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Organizational Development and Learning offers a wide-range of services and programs for the staff of Wright State University.  From one-on-one coaching sessions to consultation services and programs that affect an entire department/school/organization, we are here to serve your individual and organizational needs.


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Jenny 'Alex' Alexander

'Alex' currently teaches at Wright State in the Communication department and is the director of the Business Communication course. She is the previous director for the Interpersonal Communications course and has also taught Small Group / Team Communication, Public Speaking, Communication for Teachers, Effective Listening, and Health Communication.

A magna cum laude graduate from Wright State (BA in Communication and a MS in Counseling), Alex has been listed in Who's Who Amongst America's Teachers twice and was voted 'Faculty member of the Year' in 2002-2003, 2005-2006, and 2007-2008 by the Greek Affairs Council at Wright State. Voted one of the top five faculty members by the students of WSU, she also received the 'Outstanding Alumni Award' by the College of Education and Human Services in 2003. Alex also does training and consulting with non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Michael Bernstein


Dr. J. Michael Bernstein is the Assistant Dean for Administration of the Raj Soin College of Business and an Instructor of Management and Business Law at Wright State University.

Dr. Bernstein earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree with majors in psychology, sociology, and history and his Juris Doctor Degree from the Ohio Northern University. He also attended the University of Cincinnati. He has completed postgraduate studies, courses, and certifications offered by the National Judicial College and the National Counsel of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. Both colleges are associated with the University of Nevada and the University of Memphis.

Albert Bondurant

Albert, Wright State's Executive Director of Organizational Development and Learning, has worked in Human Resource Development / Organizational Development and Education for more than 25 years. His experience in both the public and private sectors includes work with organizations in Education, Government, Service, IT and Manufacturing. Albert has held numerous positions, including teacher, developer, facilitator, adjunct faculty, corporate training manager, independent contractor and leadership coach/consultant. During the course of his career, he has led teams and projects, coordinated assessments, analyzed performance and led reengineering and culture-shift initiatives.

Albert has a MA in Education (Adult Education and Workforce Development) and a BA in Communication and has extensive development and presentation experience (creating more than 50 courses while accumulating an excess of 15,000 'classroom' hours conducting programs on more than 125 topics.) He is a certified Master Trainer with Achieve Global, a certified facilitator with DDI (Development Demensions International), a qualified facilitator and administrator of the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) instrument and a former instructor of the comprehensive Certified Manager Program from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers

Dr. Colleen Finegan




Dr. Jill Lindsey

Jill Lindsey

Dr. Jill Lindsey is the Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and a tenured Associate Professor.   She is a graduate of the University of Michigan (BMA’75) and Vanderbilt University (MS’79) and received her doctorate in leadership from the University of Dayton (PhD’99).  She is a former USAF officer and since 1999 she has been a member of the faculty at Wright State University. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in organizational leadership, leader development, group dynamics, learning psychology, curriculum and instruction, program evaluation, and assessment for organizations and individuals. She has published more than fifty articles and technical reports, received more than 1.8 million in grants/funded research, and provided training/presentations at 75 professional venues. In addition to her experience in academia, Dr. Lindsey has been a consultant for more than twenty years providing services related to organizational improvement, strategic planning, program evaluation, innovative instruction and training, and data-based decision-making. She has an established national consulting reputation and served as a key member of a national think tank identifying strategic research vectors for military technical training in the 21st century.


Sue Polanka

Sue is the Head of Reference and Instruction at the Wright State University Libraries. During her career as a librarian, she has developed a variety of continuing education workshops for librarians and has moderated and facilitated conference sessions. While employed with the University of Dayton Roesch Library from 1999-2004, she also taught Public Speaking and Interviewing courses in the Department of Communication.

Sue received a BA in Communication from the University of Dayton and a Master of Library Science from Kent State University. Sue moderates an award-winning blog about libraries and ebooks, No Shelf Required, and edited a book of the same name. Sue was recently honored for her efforts to connect libraries and ebooks, being named a 'Library Journal 2011 Mover and Shaker.'


