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Hamilton Hall Check Out

Spring 2019 Check-Out Procedures

The end of the academic year & your check-out is quickly approaching. Please follow the directions in this notice to avoid substantial charges and fines that can result from checking out improperly.

  1. To maintain a considerate study atmosphere for all residents, twenty-four hour quiet hours will be in place for finals week beginning on Friday, April 26, 2019, at 11:59 p.m.
  2. Residents who are not signed up for summer campus housing must check-out by 8:00pm Friday May 3, 2019.  Any resident who has not completed the following check-out procedure by the deadline may be billed a $150.00 per day fee for late check‑outs. Residents who need to checkout late on Friday, May 3, 2019 8pm to Saturday, May 4, 2019 3pm will need to receive advanced approval from the Community Director by Friday, April 26, 2019.   International residents with late flights out of the country should contact the Community Director to receive special check out instructions.
  3. Please take the time to clean.  If the room is left dirty, the cleaning will be billed back at $40.00 per hour.
  4. Contact your RA to schedule a check-out time at least 48 hours before your departure.  Failure to set up a check-out time 48 hours in advance will result in a $25 improper check-out fee.
  5. Mail forwarding:  In Wings Express update your WSU mailing override and primary addresses.  
  6. At Check-out all residents must turn in the “Checkout Damage/Repair” form attached to the back of this document.  Please identify to your Resident Assistant any damages or repairs needed in your room and record them on your checkout form.  Damages not claimed will be evenly divided and billed between the current residents of the room. Please settle any discrepancies before your roommates' check out.


___      Clean the doors of your room. Leave the door without marks, and clean carefully near the handles, edges, and along the bottom. Window and household cleaners work well for removing most marks.  Remove all tape and tape marks from the door.

___       The hallway must be clear/trash-free and the area outside of door must be clean.  All tape marks on and around the door must be cleaned off.

___       Clean the window and sill so they are free of dust. Wash the inside of the window.

___       All unauthorized paint, stickers, glow in the dark stars, picture hangers, decals, etc., must be removed from the walls, ceilings, windows, mirrors, furniture and doors.

___       Sweep and mop the entire room. Clean under and around all furniture.  Black marks and carpet tape must be removed.

___       Wardrobe tops should be dusted off and cleaned.

___       Wall lights should be dusted off and cleaned.

___       Remove all personal belongings from the building.  No storage space will be available in the building over the summer.

___       Remove any bikes from the outside bike racks and take them home.  Bikes left in the racks for the summer will removed and disposed of.  

___       Remove all food items from the refrigerator, defrost and clean the interior. Clean up the water as the ice melts.  Use household cleaner or mild soap and water.  Let the ice melt on its own; (this may take several hours, please plan accordingly); do not use a sharp object to remove the ice.  Sharp objects can damage the refrigerator and result in expensive replacement costs. After defrosting re-clean the fridge/freezer, turn it off and leave door ajar to prevent odor/mildew accumulation.

___       Clean inside and outside of the microwave. Use a mild soap and water.  Don’t forget to clean the inside ceiling of the microwave. Please do NOT use a scratch pad or abrasive powder on the plastic front of the microwave.

___       Each room must contain the original furniture. The furniture must be put back in the proper configuration. All furniture that is not part of the university furnishings must be removed from the building.

___       The window curtain should be properly hooked to the curtain rod.

___       Bag up your unwanted clothing and unopened nonperishable food and drop it off at the food and clothing drive barrels in the Hamilton Lobby.  We are collecting unwanted items for the needy.

___       Garbage bags will be available outside the Hamilton Hall Office.  Trash or abandoned items left in the building will be identified back to a room and that room will be billed at least $25.00. 

___       Desk/dresser drawers and wardrobe must be emptied of belongings and wiped out.

___       Discard all bags of trash in the trash rooms.  Unwanted furniture, carpet rolls and large items must be placed in the dumpster in front of Hamilton.  Do not place trash in the hallways, lounges or stairwells.  Improper disposal of trash will result in an improper check-out fee.   Free trash bags are available at the office in the lobby.


___       Meet with your RA-- at your room –at your scheduled appointment time of departure-- to check the room and turn in keys (mail, door, hallway). RESIDENTS MUST REMOVE ALL PERSONAL BELONGINGS FROM THE ROOM BEFORE THE CHECK-OUT APPOINTMENT WITH THE RA.  No storage space is available during the summer months. All personal belongings must be removed from the premises.  

___       The RA will record on the room inventory damages and areas not cleaned.   All damages or repairs need to be pointed out to the RA at this time and the completed Damage and Repair form should be given to the RA. 

___       The RA will lock the room door at the end of the check out. Make sure all belongings are out of the room when the check out is complete.

___       After the check out the Maintenance Team will review the rooms condition and inventory forms.  They may adjust any maintenance request as needed.

Recommended Cleaning Products:

  • Fantastic - general cleaning (counter tops, etc.).          
  • Windex - windows, mirrors, microwave, and general purpose.
  • Mr. Clean - floors, and general cleaning.                       
  • Goo-Gone - removes double sided tape.        

To help cut cost, residents should try to share cleaning products.


Hamilton Hall Check-Out Packet - Download