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DDN: Schrader Faced Criticism at MUST (Missouri University of Science and Technolgy)

DDN Staffer interviews Carol Schrader

DDN’s Max Filby interviews Carol Schrader, and reports that at MUST, she was credited with "raising enrollment, increasing revenue, boosting minority and women faculty numbers and taming a tough budget situation."

She was also iseen as "rocking the boat.” The Dayton Daily News Higher Education Reporter, unearthed unhappy rumblings against Dr. Schrader at MUST. The Board of Trustees were not aware of the unhappiness that came mainly from the College of Engineering. There was no vote  of no-confidence. The situation is explained in the article and interested parties are directed to whole of the Filby article.

After a twelve second commercial, listen to Dr. Schrader tell about reactions to her selection as Chancellor at MUST.   Go beyond that video for details. SEE MORE