Licensure Programs

Undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing a licensure or endorsement from the State, may be eligible to receive federal student aid provided they are enrolled in a financial aid eligible program. In order to be eligible for federal student aid, the program must meet the following criteria:

  • Initial teaching license,
  • Renewal of teaching license that is required by the State where the student currently has their teaching license,
  • Teaching license earned in one State but needs a different license for another State; or
  • Additional teaching license that is required by the State for the student to teach in a different subject area.

Licensure programs that lead to an education-related occupation other than a teacher are not eligible for federal financial aid. This includes programs that prepare students to become principals, superintendents or other administrators, counselors, librarians, nurses or other health professions, or other types of nonteaching professionals in an elementary or secondary school classrooms. This also includes licensure programs that students may choose to complete for professional advancement or recognition in the teaching field, but are not required by the State to receive or maintain a teaching license.

Typically, students pursuing licensure or endorsement who apply for federal student aid are only eligible to receive Federal Direct Loans based on undergraduate annual and aggregate loan limits.