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Interim-president Curtis McCray releases statement regarding budget crisis

“Bad Judgment, Lassitude And Bad Luck” cited as reasons for financial crisis.

Interim President Curtis McCray released an e-mail statement on March 24, regarding his plan for righting the university financial ship.

McCray writes:

“Surely, it is not lost on anyone that we have a very serious financial problem and that this problem must be resolved as we enter the next fiscal year,”

“We must trim a very large deficit from the FY18 budget and leave that budget with a small reserve.”

 “Of the many reasons leading to our deficit, I blame complexity, unmanaged complexity; the complexity that large universities have brought upon themselves and that growing, modern populations have demanded,”

“In times of booming economies, general societal wealth, generous financial allocations, the problems brought on can be ignored. In effect, the management of the institution goes untested. In times of scarcity, the errors brought on by complexity are sorely evident and must be managed.”