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Albert Teaching




One-on-one coaching is available upon request.  We offer internal one-on-one coaching and executive coaching services.


Internal and interdepartmental consulting, to strengthen relationships, systems and improve processes.


We are available to provide impartial third party perspectives to facilitate meetings and/or events and strategic planning initiative that set a solid foundation for the future.

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WSU Leadership Academy

ServicesCindy Leading

Executive Coaching is available upon request.

Strategic Planning is available upon request.


Cornerstones of Effective Leadership

This four-part series of programs provides Leads, Supervisors/Managers with essential skills.

  • Setting Performance Expectations: Providing Direction and Influence

  • The 'Art' of Coaching

  • Providing Effective - and Constructive - Feedback

  • The Performance Appraisal: An Obligation


Setting Performance Expectations: Providing Direction and Influence

Tailored for anyone in a supervisory/leadership role at WSU with staff reporting to them, this interactive seminar examines the integral first phase of the ongoing Performance Management process and looks at:

  • The major outcomes you expect
  • The specific criteria that needs to be met
  • How each person's responsibilities tie to major outcomes
  • The importance of explaining 'why' instead of just telling
  • The link between seeking input and gaining commitment
  • The impact of communicating clearly and honestly
  • Establishing priorities
  • Clarifying job responsibilities
  • Correcting misunderstandings about what's expected
  • Why staying on 'message' - with consistency - is essential
  • Listing your expectations
  • Effective delegation

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

May 22, 2014

Also in 2015/2016

9:00am - 12:30pm


Evaluation Comments:

"Effective - and should be mandatory."


"Good quality - useful information."

"Will help me w/being a better supervisor."

"It will help me get started with a new employee."

"As a new supervisor, this training will help me to do it right."

" Very helpful to have steps to guide one through the process -- takes the mystery/fear out of evaluating those I supervise."

"Fantastic -- thank you. I hope to take the additional leadership courses in the section."

"Well received; on target."

"Great stuff!"

"This has set me on a good track - I never really knew how to do this before."

"Gave me confidence and structure for how to approach setting expectations/goals w/both high and low performers."

"This should be mandatory for all leaders; gives new perspectives to how to discuss expectations."

". . . very detailed in building an effective performance plan and going through it with the employee."

". . . helps to structure a necessary task, turn it into a powerful tool for increasing performance."

". . .will help me communicate with my team/staff members on what is expected of each of them."

"This is one of the best sessions. . ."

"Extremely well prepared, very engaging and provided great tools to set expectations. Wonderful initiative; very needed."

"Phenomenal - very effective. Keep the Leadership programs coming!"

"Workbook will be helpful tool to guide myself to influence staff outcomes. Excellent presentation; good resource. I look forward to additional workshops."

"Will help me in setting expectations for my staff that report to me. Would recommend to others to attend."

"It will allow me to be better prepared to set expectations with my employees and team. It also allows me to better motivate my employees as we set expectations. Finally, it reminded me to clearly express/communicate those expectations. . . very effective; answered questions, provided examples; the video was very effective in exemplifying the content. I would recommend to other supervisors. Thank you for offering this program!"

"Gave me a deeper understanding of successful leadership and practical examples of how I can apply it with coworkers and employees. I learned a great deal and can readily apply this information to my personal and professional life."


The 'Art' of Coaching

This seminar is tailored for anyone at WSU in a supervisory/leadership role with staff reporting to them and looks at:

  • The finesse necessary to effectively coach
  • Proven coaching techniques
  • A coaching 'process'
  • The opportunity to 'test' coaching skills while receiving immediate feedback

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

July 10, 2014

Also in 2015/2016

9:00am - 12:30pm


Evaluation Comments:

"It will allow me to communicate and coach my staff in a more efficient manner."

"I believe every person that has people reporting to them should attend the Cornerstone classes."

"Excellent class!"

"A great workshop filled with practical examples I can definitely use. Validates - "I'm on track" in confronting constructively. Thank you!"

"This program will definitely help me in my supervisory role, and in helping raise the performance level of myself and those I supervise."

"Excellent tools and techniques that can be used in everyday life."

