Coronavirus Update

All academic classes will be held remotely for summer semester and course information indicates whether they have set meet times or no meet times. Physical access to Dayton and Lake campuses is restricted to essential personnel. Read more.

Wright Path Student Resources

Wright Path Parking Pass Information

Parking Pass Application -

  • All students with a car must purchase a pass to park in residential area

Wright 1 Card Center

  • $7.00 for the card
  • Will give you access to meal money

Dining Options (beginning Spring 2020)

Students who have additional Financial Aid to cover dining options:

Students who have additional financial aid, or loans, to cover dining will have two options that can be billed to Partner Institutions, in addition to Housing Costs:

1. Wright Path RaiderCash Plan 1 - $ 800

  • 7 meals a week for 16 weeks (based on $7 per meal "meal deals")

2. Wright Path RaiderCash Plan 2 - $ 1400

  • 12 meals a week for 16 weeks (based on $7 per meal "meal deals")

Note: Students must inform home institution Financial Aid Office if wanting to use excess aid or loans for RaiderCash, when completing the pre-semester Financial Aid requirements/paperwork. The home institutions will inform students how much excess aid, or loans, they have after housing costs. Partner Institutions will then inform Wright State if any students have selected to designate excess aid, or loans, to RaiderCash Plan 1 or 2. Otherwise, any WrightPath student can add cash to Wright1 card, out-of-pocket, at any time during the semester (see below). 

Students who do not have additional Financial Aid to cover dining options:

Students who do not have additional financial aid or loans to cover dining will be able to place cash on their Wright1 Cards to purchase meals on campus.

  • Students are able to place up to $500 per month on their Wright1 Card for meals, as an out of pocket cost.
  • Cash value can be placed on the Wright1 card at convenient loading stations in the Student Union, as well as at the Wright1 Center, and the Dunbar Library Circulation Desk.

RTA Bus Routes (Wright State Bus Route 1)

  • Sinclair -
  • Clark State Beavercreek -
  • RTA Bus Route
    • Passengers on the new Route 1 can use one inbound and two outbound stops. An outbound, or eastbound stop, is located near the Clark State Community College Beavercreek Campus; both an inbound and outbound stop sit across from each other between the mall and the Walmart and Sam's Club stores.
    • The new stops are on the same route that serves Wright State University. Alternating Route 1 trips will extend service to the new Pentagon Boulevard stops. Service intervals at the new stops will be 60-70 minutes during weekdays and about 90 minutes on weekends, according to the RTA.


2019 Winter Break Housing Information - WrightPath Residents

Residence Hall Students

  • Any student living in a residence hall must leave for break by 8pm on Friday, December 13, 2019. At this time the hallway locks will be changed for the duration of winter break. Anyone needing to stay over winter break, December 13, 2019 until January 11, 2020 can sign up to get a Break Housing Key. 

Apartment Students

  • You will have access to your unit throughout the duration of the break. 

**Reminder for all WrightPath Students - In order to remain eligible to live in campus housing for the next semester, your fall balance must be paid in full by December 13, 2019**