Retirees Association


Certain benefits are available to all Wright State retirees. Others are available only to members of WSURA. You may receive a copy of the WSURA brochure briefly outlining WSURA benefits by contacting Human Resources or the WSURA office.  In a more expanded form, benefits include:


Visitors, Alumni and Retiree visitors to the main campus may park in Visitor Lot 2, adjacent to the Student Union. If the lot is filled or if you wish to park in another lot, the attendant will give you a visitor permit for lot 9, 10, 11, 15, or 20. 

Another alternative is to make a request via email, to at least 24 hours in advance of your visit.  

Instructional Fee Waiver

Eligibility for the instructional fee waiver is determined by the status of the employee on the first day of the applicable term.

Retirees, including those on disability retirement, who have ten years of Wright State University service and who were eligible for the instructional fee waiver at the time or retirement and their spouses and dependents, are eligible for the fee waiver.

Retirees are not subject to the limit of a maximum of eight hours per quarter. However retirees receiving fee remission for undergraduate and/or graduate courses shall pay a portion of the fees as stipulated by the Board of Trustees.

On a space-available basis, eligible Ohio residents, age 60 or older, may enroll in university courses on a tuition free basis if they wish to participate on a noncredit (audit) basis. Such students who wish to earn academic credit for the tuition-free courses must demonstrate financial need; these students should contact the Office of the Registrar for details and let the Office know they are inquiring about the aid for this particular program (60 years or older).

This program is subject to change by action of the State of Ohio or the University.

Student Union Fitness Center

Retiree Association members may utilize the University Fitness Center, located in the lower level of the Student Union. It features a wide variety of options available to fit anyone's recreational and exercise needs, including state-of-the-art equipment and enough space to accommodate all kinds of different activities. Members of the WSU Retirees Association may use these facilities without charge by writing to the WSURA office via US Mail, and requesting access to the center.  The office will add your name to the approved list, which is then sent to the University.  Once registered, all you will have to do to use the facilities is to show your WSU ID upon arrival.  There is no fee for the daily use of a locker. However, an assigned locker is available on an annual basis ($74.73), by semester ($37.39), or monthly ($6.49). You provide a lock and towel.

Purchase of Computer Hardware and Software

Retirees may have an opportunity to purchase software and hardware at a university discount, depending on various contractual arrangements in effect with different vendors. Please contact the Director, Computing & Telecommunications Services, for details.

Retirees Association Publications

WSURA publishes a newsletter, The Extension, four times annually. This publication lists the upcoming activities of the organization and other areas of the university, chronicles past activities and accomplishments, lists the names of retirees who have died, and, as space permits includes articles of interest about travel, scholarship recipients, etc. Its purpose is to provide an ongoing link between the retiree and the university.

A Directory of WSURA members is published on alternate years. This provides a good contact list for other members. This directory is not made available to outside organizations.

The WSURA website is part of the Publications Committee. Its purpose is to chronicle current and past accomplishments and activities of the organization.

Campus-wide Publications

Retirees are encouraged to keep informed by reading the various campus-wide publications presently available on-line.


WSURA provides a vigorous and varied calendar of activities for its members and their significant others. Members are apprised of these activities through The Extension, the website, and frequent email reminders. Popular activities include dining in/dining out experiences, day trips, lectures by campus figures, and discussions (the Socrates Café series provides a vehicle to discuss current social/political issues).


The WSURA Board has three liaison representatives to other campus entities. These members provide an ongoing link to the Athletic Council, the Friends of the Libraries and the University Center for International Education (UCIE).  Up-to-date information on the athletic programs, workshops and other opportunities through the Friends, and interactions with visiting professors and research associates through the UCIE expand the visibility of WSURA and extend the possibilities for continued involvement in university life.  Currently, WSURA is in contact with the Alumni Association to plan expanded interaction with that organization.

Wright1 Cards

The Wright1 Card is needed to access a number of Wright State services. The Wright1 Retiree Card is available at the Wright1 Center in the lower level of the Student Union (055).  See the Student Union facilities, library and bookstore sections below for specific information on these areas. For more details regarding the Wright1 cards, click here.


The retiree can obtain a 20% discount on WSU clothing and gift items, school supplies and general reading books by showing the cashier his or her Wright1 Card.

Athletics and Student Performances

The retiree is urged to support our students by attending intercollegiate sports events and music/drama/dance performances. The retiree will be offered the same ticketing arrangements and prices available to current full-time faculty/staff.

Library and Computer Privileges

Retirees will have full library privileges and may continue to have Wright State University email access upon retirement. To obtain these services, send a written request to Accounts Manager c/o CaTS Help Desk, 025 Library Annex.  All retirees are encouraged to join the Friends of the Libraries.

The Wright1 Card will work as a library card at any of the WSU Libraries.


Retirees may attend workshops (CaTS and Teaching and Learning Center) on a space available basis for the same fee (if any) charged current faculty and staff.

University/School/Department Connections

Once retired, individuals are encouraged to continue active participation in the university community and may attend all appropriate public meetings on a non-voting basis. Individuals with continued active involvement with students or administration may wish to request listing in the university telephone directory and other informational sources.