Jordan Jones

Resident Assistant (RA) - Woods 1st Oak

Major: Sociology
Minor: African American Studies
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

What’s up Guys? I’m Jordan, humbled to be the RA on Oak 1st, getting to work with some awesome individuals! I am a senior here at Wright State. I transferred here in Spring of 2016 and have lived on campus ever since. I have volunteered many times with Residence Life, and am the president of a great organization called the African American Residential Caucus (AARC) as well as a member Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Some people say I look mean, but when you get to know me I promise I’m one of the coolest and nicest people you’ll ever meet! Don’t be afraid to say ‘Hey’ if you see me out and about. I know it’s going to be a great year!

Why I chose to be an RA:
One thing that I believe in is being a help to people as much as I can. If I can do whatever I can to help some get to where they want or need to be, then I will do that. Being a Resident Assistant definitely helps me fulfill that mission. To be an RA means giving a service to the residents on campus and helping them be successful in multiple areas as they are on their journey through higher education, and making sure they feel at home while doing it. That’s why I chose to be an RA!

Contact Information:

1st Woods Oak

(937) 775-6152