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Receiving Your Aid

Your financial aid awards (with the exception of work-study, external scholarships, tuition remissions, and third party contracts) are applied to the charges that appear on your bill through a process called disbursement. Financial aid may be disbursed to your account for a given term as early as ten (10) days prior to the start of your classes, provided you are:

  • Awarded financial aid
  • Enrolled
  • Eligible for disbursement

If you apply late for financial aid, your financial aid may be delayed or you may become ineligible for disbursement. Loans may not disburse if additional requirements are needed. See our Getting a Loan page for more information.

Enrollment Requirements and Aid Adjustments

Your Award Notice displays your financial aid eligibility based upon full-time enrollment each term. However, the amount of financial aid that will disburse to your account for a given term will be based on your registered credit hours for that term. For example, if you register half-time, then the amount of aid that will disburse to you will be adjusted to match your half-time eligibility. It is important to note that not all financial aid awards are adjusted based on your enrollment status but almost all financial aid awards have a minimum enrollment status requirement in order to disburse.

The following chart illustrates an example of aid adjustments at the undergraduate level for Fall 2015. The amount of your need-based aid awards is determined by your financial need.

Financial Aid Award* Full-time
(12+ hours)
Three-fourths time
(9 to 11 hours)
(6 to 8 hours)
Less than half-time
(1 to 5 hours)
Wright Promise Scholarship $750 $0 $0 $0
Federal Pell Grant $2,888 $2,166 $1,444 $722
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant $275 $275 $275 $275
Wright State University Need-Based Grant $300 $225 $150 $75
Federal Direct Stafford Loan $1,750 $1,750 $1,750 $0
Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $0

*Half-time enrollment, at minimum, is required for federal student and parent loan funds to disburse. Many institutional scholarships require full-time enrollment in order to disburse. Grant amounts listed above are based on a 0 Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for the 2015-2016 aid year.

Aid adjustments for gift aid (e.g., Federal Pell Grant, etc.) will adjust as your balance for tuition adjusts due to changes in your registration. For example, dropping a class may result in a reduction of your tuition balance and, conversely, adding a class may result in an increase to your balance for tuition. Each time you change your registration, the amount of financial aid disbursed to you will be evaluated for aid adjustment and the aid disbursed to your account may be increased or decreased accordingly. Your financial aid awards may also be adjusted after your tuition balance is determined if you officially or unofficially withdrawal for the term, receive a refund of institutional charges, or become eligible or ineligible for financial aid.

Fee Payment and Refunds

Once your financial aid has been disbursed to your account for a given term, the Office of the Bursar will apply the financial aid as payment towards your fees. Any remaining financial aid awards left on your account after your bill is paid will be issued to you (or your parent in the case of a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan) in the form of a refund. Refund monies can be directly deposited into a personal bank account. For more information about fee payment, refunds from excess financial aid awards and direct deposit contact Raider Connect.