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Wright State University administrative and academic offices will be closed beginning December 24, 2014, and reopen January 2, 2015, at 8 a.m. Please enjoy the holidays with your family, as we enjoy them with ours.

Attaining Editing Rights

In order to edit pages within the CMS you will need to gain editing rights for your campus w account. Most users of the CMS have gained rights to the new system as Communications and Marketing helped to migrate their older site(s)/pages from the static server to the CMS servers. It is possible that as a new employee or through a change in roll, you now need access to one of the previously transitioned sites. The first thing is to determine if the pages you need to edit are in the new CMS or on the original static server.

Determining on which server a site resides.

Depending on which server the site is currently residing will determine the process for gaining editing access to that site. The easiest way to tell is to look at the header on the top of the page to see if it has the newer accessibility menu (see below).

CMS Server

Pages on the CMS server have an "Accessibility" menu item in the Global Quick Links at the top left of the page. If the pages you need to edit are on the CMS server please fill out a CMS Request for Access/Removal Form.

Static Server

Pages on the static server do not have an "Accessibility" menu item item in the Global Quick Links at the top left of the page. If the pages you wish to access are still on the static server, please fill out a WSU Web Server Access Request Form.

If you need assistance in figuring out how to access editorial rights for a page/site, please file a ticket from the bottom of the page using the "Web Team Support" link. if the page in question doesn't have this link then go to the http://www.wright.edu homepage and use the "Web Team Support" link there. Be sure to include a URL(s) to the pages(s)/site you need to edit.