Kenzie Tyson

Resident Assistant (RA) - Hamilton 4th South

Major: Early Childhood Education
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Springfield, OH

Hello fellow Raiders!  My name is Kenzie Tyson and I am the RA in Hamilton, 4th floor South! I am a sophomore at the beautiful Wright State University and I am an Early Childhood education major. I am from Springfield, Ohio which isn't too far away from Wright State, but I absolutely love living on campus. My favorite things to do in my free time are to watch Netflix and go shopping. I am so excited to meet all of the residents living on my floor!

Why did you choose to be an RA?
I chose to be an RA because I want to become more involved on campus and I also want to help residents adapt to campus living. I want to further my leadership skills and help people in any way I can.

What is your favorite thing about living on campus at WSU?
My favorite thing about living on campus is all of the events each community puts on. I love to go to the events and meet new people! I also enjoy how friendly and close-knit all of the communities are. Living on campus at Wright State is definitely a home away from home.

Contact Information:

430 Hamilton South
(937) 775-6524