Adam McVay

Resident Assistant (RA) - Hamilton 2nd West

Major: Motion Pictures
Class: Junior
Hometown: Dayton, OH

Hey there, I'm Adam McVay, and I greatly look forward to returning to Hamilton Hall this upcoming year! 2018-19 will be my third year attending Wright State University, and my second time around being an RA. 
During the 17-18 academic year, I found myself greatly enjoying my responsibilities of being an RA and everything that came with them, which makes me look forward to the upcoming semesters that much more.
On the academic side of things, I was formerly intending to go into teaching, but recently declared my major in Motion Pictures due to my lifelong love of film and visual media. Working with people has always been a strong suit of mine, so I look forward to being a resource for my residents in their lives on campus and giving them opportunities to grow and flourish at Wright State. Very excited to bring positivity and guidance to my residents on 2nd West Hamilton Hall!

Contact Information:

211 Hamilton West
(937) 775-6557