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Monthly electronic billing statements are generated on the last day of each month for all accounts that have activity during the month. Billing statements are available online only. Students and authorized users are notified by email that a billing statement is available for viewing. Billing statements are usually available by the second business day of the month. Students are responsible for timely payment even if an email notification about your billing statement is not received. Students can view statements by logging into Wings Express. Parents/Authorized Users log-in from the Access Your Account page.

To pay bills, select the Payments tab in the ecommerce system.


No paper bills! You will receive a notice sent to your Wright State email when it is time to view your electronic statement via WINGS Express. Your online student account provides account activity and electronic billing statements for current and past terms.

Online Services

WINGS Express lets you view and manage your account online 24/7:

  • View current and past billing statements
  • Sign up for the Student Installment Payment Plan
  • Make online payments using electronic check, debit card or credit card
  • Give access to parents or authorized user to view your bill and make payments on your behalf
  • Enroll in direct deposit for refunds

Parent or Authorized User

Students must give parents and authorized users access to view and pay their student account. Once students grant this access, authorized users will receive an email with a temporary password. To log-in using this information, visit the Access Your Account page. Select the appropriate link: View & Pay Bills or Wright1 Card Deposits.


Unpaid student accounts are transferred to Student Loan Collections when the account is 150 days or more past due. The collection process may be expedited or delayed as deemed necessary. Wright State will normally take the following actions to collect a delinquent account:

Collection Hold

When a student account is transferred to Collections, a collections hold will be placed on the account. These individuals are unable to register,  receive transcripts, grades or diplomas. The hold will remain in place until the balance is paid in full.

Courtesy Contacts

Wright State University will make a reasonable effort to notify the account holder of the status of the account and of possible reporting to the Credit Bureau, and/or assignment to the State of Ohio, Attorney General’s Office. These contacts will generally be made via telephone contact and/or letters. All bills and written correspondence regarding a delinquent account will be mailed to the address on file for the individual. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain an accurate billing address with Wright State University.

Reporting to Credit Bureau

Wright State University will report the delinquent account to the credit bureau once the account is 180 or more days past due and a satisfactory payment plan has not been established. Once an account has been reported to the credit bureau it will not be removed.

Placement with the Ohio Attorney General

If the account holder fails to respond to the courtesy contacts and hasn’t established a satisfactory payment plan, the account will be certified to the Ohio Attorney General for further action as required in the Ohio Revised Code. Once an account is placed with the Ohio Attorney General, all payments and contact should be made directly with them.

Collection Costs

The Ohio Attorney General and/or their approved collection agencies will assess collection fees and interest to the account. In addition, the Ohio Attorney General reserves the right to handle litigation necessary to collect the debt. All costs associated with collection and litigation may be passed on to the account holder. The entire balance, including interest and fees, must be paid in full to remove the account from collections and return to good standing.