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Lake Campus Emergency Action Plan

Bomb Threats

All bomb threats are taken seriously until proven otherwise. Most bomb threats are received by phone. However, threats may be received via hand-written note, email, instant messaging, or other means.

  • Remain calm.
  • If someone calls you with a bomb threat, get as much information as possible (use checklist below).
  • If threat is by written note, DO NOT handle the document.
  • If threat was sent electronically, DO NOT clear or delete message.
  • DO NOT use two-way radios or cell phones within 100 feet of building– radio signals have the potential to detonate a bomb.
  • DO NOT activate the fire alarm.
  • DO NOT touch or move a suspicious package.
  • Evacuate the building. (See Evacuation Procedures)
  • Call 911 on campus phone or (419) 586-6455 on cell or off campus phone.
  • Employees contact your supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Follow directions of the emergency response personnel.

Be sure to download the Bomb Threat Checklist (PDF) and record all the pertinent information for your recollection and for the authorities.