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No one knows more about Wright State and its history than the Office of Marketing. It's true. We have been writing, editing, designing, and promoting the university for decades. We exist to make you more successful. We partner with every office on campus to develop effective solutions within budget for all of your needs, from digital to print, local to international, and traditional to new media. Review some of our award-winning work and contact us today at (937) 912-0646 to see how we can help you.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014
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Friday, February 7, 2014
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Friday, February 7, 2014
Friday, February 7, 2014



Create Awareness

Do you need to boost attendance to an upcoming event? Are you going to present at a meeting that requires an exhibit? Do you need to recruit more students to your program? Our advertising team can help.


Look the Part

Do you need location photography for a special event, studio photography for a new person on staff, or digitally enhanced photos? Do you need hi-resolution prints or image files? Our photo and production team can help.


Get it in Writing

Do you need a brochure for your next special event? Would you like to promote a new program to potential students? From direct mail to viewbooks, our publications team can help.

Social Media

Generate Buzz

Do you need to create a Facebook or Twitter page for your office? Are you trying to figure out where to start? Do you need to grow your social media presence? Our social media team can help.


Connect Online

Is your web content a decade out of date? Have you created a new program that requires online registration? Do you need to develop a database to support a special event in the future? Our web team can help.


Scuba Program Known for its Depth

A Wright State University program that routinely dumps students in freezing waters, has incorporated the use of former Navy SEALs, and is known in such faraway places as the Polynesian island nation of Tonga, is about to celebrate its 40th …

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From the President’s Desk

Welcome to this issue of  Wright State University Magazine. After one of the worst winters in history, I am so looking forward to the arrival of spring. It’s one of my favorite seasons. I appreciate not only its beauty but …

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Fen Yen

The boardwalk sponges down into marshy ground under the weight of the nature walkers. Cattails sway, woodpeckers peck, and colorful insects and plants paint the landscape. Jim Amon is leading the way. The retired Wright State University biology professor has …

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Leading the Pack

Leaders are special people. They are usually intelligent and charismatic with vision and values. People naturally just want to follow them. Wright State University is teeming with such leaders. They hold high national and state positions and populate influential organizations …

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