Ryan Leonard

Resident Assistant (RA) - Hamilton 1st South

Major: Industrial Engineering
Class: Junior
Hometown: Westerville, OH

Some of my favorite hobbies revolve around music or athletics. When I'm not doing work or being active, you can almost always find me listening to, playing, or writing music. Honestly though, I'll have fun doing just anything from playing video games to going on road trips as long as it's with other good-spirited people. As long you're being true to yourself, we'll get along great!
I became an RA because I love being in a position that gives me the opportunity to create that which brings people together in not just education, but also fun. With so many easy chances to become divided, it's incredibly satisfying to unify people, even if just for a little while.
My favorite part about campus is all of the nature that surrounds it. I find it absolutely serene to be able to go walking through the nearby woods and see the beauty of the fauna and flora.

Contact Information:

112 Hamilton South
(937) 775-6115