Cammi Borden

Resident Assistant (RA) - Honors 3rd West

Major: Neuroscience
Class: Junior
Hometown: Washington Court Heights, Ohio

My name is Cammi and I will be the Resident Assistant for 3rd West for the 2017 academic year. This will be my first year as an RA and I am ecstatic to be a part of the Honors RA staff and to help make this a fantastic year for you at Wright State! This is my second year at WSU and I absolutely love it here so far. I am currently pursuing a degree in neuroscience with pre-med requirements. My goal is to become a Neuroscientist with a focus in Pathology. I have a ton of different hobbies and interests which includes spending time with friends/family, reading, playing my trombone, creating and editing videos, performing, writing, hiking, and gardening! I also love to meet new people so I am so excited to meet you all. This is going to be a super exciting year! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or stop by my room. Go Raiders!! 

Contact Information:

301 Honors West
(937) 775-6900