RJ Douglass

Resident Assistant (RA) - Honors 5th North

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class: Senior
Hometown: Salesville, Ohio

Hello everyone, my name is RJ Douglass. I am from Salesville, OH. Salesville is a very small town on the eastern side of Ohio, about two and a half hours away from the Wright State Campus. I am from a very rural part of Ohio and grew up on a sort of hobby farm where we had many different animals that we raised. Where I grew up is a very different place than Wright State, but I really like living on campus. I enjoy participating in different intramural sports on campus with my friends. This is my second year being an RA, but if you would have any questions at all, I am always willing to help as best as I can.

Why did you choose to be an RA?

I chose to be an RA because I live so far away from the campus, and when I first came here, I knew no one. Luckily for me, my RA my first year was really great and helped me adjust to the life on campus. I hope that I can do as good of a job with my residents as he did.

What is your favorite thing about living on campus at WSU?

My favorite thing about living on campus is all of the different people that you get to meet on campus. There are also so many different things that the campus life has to offer and it is really easy to meet new people if you live on campus.

Contact Information

501 Honors North
(937) 775-6669