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"We're here...for you."

Albert Bondurant

Welcome to Organizational Development and Learning. As you’ve probably noticed, our ‘brand’ is illustrated by three different, yet interlocking, puzzle pieces. That image represents a number of ideas: OD and Learning being here to help you put the pieces of your puzzle together; the knowledge, skills and abilities we all need; the diversity required for organizational success; the strategies, structures and processes that OD and Learning can influence; you, your department/school/organization, and OD and Learning – as an integral piece of your puzzle.

As our Mission Statement clarifies, we are here as a resource for the staff of Wright State and for the external community. Whether we’re offering one-on-one coaching services, consulting services, facilitating a retreat or instructing one of our programs for a large group, we are here to serve your needs.

Our one-on-one sessions range from internal career counseling to executive coaching. Our consulting services focus on taking a look at your department/school/organization to clarify strengths and challenges, uncover gaps, and recommend solutions. Our facilitation services include third-party perspectives for meetings and retreats and the delivery of one of our programs.

Please let us know how we can best serve your individual and organizational needs.  We’re here … for you.

Albert Bondurant
Executive Director
Organizational Development and Learning




Leadership Academy

Cornerstones of Effective Leadership Series:
- Setting Performance Expectations
- The 'Art' of Coaching
- Providing Effective/Constructive Feedback
- The Performance Appraisal: An Obligation

Executive Education Series:
- Succession Training
- Creating/Communicating a Vision
- Project Management
- Strategic Planning

Commitment to Excellence:
- Emotional Intelligence and leadership
- Impactful Interactions: Communicating with Respect
- Building Commitment: The Essential Transition
- Change/Improvement: The Essential Transition

Additional Leadership Development Seminars:
- Leadership: The Wright Way
- Women's Leadership Institute


Professional Development Alliance

Unlocking Your Potential Series:
- Teamwork: Understanding Ourselves/Understanding Each Other
- Effective Communication: Essential to Success
- Resolving Conflict: Dealing w/Difficult Behavior
- Change and Continuous Improvement: A Necessary Link

Sharpening Your Skills Series:
- Exceptional Customer Service: YOU are the Difference
- Effective Communication: Essential to Success
-Understanding the Necessity for Change
- Assertiveness: Respectfully Stepping Up and Speaking Out


Additional Unique Seminars:
- The On-the-Job-Training (OJT) Workshop
- Mentoring: An Opportunity to Learn/Share
- Administrative Professionals Event

We enhance relationships and systems by effectively removing barriers to success while improving skills, service and satisfaction.


We are committed to:
Fostering a culture shift within the internal community to support efforts to relentlessly pursue excellence . . .

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"Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."

- Jim Rohn


  • Wright State University Leadership Academy
    The WSU Leadership Academy offers programs from our Cornerstones of Executive Leadership Series (for Managers, Supervisors and Leads), Executive Education Series (coming in, 2014, a leadership series for Chairs, Directors and above); WSU Women's Leadership Institute (specifically focused on the unique challenges and realities faced by women in leadership roles), and our program for those new to a supervisory/leadership role or new to WSU in a supervisory/leaderhip role - Leadership: The Wright Way.
  • Wright State University Professional Development Alliance
    The WSU Professional Development Alliance represents a series of programs for our non-management staff specifically designed with their professional needs in mind. Our offerings from the Unlocking Your Potential series include Understanding Ourselves / Understanding Each Other (using the MBTI instrument to better understand our preferences and the preferences of others); Effective Communication: Essential to Success (the importance of effective interpersonal communication at work); Resolving Conflict: Dealing with Difficult Behavior, Exceptional Customer Service and Change and Continuous Improvement: A Necessary Link (2014).
  • Mentoring
    Coming in 2014, this will be an elective program that will provide formal guidelines on how to effectively mentor a fellow staff member and how to get the most out of such a relationship if you are the apprentice.
  • OJT (On-the-Job Training)
    This half-day program offers organizational tools and processes for those who train others within their department/school/organization.
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