"Should be a requirement for all supervisors."

"Excellent review of proper coaching skills."

"Helps me help supervisors who report to me and set expectations of them in their supervisory/coaching roles."

"This is a good set of structured tools - reinforces some of what I do. . . helps me be more deliberate."

". . . make me a more thoughtful supervisor."

". . .dynamic, engaging. . ."

"Outstanding - really stretched us to understand. . . techniques, tactics, procedures to apply in our work place."

". . .it is important to build a relationship with my employees, invest in them and they will invest in me."

"Provided great tips on how to coach an employee and develop solutions together."

"A very valuable tool for managers and supervisors."

"Very organized and high quality of individual and group exercises."

"I believe the overall effectiveness of this program is and should be required for supervisors. Without learning this information, I am not an effective supervisor."

"Thoroughly enjoyed it and found the cognitive coaching particularly fascinating."

"I feel every supervisor should be required to participate in this program!"

"It will provide me with a new set of tools that I can use to be a better leader for my team."

"Outstanding! I really enjoyed learning about this topic and felt the materials were of a very high quality."


Providing Effective/Constructive Feedback

This seminar looks at:

  • Why feedback is important
  • The importance of assessing yourself
  • Ensuring the feedback is constructive
  • How to use effective communication techniques
  • How to provide oral and written feedback
  • The importance of developing a personal action plan
  • Characteristics of quality feedback
  • The process of making observations and giving feedback

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

October 23, 2014

Also in 2015/2016

9:00am - 12:30pm


Evaluation Comments:

". . learned some strategies for incorporating staff ideas to restructure the office. . .things are different w/a new supervisor and so are the expectations."

"Good flow of information.  Positive outlook."

"Should be a must for supervisors and managers. . . ."

"I will be better prepared to provide feedback, especially when it is uncomfortable."

"Very good, well presented. "

"It will give me tools to provide feedback in a constructive way to help improve/reinforce performance behaviors."

“Excellent; great practical application with real life experiences."

"A valuable asset to WSU."

“Everybody should do this.”

“. . .provided concrete instruction, examples and direction for providing effective and constructive feedback.”


The Performance Appraisal: An Obligation

If you're an evaluator of staff, this seminar should not be missed. This seminar defines:

  • Performance Management (PM) as an on-going process
  • The importance of documentation
  • The 'benefits' of a performance appraisal
  • How you're being perceived
  • Key 'ingredients' in the process
  • Why focusing on core competencies is vital
  • The importance of effective communication
  • The 'seven solutions' to a successful performance appraisal

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

February 5, 2014

Also in 2015/2016

9:00am - 12:30pm


Evaluation Comments:

"Gives a good foundation of knowledge."

"Thorough and well organized."

"I believe all new supervisors should be required to attend."

"The material was excellent and every supervisor should be required to complete a course with this material being presented."

"This program will be quite helpful to those of us who have never written a performance appraisal. Also help us when we get our appraisal from our supervisor."

"Great introduction to the appraisal process."

"Very effective! Was very helpful to me as a new supervisor."

"Thought-provoking, comprehensive."

"Information was valuable and will enable me to do my job better."

"I feel this is essential for anyone required to complete evaluations."

"Very effective. . .should be required for all supervisors."

"Terrific; a must for any supervisor."

"There is no question as to the impact this session will have on our efforts to improve PA participation at WSU."

"Very good quality, very informative."

"Great program! Hope to see it become mandatory. There are a LOT of people that need this!"

"Very effective. Should be required for of all supervisors."


". . .provided concrete examples and practical application to completing a performance appraisal."

"As a new employee, this was very helpful in understanding WSU appraisal culture."

"Interactive elements very helpful."

"I thought it was excellent, for both new supervisors and ones who have done many evaluations."

"Excellent - interactive."

"Extremely effective."

"Should be required for all supervisors."

". . .very effective - was presented w/new ideas!"

"Excellent! Very informative and specific."

"Great course!"

"Very beneficial."

". . . gave great points that I will be able to use."

"Excellent quality with applicability to my work."

