Want to Sign Up with Friends?

Pulling in Roommates

Signing up with a Current Student

Pulling in Roommates for Room Selection 2019-20

  • Only 1 of you needs to sign up during Room Selection
  • During the process, you will have an opportunity to pull in your friends
  • The student selecting the room needs the PIN number and UID for the other preferred roommate(s)
  • All students must read and accept their Terms and Condition of the housing agreement and set up their personal PIN Number before they can be pulled into a room
  • Pay or defer the $150 prepayment no later than April 1, 2020


Signing up with a NEW or Commuter Student
         does not currently live in campus housing

Pin Code Reset for Room Selection 2019-20

  • The new or commuter student must be a high school graduate and admitted to Wright State for Fall 2020
  • Once admitted, they need to accept their Terms and Conditions of the housing agreement and set their PIN number
  • Next, they will need to pay or defer their $150 prepayment no later than April 1, 2020
  • They need to give you their PIN Number and UID so that you can pull them in during the process
  • The current resident will choose a room during Room Selection and pull-in their roommates