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FORMS - (Performance Appraisal Forms)


The Performance Management Process

Performance Management (PM) is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee, focused on performance measurement and behavior, based on agreed-upon expectations.  The PM process includes semi-formal and formal discussions throughout a set time period (e.g., a one-year period).  The PM process typically culminates in a supervisor completing a formal Performance Appraisal (PA) focusing on a set time period.  The formal PA should concentrate on a list of core competencies with specific focal points listed in conjunction with the completion of previously agreed-upon expectations.  The formal PA is also an opportunity to look forward and set new expectations for the next time period to be reviewed.

Each staff member should be given the opportunity to communicate their input on each core competency as well as all propsed new expectations, either prior to or during the discussion phase of the formal PA (when the PA form is still a modifiable document). Input from the staff member being evaluated should be taken into account before completing and signing the final PA form that will be submitted to Human Resources.


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Setting Performance Expectations: Providing Direction & Influence

Tailored for anyone in a supervisory/leadership role at WSU with staff reporting to them, this interactive seminar, included in our four-part Cornerstones of Effective Leadership series, examines the intergral first phase of the ongoing Performance Management process and will look at: 

  • the major outcomes you expect
  • the specific criteria that needs to be met
  • how each person's responsibilities tie to major outcomes
  • the importance of explaining 'why' instead of just telling
  • the link between seeking input and gaining commitment
  • the impact of communicating clearly and honestly
  • establishing priorities
  • clarifying job responsibilities
  • correcting misunderstandings about what's expected
  • why staying on 'message' - with consistency - is essential
  • listing your expectations
  • effective delegation


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TBA - 2014




The 'Art' of Coaching

This seminar, within the Performance Management suite of our four-part Cornerstones of Effective Leadership series, is tailored for anyone at WSU in a supervisory/leadership role with staff reporting to them. This interactive program looks at:

  • the finesse necessary to effectively coach
  • proven coaching techniques
  • a coaching 'process'
  • the opportunity to 'test' coaching skills while receiving immediate feedback  


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TBA - 2014




Providing Effective/Constructive Feedback

This seminar within the Performance Management suite of programs, under the four-part Cornerstones of Effective Leadership series, looks at:

  • Why feedback is important
  • The importance of assessing yourself
  • Ensuring the feedback is constructive
  • How to use effective communication techniques
  • How to provide oral and written feedback
  • The importance of developing a personal action plan
  • Characteristics of quality feedback
  • The process of making observations and giving feedback


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TBA - 2014




The Performance Appraisal: An Obligation

This seminar, within the Performance Management suite of programs, under the four-part Cornerstones of Effective Leadership series, is tailored for anyone in a supervisory/leadership role at WSU with staff reporting to them. If you're an evaluator, this seminar should not be missed. The will look at Performance Management as an ongoing process with a focus on: 

  • How to effectively plan and conduct a formal performance appraisal
  • Defining Performance Management (PM)
  • PM as an on-going process
  • The importance of documentation
  • The ‘benefits’ of a performance appraisal
  • How you’re being perceived
  • Key ‘ingredients’ in the process
  • Why focusing on core competencies is vital
  • The importance of effective communication
  • ‘Seven solutions’ to a successful performance appraisal


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TBA - 2014




"So, Things Aren't Going So Well?"

(Performance Issues/Improvement - facilitated by HR)

This program from Human Resources (facilitated by Emily Hamman and Latricia Milhouse from HR's Employee and Labor Relations Department) looks at:

  • Supervisory support for performance management
      • Review employee and labor relations, identify problematic employee behavior, outline effective coaching, and documentation of the process.
  • Performance improvement plans
      • Discuss what a performance plan is, when to use one, what it should include and how to get started on one.
  • Types and levels of disciplinary action
      • Summary of the disciplinary actions for bargaining unit employees, classified civil service staff, and unclassified employees. Overview of dispute resolution procedure and appeal rights.

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One-on-one executive coaching is available upon request. If interested, please contact 937-775-4705.


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