"This program is a great resource for anyone looking to develop their performance evaluation skills."

"Information was valuable and will enable me to do my job better."


"Best administrative activity in years (27 years at WSU)."



"Should be required by all supervisors."




NewEmotional Intelligence and Leadership

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has tremendous impact on effective leadership and this program will gibe attendees the ability to: understand their own EI; identify leadership styles; identify strengths and challenges and gauge one's own effectiveness.

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

July 31, 2014

Also in 2015/2016

9:00am - 12:30pm


NewImpactful Interactions: Communicating with Respect

This course looks at: the role of the leader and how he/she sets the tones for a respectful work environment; communication is a key to respect;being fair; moving from win/lose to win/win; seeing differences as a strength; and preserving dignity.

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

October 9, 2014


9:00am - 12:30pm


NewBuilding Commitment: The Essential Transition

Leaders what commitment from their team, however, it's not a given. This program focuses on: the importance of 'investing' in your team members; the importance of empowerment-an overused term and underutilized action; the power of communication - all forms; and a collaboration process.

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

Janurary 8, 2015

Also in 2015/2016

9:00am - 12:30pm


NewChange/Improvement: The Essential Transition

Change is a constant part of life/our work lives. As leaders, we need to 'champion' change efforts. This seminar looks at: the link between change and improvement; how to show individual the benefit to individuals on your team; the natural 'change cycle' change as a opportunity; and the development if internal 'change agents'.

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

March 5, 2015


9:00am - 12:30pm


Executive Education

This series of offerings will provide Directors, Chairs, and above, with key components to complement their existing skill-sets.

New Creating and Communicating a Vision

Thinking backwards - with the ultimate goal as the starting point - is how to begin to create your vision. This program looks at: seeking input by involving and empowering emphasize the importance of each team member; and the importance of open communication.

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

August 28, 2014

Also in 2015/2016

9:00am - 12:30pm


New Strategic Planning

The seminar looks at key elements in the strategic planning process: determine mission; identify goals; understand internal factors; understand external factors; perform SWOT analysis; and define strategy.

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

December 4, 2014

Also in 2015/2016

9:00am - 12:30pm

NewProject Management

Effective Management of a project requires a balancing act of 'people' skills and solid management skills. This program looks at: team dynamics; how to keep your tram on track; how to come to consensus; resolving conflict; the importance of ope communication; and placing the 'right' skills with the 'right' projects.

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

Janurary 22, 2015

Also in 2015/2016

9:00am - 12:30pm


New Succession Planning

This seminar stresses the need to: conduct a gap analysis; identify key positions; take not of high-perfroming employees; develop successors at various levels; construct 'if/then' plans - for positions an objectives; and to always measure/refine your plans.

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

March 19, 2015

Also in 2015/2016

9:00am - 12:30pm


Women's Leadership Institute

If you're a woman working at WSU in a supervisory/leadership position - or if you're interested in moving into such a role in the future - the second session in our series (intended to complement our other WSU Leadership Academy offerings) will be of significant benefit to you. It will address the unique challenges and realties women in leadership roles face in today's work environment. Specific topics, WSU-affiliated facilitators and guest speakers vary with each session.

The first session in a series of leadership seminars specifically for women at Wright State University launched January 30, 2013 under the WSU Women's Leadership Institute banner, as part of the WSU Leadership Academy offerings. This first entry was entitled, Challenges and Successes: Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals, with the featured speaker, Lisa Barhorst, General Manager for WKEF-TV (ABC 22) and WRGT-TV (FOX 45) / Dayton, OH.

The second session under the WSU Women's Leadership Institute banner was held on August 28, 2013 and was part two of Challenges and Successes: Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals. The featured speaker for this session was Ms. Margaret Wildi, MA, CPCU, AIM, AAM, AINS, CPD, CIIP, DAE, from AVP Work/Life Services (retired), and Grange Insurance Co.

The third session under the WSU Women's Leadership Institute banner was held on December 4, 2013 and featured two female leaders from Wright State. Dr Joanne Li ( Dean, Raj Soin College of Business) was the featured speaker and Dr. Stephanie Goodwin (Program Director. LEADER Consortium) presented The Psychology of Gender and Leadership.

