Coronavirus Update

All academic classes will be held remotely for summer semester and course information indicates whether they have set meet times or no meet times. Physical access to Dayton and Lake campuses is restricted to essential personnel. Read more.

What to Bring and What Not to Bring

What to Bring

  • Towels, Extra-long twin size sheets (mattress size 36"x80")
  • Mattress pad or cover, pillows, and comforter/bedspread
  • Rugs, Bath mat
  • Desk lamp, Power strip
  • Television, Computer, Charging cords
  • Wastebasket, Trash bags, Hangers, Hamper, Laundry soap
  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, razor, toilet paper, etc.)
  • Seasonal clothing, Umbrella
  • Cleaning supplies, Sweeper or broom, Dish soap, Paper towels, Toilet paper(WSU supplies TP in Hamilton Hall),
  • Cooking utensils/Can-opener
  • School supplies, paper, pens, markers, stapler, postnotes, printer, extra ink.
  • Plates, Cups, Silverware, Ziplock bags.
  • Lock Box
  • George Foreman grill, toaster, waffle maker, crock pot, coffee maker 
  • Appliances from the Approved Appliance List


What Not to Bring

  • Pets (the only pets allowed are fish, 20 gal tank maximum)
  • Portable or full size personal washers, dryers or dishwashers
  • Cooking devices with an exposed element such as hot plates, space heaters, toaster ovens, Nu wave burner, deep fryer and range top grills 
  • Firearms, ammunition, weapons (knives, paintball guns, air soft guns, bows, sword, etc.), and things that look like weapons (cap guns, etc.)
  • Fireworks, incense, candles, or any other open-flame device
  • Charcoal and gas grills/stoves
  • Double stick tape, screws, molly bolts, planter anchors, big nails, spikes, and finishing nails cannot be used to hang things on the walls! (Small tacks, command strips, staples, picture hangers are okay)
  • Hoverboards, Network equipment (wireless access points, routers and hubs).
  • Bed risers - (For student safety)

Approved Appliance List

Appliance Residence Halls Apartments
Air Fryer Allowed (Max 1500 watts) Allowed (Max 1500 watts)
Belgian waffle maker Allowed Allowed
Bread maker Allowed Allowed
Buffet server* Allowed Allowed
Clothing iron Allowed Allowed
Coffee maker Allowed Allowed
Cotton candy maker Allowed Allowed
Crock pot Allowed Allowed
Curling iron Allowed Allowed
Deep fryer Not allowed Allowed
Electric crepe maker Allowed Allowed
Electric griddle Allowed Allowed
Electric kettle Allowed Allowed
Espresso machine Allowed Allowed
Fondue pot Not allowed Allowed
Food dehydrator Allowed Allowed
Food steamer Allowed Allowed
George Foreman grill Allowed Allowed
Hair dryer Allowed Allowed

Hot plate

Not allowed N/A**
Instant Pot Not allowed Not allowed
NuWave induction burner Not allowed N/A**
Panini press Allowed Allowed
Personal portable or full size washer & dryers Not allowed Not allowed
Personal portable or full size dishwashers Not allowed Not allowed
Pizza oven Not allowed N/A**
Refrigerators or freezer Allowed (Max 4 cubic feet) *** Allowed (Max 4 cubic feet) ***
Rice cooker Allowed Allowed
Roaster oven Allowed Allowed
Toaster Allowed Allowed
Toaster oven Not allowed Allowed
Toaster oven broiler Not allowed Allowed
Waffle iron Allowed Allowed

* Electric only - no open flame burners.
** Apartments come equipped with stoves.
*** Refrigerators and microwaves are supplied by the University for all apartments and resident hall rooms.