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Students: Please Read the Following Policy Changes Affecting Registration, Financial Aid, and Billing

RaiderConnect staff are working remotely until further notice. Please call 937-775-4000 to speak with an enrollment services advisor or email raiderconnect@wright.edu. We are happy to schedule phone or video appointments via our email address at this time. Scanned or photographed documents can be emailed to raiderconnect@wright.edu.

Refund, Financial Aid, Registration, Late Fee, and Payment Plan Updates for 2018-2019

To improve student access to open seats in courses and better align the university with federal regulations and best practices, the university has approved process and policy changes to several areas, beginning Summer 2018:

1. Academic Refunds: 

To obtain a 100 percent tuition refund, students will need to officially withdraw from a course by the Friday of the second week of classes during a full-term class, or by the first Friday of classes for A or B-term classes.

Students should contact their instructor or RaiderConnect for 100 percent refund dates and times of courses that are not considered to be A, B, or full-term courses. In general, the 100 percent refund date or time ends when 15 percent of the scheduled course time has been completed.

The withdrawal dates can be found on the Academic Calendar: https://www.wright.edu/raiderconnect/academic-calendar/summer-semester-2018

2. Financial aid disbursement and refunds

Disbursement will now take place on the first day of the term. Disbursement is the process of your awarded financial aid being applied to your student account.

Financial aid refunds are different from disbursement. Refunds are any excess financial aid that is distributed to the student upon the satisfactory completion of all requirements. Students will begin receiving refunds near the end of the first week of classes.

3. Registration cancellation for incomplete payment of fees

Student accounts must be paid in full, enrolled in a payment plan, or have sufficient financial aid to pay the balance by the payment due date to avoid cancellation of classes.

Students applying for financial aid are responsible for checking to ensure all requirements have been met in order to receive financial aid. If there is a shortfall between your tuition and fees and your financial aid award, you must pay the balance in full or enroll in the payment plan by the fee payment due date. If payment is incomplete, student course registrations will be canceled on the third business day after the first due date for each term.

Students receiving third-party assistance must submit the authorization form from your sponsor by the fee payment due date and pay any unpaid charges in full or enroll in a payment plan. If payment is incomplete, student course registrations will be canceled on the third business day after the first due date for each term.

4. Late registration fees

Late registration fees for continuing students will be assessed beginning the first business day after the first fee payment due date for fall and spring terms. For summer term, late registration fees will not be applied until the first day of summer classes.

There are two categories for late registration fees. Only one fee will be applied to a late course registration, which is dependent upon the registration timing:

  • A flat fee of $250 per student will apply for registrations that take place between the first payment due date and the course census date.
  • A fee of $100 per credit hour will be assessed for course registrations that take place after the course census date.

5. Installment payment plan

Students can easily enroll in a four-payment installment plan to pay their tuition and fees using WINGS Express. The plan’s first payment consists of a $25 processing fee and 5 percent down payment toward the account balance. The remaining three payments have defined due dates and will each be equal to one-third of the outstanding account balance. A $50 late-payment fee will be assessed for each late installment payment.

For more information, visit https://www.wright.edu/raiderconnect/accounts-and-bills/revised-refunds-and-registration-process or contact Raider Connect.