Emiko Bowers

Resident Assistant (RA) - University Park 2070

Major: Music
Class: Senior
Hometown: Springfield, Ohio

My name is Emiko Bowers. I'm a senior this year and it'll be my third year as an RA. I'm studying to be a music education major and I play saxophone. I'm from the Village of Enon, Ohio. I hope everyone else has gotten to relax these past few months. I'm super excited to start the new year, and if you have any questions about the upcoming school year feel free to email me.

Why did you choose to be an RA?

I decided to become an RA because I loved living on campus my Freshman year and wanted to continue that as well as helping others to make the most of all the opportunities WSU has to offer.

What is your favorite thing about living on campus at WSU?

The best part about living on campus is the Starbucks. Campus is nice because literally everything you need is just a short walk away (Like Starbucks) and you're surrounded by friends (Friends you can meet at Starbucks).

Contact Information

University Park Apartments
(937) 775-5914