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Mission Statement

We enhance relationships and systems by effectively removing barriers to success while improving skills, service and satisfaction.


We are committed to:

Fostering a culture shift within the internal community to support efforts to relentlessly pursue excellence and be a learning organization committed to diversity, innovation and continuous improvement; investing in the external community to build positive relationships with individuals and organizations that enhance personal/professional growth and organizational viability.


Leadership and Professional Development Assessment

Results, Overview and Response

Albert Bondurant

Nearly 250 WSU employees completed the OD and Learning Assessment in 2010.  Detailed results of the assessment are available on our web-site ( and an overview of the results is included in this memo.  The respondents represented all departments/organizations/schools listed in the assessment as well as each position listed.

The results of the assessment pointed out some needs; however, it also showed some existing strengths.  Much of the information collected showed a positive slant towards performance expectations received, feedback, communication from one’s supervisor, and indicated that the majority of the respondents viewed their leaders as accessible and the working environment at WSU as respectful.

That’s not to say the results were unanimously positive or that there is no room for improvement.  Nor does the assessment represent the views of our entire staff.  However, for those 244 individuals who responded, it gives us a gauge to read and tells us where we need to consider focusing our efforts.

The top five areas for future program development were identified as:

  1. Leadership Skills;
  2. Conflict Management;
  3. Dealing with Difficult Behavior;
  4. Managing Change; and
  5. Constructive Feedback.

The majority of respondents thought certain programs should be mandatory (67%) and even more (76%) thought WSU should annually dedicate at least 16 hours per staff member to professional development during work hours.

Individual comments were insightful and wide-ranging and included compliments as well as numerous suggestions.

Our Response:

First, thank you for your input.  Second, we’re listening – and we’re moving forward to meet your needs.

Here are some specifics:

Coaching and Consulting Services have been, and continue to be, available to individuals and departments via OD and Learning.  The WSU Compliance Training Series (Diversity Awareness; Ethical Behavior; Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violence Awareness) is in place and has been positively received and moved to HR, a more appropriate location for such a series. The programs are being offered university-wide on a quarterly basis and for departments that request exclusive sessions.  WSU’s successful New Employee Orientation/On-Boarding program, NEO: Wright … from the Start, has also been moved to HR, again, because it's a more appropriate location for the program. It's a solid full-day program that continues to be offered to new hires on the first Monday of each month.


In 2011, we launched the WSU Leadership Academy and the WSU Professional Development Alliance.










The WSU Leadership Academy offers a wide-range of programs for all levels of leadership:

              • Executive Education– an ongoing series of programs for Chairs, Directors and above;
              • Cornerstones of Effective Leadership – an ongoing series of programs for Managers, Supervisors and Leads; and
              • Leadership: The Wright Way– a ‘leadership orientation’ for those either newly promoted to leadership or new to WSU in a leadership position.  
              • WSU Women's Leadership Institute - for female supervisors/leaders



    The WSU Professional Development Alliance, with instructors from across the university, this series offers an ongoing series of programs for
    non-management staff beginning with a series we’ve titled Unlocking Your Potential – a series that will include:

    Unlocking Your Potential Series

              • Understanding Ourselves / Understanding Each Other
              • Effective Communication: Essential to Success
              • Resolving Conflict: Dealing with Difficult Behavior
              • Exceptional Customer Service
              • Understanding the Necessity for Change
              • The Performance Appraisal: A Dual Responsibility

    We offer a formal mentoring program, an on-the-job training program (to assist those staff members who train others on-the-job), and additional programs (with your needs in mind) from the WSU Leadership Academy and the WSU Professional Development Alliance – including on-line courses.

    I have suggested that our leadership programs be required/mandatory for anyone in a supervisory/management position at WSU.  In addition, I will continue to urge all members of our leadership team to encourage and support the participation of their staff in our programs in an effort to provide more professional development opportunities and as an integral part of an internal career development path.  To facilitate that process, we continue to ask members of our administration to ‘nominate’ employees for enrollment in our programs from WSU’s Leadership Academy and WSU’s Professional Development Alliance.

    If you’re interested in contributing to our efforts, including facilitating one or more of our programs, please let me know.  We want to ‘tap in’ to the abundance of talent at WSU and give you an opportunity to be involved in our efforts to ensure Wright State remains an organization committed to continuous improvement – and continuous learning.

    Again, thanks for your input. 

    Albert Bondurant


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