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Course Schedule Planning Guides

Semester Planning Guides provide the planned availability of courses offered for semesters spanning the next three academic years. In partnership with your academic advisor, use these tools to plan the completion of your degree requirements. Pay particular attention to alternate-year courses when registering for classes or creating a class schedule. Stay on track for graduation!

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The planning guides come in two different formats, PDF and Excel. The standard PDF version includes all courses, sorted by course number. The dynamic Excel version includes all courses but can be filtered and sorted to identify specific courses of interest to you. For example, you may use Excel to identify courses offered at the Lake Campus only or to select web or graduate-level courses only. You may sort by course subject or by college. For help with Excel, see Excel Tips and Hints below.

PDF Version

Excel Version

Excel Tips and Hints

To use the Filter feature:

  1. Click the filter arrow beside the column heading for the column you want to filter
  2. Remove the check mark from Select All
  3. Select the check box for the entry you want to filter on and then click OK
    • By College: To display offerings for only certain colleges, use the Filter feature on Column A.
    • By Campus: To display all offerings at Lake Campus, use the Filter feature on Column B. Any/all off-campus offerings may be isolated via this column.
    • By Level: To display only UG or GR offerings, use the Filter feature on Column C.
    • By Subject: To display only certain subject codes, use the Filter feature on Column D. Select Text Filter and Begins With to enter 1 or 2 subject codes.
    • Web Offerings: To display all Web offerings, use the Filter feature on any quarter or semester column (any column after Column D). Select Text Filter and Contains "W".

To Sort Data:

  1. Select the data to be sorted (Note: to select the entire spreadsheet, click in the area above and to the left of A1)
  2. Select the Data tab
  3. Choose the Sort icon

Key to Abbreviations

Abbreviation Refers to:
BA Raj Soin College of Business
ED College of Education and Human Services
EG College of Engineering and Computer Science
LA College of Liberal Arts
LC Lake Campus
N College of Nursing and Health
O Other: includes Developmental Education, Military Science, Service Learning, University Honors
P School of Professional Psychology
SM College of Science and Math
AA As Arranged
D Day (starts before 4 p.m.)
E Evening (starts at or after 4 p.m.)
W Web Only (Note: Web Only offerings are available to all students regardless of home campus.)
G Graduate
U Undergraduate