The Office of Organizational Development and Learning offered the fourth entry in the WSU Women’s Leadership Institute on March 19 as part of the WSU Leadership Academy offerings.  The program highlighted Dr. Kathy Krendl (President, Otterbein University) as the featured speaker and Dr. Marlese Durr (Professor of Sociology, WSU) as the featured instructor, presenting Women’s Occupational Mobility and Leadership Opportunity in the 21st Century.


New Session V

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

August 14, 2014

9:00am - 12:30pm

New Session VI

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

December 16, 2014

9:00am - 12:30pm

Powerpoint Presentation from January 30, 2013:

PP - WSU Women's Leadership Institute January 2013

(Click Slide Show, then click From Beginning)

Quotes from January 30, 2013:

Quotes PP - WSU Women's Leadership Institute January 2013



Evaluation Comments:

"Great start! Personal sharing of challenges - a plus."

"I think this program will be a great tool in my toolbox! It was a good springboard to build upon."

" Very good; motivating."

"I thought the materials complemented the program and will come in handy as I review/re-examine my role/thoughts in the future."

"Excellent. Enjoyed the speaker."

"Very effective for first one. Looking forward to this program's progress."

"I think it is a great starting point. I'm really looking forward to additional sessions."

"Very useful."

"I think this can be a very good program for many women."

"Great! Love bringing people from outside WSU."

"Beneficial experience -- looking forward to the next training."


"Definitely a needed program."

"Great information for future."


"I am very glad I attended and look forward to future sessions."

"Great start!"

"Excellent. Very relevant to the topics."


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Leadership: The Wright Way (Leadership Orientation)

WSU Leadership Academy / HR Management Series

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

Fall, 2014

9:00am - 12:30pm


This two part 'Leadership Orientation' program, presented jointly by OD and Learning and HR, touches on key WSU-speific information for all WSU supervisors/leaders. This program is ideal for a newly promoted supervisor/leader or someone new to WSU in a supervisory/leadership role. Areas covered in the program include: the performance management process; handing performance issues ;understanding policies and procedures; diversity/inclusion awareness; and the importance of the performance appraisal.

Evaluation Comments:

"Very effective. Provided direction on how we can manage staff within WSU policy."

"This should be required for ALL supervisors and/or managers."

"Quality was good - makes me want to take more in depth courses offered on each subject matter."

"Effective in bringing up ideas/subjects I haven't thought of in my position."

"Excellent coverage of a lot of material/general information."

"The material was excellent - very helpful."

"Excellent - engaging."

"Very effective; I will refer to the materials provided as needed."

"Organized - will serve as a resource."

"Highly rated."

"Very effective and informational. Listed great resources."

"Will help me in my day-to-day work. Lots of good information and ideas."

"Thorough and informative."

"Wonderful. Very helpful."

"This should be a required program for all supervisors and managers."

"Gives me a good overall understanding of Wright State's policies, procedures, guidelines, etc. Also, a good reference for federal and state laws."

"Excellent material and presentation."

"Excellent. Good stuff!"

"It is great information for new supervisors and especially, supervisors new to Wright State."

"I think the program was very effective."

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WSU Leadership Academy Graduates!

LA Graduates

Ms.. Iriz Mirelez, Associate Director, Student Enrollment Services Raider Connect, Enrollment Management Division,

and Mr. Richard Thomas, Assistant Manager, Custodial Services, Environmental Services



Kimberly Paul

Ms. Kimberly Paul, Business & Clinical Operations Manager, Department of Surgery, MVH/BSOM




Ms. Brenda Dewberry, Director, Pre-College Programs and Upward Bound Program




Mrs. Patricia Fox, Administrative Support Coordinator, Department of Information Systems and Operations Management




Mr. Sol Solomon, Director, Student Enrollment Services, Raider Connect, Enrollment Management Division




Ms. Linda Hockaday, Assistant Director, Student Services, Academic Support Services - CEHS



Mary Reshad

Ms. Mary Reshad, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Enrollment Management Division



Lucy Steinbrunner

Mrs. Lucy Steinbrunner, Assistant to the Dean, Lake Campus




Dr. Devon Berry, Executive Director for Operations and Strategic Initiatives, College of Nursing& Health Teaching




Ms. Nancy Harker, Office Manager and Curriculum Coordinator, Boonshoft School of Medicine, Academic Affairs-SOM




Cornerstone of Effective Leadership series certificate.


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WSU Professional Development Alliance


One-on-one coaching is available upon request for non-management staff when requested through department/school/organization administration.


These programs, offered as a multi-part series of grouped offerings, focus on the needs of non-management staff.


Unlocking Your Potential Series

Unlocking Your Potential is a five session series designed to help individuals maximize their interpersonal skills to positively impact productivity and enhance professionalism.


Resolving Conflict: Dealing with Difficult Behavior

This seminar - open and beneficial to all WSU personnel is focused on:

  • Keys for improving relationships at work
  • Understanding styles of behavior
  • Analyzing your relationships
  • Resolving conflict constructively and productively
  • Knowing what works - and, what doesn't
  • The process of conflict resolution
  • Coping with rocky relationships
  • Dealing with difficult team members
  • Following through with consistency


Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

Date: June 2014 & February 2015
Location: TBA


Evaluation Comments:

“Help me to develop my skill set for conflict resolution; listening, getting to the root, finding a win-win solution.”

“Quality of material was excellent. Quantity was very informational.”

“Very impressed with the programs from your dept..”

“This was the best quality material I have seen from our professional development program.”

“This is a step in the right direction for WSU.”

“Should be mandatory."

“Excellent, knowledgeable, articulate.”

“Give me a better approach to dealing with conflict.  Good tools for resolving tension.”

“Excellent quality.  The material was relevant and practical.”


Teamwork: Understanding Ourselves/Understanding Each Other

This seminar - open and beneficial to all WSU personnel - highlights the link between introspection and effective teamwork that incorporates the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). We will look at:

  • Definition of ‘Team’
  • Essential Ingredients for Teamwork
  • Strengths/Challenges
  • The MBTI and Teamwork
      • Extravert/Introvert: Energy
      • Sensing/Intuition: Gathering Information
      • Thinking/Feeling: Processing Information
      • Judging/Perceiving: Need for Closure


Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

Date: A gust 2014
Location: TBA

Evaluation Comments:

"I give it 5 stars. It was well organized, interactive and fun."

"It was awesome, spectacular and splendorous, extremely beneficial."

"Very well put together program that made me think about what I do."

"Helped me to understand my personality type and how I can use my attributes to be more successful."

"Fun. . . interesting"

"10 out of 10."

"Very effective; not boring."

"I better understand myself and my coworkers so we can all work more efficiently."

"Made our staff group a stronger unit."

"It helped me understand how others think about problems and how to better express my concerns or opinions."

"It created a cohesiveness within the group."

". . . help me with my interpersonal relationship skills. Excellent material; instructor facilitated the class very well; kept us on track nicely. Great program; great instructor."

"It will help me communicate with and understand my team members better. I realize I must let others know and understand me . . . it made me think and gave me many ideas to improve."

"I know that people are different; today's program will help me realize, as an extrovert, that I shouldn't always think that introverts are uncomfortable with silence."

"The program helped me analyze some of my preferences, and I realized that people with different preferences are necessary . . . a nice presentation."

"It gave me a perspective of how to work with other people and how other people might think and act. This will help me get to know more about myself and how to work with others. Really great facilitation skills - guided the group very well."

"It will help me keep in mind that a good team consists of diversity and difference in thought. It will also help me keep in mind which situations best suit my preferences. I thought it was a very good presentation with some helpful material. The presenter was engaging and the exercises were helpful."

"To find other methods of communicating and working with people different from you. To empathize with others and find more effective ways to work together to identify strengths and weaknesses in others. Very effective and interactive; interesting."

"Allow me to be more open and reflective concerning others I will work with especially in a team. Very interesting; very professional and skillfully presented."

