Financial Aid Disbursement for Fall Will Begin on August 27th

Disbursement will now take place on the first day of the term (Fall semester begins August 27th, 2018). Disbursement is the process of your awarded financial aid being applied to your student account.

To verify that your financial aid will not be delayed, log into WINGS Express>Student and Financial Aid>Financial Aid and Scholarships>Eligibility Requirements.  All unsatisfied requirements must be satisfied, and academic progress status must be satisfactory for aid to pay.

Financial aid refunds are different from disbursement. Refunds are any excess financial aid that is distributed to the student upon the satisfactory completion of all requirements. Students will begin receiving refunds near the end of the first week of classes. Direct deposit may be set up in WINGS Express under the Student Fees menu.

Contact Raider Connect with any questions at 937-775-4000, email, or visit Raider Connect in the Student Union. 

Please visit our website to view all of the registration, billing, and financial aid policy changes: