The Wright State Web Team is pleased to welcome you to the Content Management System User Guide. The purpose of this guide is to assist in training web content editors to maintain their college and department's web content. Below is a brief overview of our CMS and it's potential benefits.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System is a centralized database system to manage the creation, workflow and deployment of web pages. For further reading on the subject the main Wikipedia entry is a good place to start learning.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management framework that can be used to build a CMS. We are using Drupal 7 core, contributed modules and custom code to develop our CMS. For a more in depth description of Drupal and it's many facets, the Wikipedia entry is a good place to start reading.

Why are we using a CMS?

For large websites there are many benefits for both the end users and content editors while using a CMS. Below is a short list of a few of these benefits.

  • Enhanced consistency for end users
  • Ensures consistency to content editors
  • Reduces costs in technical personnel, hardware, software and infrastructure
  • Enables consistent branding across large numbers of sites/pages
  • Addresses accessibility concerns for large numbers of pages simultaneously
  • Provides presentation enhancements, such as Responsive Design for handheld and mobile devices
  • Allows for advanced technical features, such as YouTube integration, photo galleries, and dynamic features.
  • Can provide integration with existing enterprise backend systems
  • Provides a uniform editing experience across campus for easy knowledge transfer

How is this different from previous web development at WSU?

  • All site editing can be done through a modern web browser
  • Greatly reduces the technical knowledge needed for editing content
  • A permissions based workflow for adding/editing/publishing content

How will this change the skill set needed to edit, remove or add a webpage?

  • You will no longer need to know Adobe Dreamweaver
  • FTP knowledge is no longer necessary to upload a page
  • HTML and CSS knowledge are no longer necessary
  • Using HTML table elements for content layout will never be used (please never do this again)
  • URL's will no longer be named manually
  • All webpage editing will be done through your web browser after logging in
  • A revision history of all content changes is available