Kenzie Tyson

Resident Assistant (RA) - Forest Lane Palms

Major: Early Childhood Education
Class: Junior
Hometown: Springfield, OH

My name is Kenzie Tyson and I am currently a Junior at Wright State University! I am from Springfield, Ohio which is about 30 minutes away from this beautiful campus. My hobbies include shopping, playing softball, reading, and eating. In my free time, I enjoy watching Netflix and walking in the tunnels when it’s late at night. 

I chose to become an RA because of the environment and support system that comes with the job. Where ever I go on campus, I know there will be a friendly face, waiting for me to tell them hello! The networking that comes along with this job makes it super fun too. You get to know a lot of people form a lot of various places on campus. 

My favorite thing about living on campus is the proximity that I am to everything on campus. Living on campus allows me to be very close to food, the library, my advisor, the ERC (if you don’t know what this is, come and ask me. It’s an amazing place!), my classes, and everything else that is important. 

I am ecstatic that you all will be living in my building and I look forward to meeting you all in the Fall of 2018. Please feel free to say hi to me as you walk by!

Contact Information:
2 Palms
(937) 775-6009