"Helps me to understand how I am perceived to better manage my talents. Great program; I look forward to future programs."


Effective Communication: Essential to Success

This seminar - open and beneficial to all WSU personnel - zeroes in on the importance of interpersonal communication. This seminar covers:

  • Introduction
    1. Definition/Purpose/Key Components
    2. Three Steps to Effective Communication
      • Prepare Yourself and the Receiver
      • Send Your Message
      • Check for Understanding
  • Prepare Yourself and the Receiver
    1. Know Your Goal
    2. Practice Positive Intent
    3. Understanding Assumptions
    4. How to Avoid Harmful Assumptions
    5. Self-Talk
  • Send Your Message
    1. Characteristics of a Clear Message
    2. Building Rapport/Showing Empathy
    3. Understand your Non-verbal ‘Messages’
    4. Credibility
    5. Be Direct without being Rude
    6. Communication Styles
    7. Expressive and Receptive ‘Language’
    8. Mirroring Messages
  • Check for Understanding
    1. Ask Clarifying Questions
    2. Active Listening
    3. Listen with Interest
    4. Positive Phrasing
    5. Paraphrasing Statements
    6. Enhancing Your Communication


Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

Date: December 2014
Location: TBA

Evaluation Comments:

". . . will make me more aware of my communications with coworkers and attempt to be more effective."

"I speak with students regarding difficult concepts and processes daily. This will help me to streamline my conveyance."

"It was very good. Lots of information."

"It will be very helpful as communication is a barrier for me; English is not my first language."

". . .valuable for nurturing healthy team building!"

"The program was very good. I look forward to putting my new skills and awareness to work."

"Excellent material; well researched and well conducted."

"It will help me to make sure I am really being understood the way I want to. . . will help me to communicate better without making people defensive."

"I was reintroduced to good personal habits and introduced to the necessity of polish."

" Great! Appropriately paced."

"Great material often overlooked in other presentations."


NewThe Performance Appraisal: A Dual Responsibility

If you're a non-supervisory/leadership member of WSU's staff, this seminar should not be missed. The program looks at the annual Performance Appraisal from both sides - from the employee's perspective and from the evaluator's viewpoint. The program defines Performance Management as an ongoing process and stresses:

  • Why a performance appraisal is an evaluator's obligation
  • The responsibilities of the staff member being evaluated
  • The key 'ingredients' in the process that need to be included
  • An understanding of the core competencies
  • Knowing what to expect from the performance appraisal process


Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

Date: TBA
Location: TBA

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Sharpening Your Skills

New Exceptional Customer Service: YOU are the Difference

We all have 'customers' - some internal (students; staff; faculty) and some external (parents; vendors, the community). The service we provide defines how we're each perceived and how our unit/department/school is perceived. This seminar - open and beneficial to all WSU personnel - will look at:

  • The power of 'one' - how we each represent WSU and our area
  • The definitions of 'customer' and 'exceptional' service
  • The importance of establishing a personal standard
  • The need to take responsibility and ownership
  • Being solution-focused
  • How to avoid over-promising - while still delivering

Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

Date: October 2014
Location: TBA

New Understanding the Necessity for Change

Open and beneficial to all WSU personnel - this seminar examines change as being integral to growth/improvement by looking at:

  • Why we react to change as we do
  • The 'change cycle' we all go through
  • How to minimize resistance
  • How to maximize resilience
  • How we can use change to our advantage


Upcoming Schedule: 
Next class:

Date: July 2014 & March 2015
Location: TBA

NewAssertiveness: Respectfully Stepping up and Speaking Out

We should all want to be assertive - to have our 'voices' be heard while being respectful to others. this program looks at: different behavioral styles (Passive, Aggressive, Passaive-Aggressive, Assertive) and what we're projecting with each style; influencing factors on our behavioral style; and how to practice assertive behaviors.

Upcoming Schedule: 
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Date: TBA
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OJT (On-the-Job Training)

Acting as a 'train-the-trainer' session this program provided the OJT Trainer the tools and techniques necessary to make on-the-job-training an organized and impactful experience for the trainee - which it often, is not. From Job Aides to Checklists to Insight to what the trainee wants from their OJT sessions, this class will make future OJT sessions a more productive learning experience.


