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African-American Residential Caucus (AARC)

Soul Food Sunday - Spring 2020
The African American Residential Caucus (AARC) organization is one that is supported by Residence Life and Housing here at Wright State University. This organization has been on campus since the mid 1980’s and still has an active role on campus today. Functioning under the Residential Community Association (RCA), AARC has a primary goal to be the voice for African American residential students here at Wright State University. Other things that AARC does are provide African American residential students with a resource outlet in which they can ask for help and also voice their concerns. AARC makes it their priority to create social support, unity, and pride amongst the residents. AARC looks for ways to heighten the appreciation of African American culture on campus. Lastly, AARC makes a strong effort to promote community living through the development of various programs to meet the needs of residents.

AARC looks for residential African American students to join the organization all throughout the academic year. AARC also does a lot of collaboration work with RCA, National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), Student Weekend Activities Team (SWAT), the Resident Assistants, and also the various community councils.

Executive Board Members for 2020-21


To receive more information about AARC or if you are interested in joining AARC, please feel free to contact Lisa Eizenga who serves as the overall Advisor for the organization.