Community Councils

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College Park Apartments Council

The College Park Council (CPCC) is the government organization for College Park residents. The CPCC is composed of the executive board and representation from the buildings. Its purpose its to represent College Park residents in all matters of concern to their community as well as to plan activities. Members determine the time of weekly meetings.

Forest Lane Apartments Council

The Forest Lane Council (FLC) is the government organization for Forest Lane residents. The FLC is composed of six elected officers and a voluntary membership of residents. Its purpose is to represent Forest Lane residents in all matters of concern to their community as well as to plan activities. Members determine weekly meeting times.

Hamilton Hall Council

The Hamilton Hall Council is composed of representatives from each floor and five elected officers. This organization provides leadership experience for Hamilton Hall residents. The Hamilton Hall Council gives students input into decisions affecting the community, allows them to make recommendations for community betterment, as well as giving them an opportunity to plan community activities. This organization welcomes resident suggestions, comments and ideas. All residents are encouraged to attend meetings and to run for floor representative positions and general executive board positions.

Honors Community Council

The Honors Council is a group of students who help direct the vision and activities of the Honors Living program, which is housed in the newest constructed Honors building on WSU campus. This group is limited to residential Honors students.

The Village & University Park Apartments Council

The Village/University Park Council (VUPC) provides involvement opportunities for residents of the Village and University Park and provides a place for these residents to connect with each other. The VUPC provides programming and representation for residents.

The Woods Council

The Woods Community Council are active in representing resident concerns and planning activities. They provide leadership opportunities and education for the members of the community. The WC plan large-scale events for the community. All residents are encouraged to attend community government meetings, run for executive board positions and get involved.

The Ten Principles of Leadership

  1. Treat everyone with respect and dignity.
  2. Set the examples for others to follow.
  3. Be an active coach.
  4. Maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
  5. Insist on excellence and hold people accountable.
  6. Build group cohesiveness and pride.
  7. Show confidence in people.
  8. Maintain a strong sense of urgency.
  9. Be available and visible.
  10. Develop yourself to your highest potential.

The Ten Principles of Motivation

  1. People motivate themselves.
  2. Attitudes and actions demonstrated by you influence the motivational environment.
  3. Goals provide purpose, challenge and direction.
  4. Recognize and reward positive effort.
  5. Be encouraging and positive.
  6. Share responsibility; delegate responsibility.
  7. Provide a not-threatening, secure environment.
  8. Model enthusiasm.
  9. Accept and value individuals as they are.
  10. Meeting individual needs starts with mutual respect.

"Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."