant] has talked to me about that and the AD has mentioned golf. It’s apparently a program where we don’t have as many students and if we eliminated the program the impact on Division I status would not be there. We would still retain our Division I status.”

What can be cut?

We obviously are looking at anything that’s nonhuman that can be cut… we start there. But, we’re going to have to look at homo sapiens as well. There’s no doubt that some people who have been enjoying, properly I’m sure, their salaries, will take cuts.

Will we survive?

We’re going to live through it because we’ve got good stuff . . . we’re here. We’re a permanent part of the state. We’re going to survive and we’re going to come out and do it even better.”