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NEW icon Mentoring an Opportunity to Learn/Share

Are you interested in learning from a more experienced person or interested in sharing your experience/knowledge with others? If yes, this seminar - open and beneficial to all interested WSU personnel - will launch the concept of formal mentoring with an organized approach to building a collaborative mentor/mentee partnership.


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Administrative Professionals Event (Annually in April - SPACE IS LIMITED):
In conjunction with Admninistrative Professionals Day

2014: Why are people like that?
2013: Organizing for Success
2012: Keeping Your Balance in an Unbalanced World
2011: Imagine a Workplace

Administrative professionals are essential to the success of any organization and Wright State University is no exception.  As a sincere ‘Thank you!’ – and as an opportunity to provide additional professional development – Organizational Development and Learning annually offers a fun and informative program specifically for administrative professionals at WSU. 


Organizing for Success
(from May, 2013 - guest speaker, Lori Firsdon)

Evaluation Comments:

"It validates my need for organization."

"Great! Showed ways to 'get started' and to stay on track."

"I can utilize what I have learned to keep myself organized and be more efficient."

"I thought the information Lori presented was very helpful and useful."

"Helped us think about positive changes and how we could make them - excellent!"

"I will use several suggestions to help organize my area."

"I was very, very happy that I was able to attend this event. Thank you for all the planning."

"I can take these tips and apply to the whole office - not just my desk."

"Excellent! Gave me solid advice to use right away."

"Gave me some great ways to de clutter my office."

"It made me see things in a different light and gave me a starting place."

"Help me be more efficient in my job and de clutter my desk."

"On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it a 10."

"Gave me incentive to get organized!"

"Helped identify interruptions in my day."

"This event will definitely better help me organize my office and my home."


Evaluation Comments:

Keeping Your Balance in an Unbalanced World
(from April, 2012 - guest speaker, Jane Boucher)

"One of the best seminars I've ever attended."

"Didn't know how you could top last year -- but you did!"

"I've had the opportunity to attend similar programs, but I believe this one was the best."

"Thank you for doing something special for those of us in the support staff."

"It will definitely help me try to be more understanding of those I meet and work with."

"Ms. Jane Boucher was excellent. I could listen to her all day."

"Excellent! Very engaging!"

"She gave us so much to consider about our lives!"

"I loved it - very uplifting."

"Better help me assess the personality type of coworkers to know how they operate and relate."

"Allow me to have balance in my daily job and learn how to be more of a server."

"Very genuine. Learned something that will stick with me for the rest of my life."

"It will help me to better understand how my temperament would naturally interact. Also gave me good information on how to evolve and develop."

"Quality was great. The stories were interesting. The many sayings were small treasures."

"Jane was a very good and dynamic speaker. Her personal perspective and experiences made the subject matter easily understandable.'

"It was very well run. I was blessed and very appreciative of the opportunity to attend."

"Take a positive attitude back to the office. . ."

". . . enthusiastic, well-prepared, easy to listen to, entertaining. . ."

"Good reminders of how to balance my life and what kind of personality I have."

"It was an AMAZING afternoon - the best quality."


Evaluation Comments:

Imagine a Workplace
(from April, 2011 - facilitated by George and Gaye Frey)

"I loved it! Please offer it again! The presenters were wonderful - on our campus all these years - hidden jewels! A truly worth-while afternoon. Thank you so much!"

"Excellent presentation! Made me want to integrate material presented in our office. I probably came away with more enthusiasm for change from this presentation than most I have attended."

"Wonderful, a great celebration! I am enthusiastic to go to work tomorrow!"

"Great ideas, excellent format to set the theme for the day - very energetic, encouraging!"

"Thanks so much for this breath of fresh air!"

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On-Line Learning

There are a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely over the Internet. We offer 300+ online courses. All courses include expert instructors, many of whom are nationally known authors. These online courses are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and geared just for you. Ready to explore our catalog?

On-Line Learning

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