Coronavirus Update

Classes will be held remotely for the remainder of the spring semester, and all official university events and student activities are suspended until further notice. While the Dayton and Lake campuses remain open, access to campus is restricted to personnel who have been identified as essential. Read more.

Want to Sign Up with Friends?

Pulling in Roommates

Signing up with a Current Student

Pulling in Roommates for Room Selection 2019-20

  • Only 1 of you needs to sign up during Room Selection
  • During the process, you will have an opportunity to pull in your friends
  • The student selecting the room needs the PIN number and UID for the other preferred roommate(s)
  • All students must read and accept their Terms and Condition of the housing agreement and set up their personal PIN Number before they can be pulled into a room
  • Pay or defer the $150 prepayment no later than June 1, 2020


Signing up with a NEW or Commuter Student
         does not currently live in campus housing

Pin Code Reset for Room Selection 2019-20

  • The new or commuter student must be a high school graduate and admitted to Wright State for Fall 2020
  • Once admitted, they need to accept their Terms and Conditions of the housing agreement and set their PIN number
  • Next, they will need to pay or defer their $150 prepayment no later than June 1, 2020
  • They need to give you their PIN Number and UID so that you can pull them in during the process
  • The current resident will choose a room during Room Selection and pull-in their roommates



The first step in pulling in a roommate is to make sure they log into the Room Selection Site to fill out a housing application and accept their housing contract. After that has been completed you will have the ability to pull them in as a roommate. Please see the step by step instructions below.

ROOMMATES – How to apply and accept housing contract.

  • Login to WINGS Express
  • Select Student and Financial Aid
  • Select Housing Services
  • Select Continue to my DAYTON housing account
  • Select Current resident room selection
  • Select Roommate Contract & Pin
    • During the process, you will accept your housing contract for, set privacy settings, update roommate matching preferences and set your Roommate PIN
      • During Room Selection, you will need a Roommate Pin. Set your pin, and then only share it with the student who has your permission to select a space for you.  Please be sure to write down your number in case you forget it.  The Residence Life and Housing Office do not have the ability to remind students of their PIN.  It is a fully private number that is only yours to share. You may select housing with one, two, or three other students.  The logged-in student will complete selection for all members of the group.  Each member of the group must have already accepted their Housing Contract and have no holds to be eligible for this process

Room Selection Participating Student - How to pull someone in to live with you.

"Room Selection" refers to the Campus Housing Room Selection, in which current residents will have the opportunity to choose their housing assignment online for the next academic year.  Current residents who are registered for classes and HAVE NO HOLDS on their account may participate. 

You may pull in one, two, or three other students, depending on how much space is available in your unit. Each student you are pulling in must have already completed a Housing Contract, be free of Holds and set their Roommate PIN to be eligible for this process. 

  • Click the green "+" button and "search" button to select your roommates.  You will need their roommate pin number to add them to your group. 
  • The terms for which you are about to select housing is provided for verification purposes.
  • Please look up the room you would like to sign into by the tree menu to the left with drop-down arrows or by clicking on the building. The only rooms that will show up for you are gender-specific. You will only see male or female rooms depending on your gender.
    • Green Beds indicate that the space is available, and you may click on it to select it.
    • Red Beds indicate that space is taken by another student. If you click on the red bed you will see that students name and roommate preferences.
  • Scroll down and click the finish button to finalize your room assignment
  • Follow the link to pay your $150.00 prepayment to secure your assigned room. If prepayment is not paid by June 1st you will lose your assignment.