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WSU's office of Organizational Development and Learning offers a wide-range of services and programs. From one-on-one coaching sessions to consultation services and programs that affect an entire department or organization, we are here to serve your individual and organizational needs.

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Contact us at or call 937.775.4705 to discuss your organizational needs.





One-on-one coaching is available.  We offer professional development and executive coaching services.


Our services include Organizational Development consulting that will examine a department or organization to find gaps, strengthen systems and improve processes.


We are available to offer a third-party perspective to your meeting, retreat or a program of your choice.



Leadership Development

Cornerstones of Effective Leadership series:
  • Setting Performance Expectations: Providing Direction and Influence
  • The 'Art' of Coaching
  • Providing Effective - and Constructive - Feedback
  • The Performance Appraisal: An Obligation


Professional Development

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Understanding the Necessity for Change
  • Resolving Conflict: Dealing With Difficult Behavior
  • Understanding Ourselves / Understanding Each Other
  • The Performance Appraisal: A Dual Responsibility
  • Effective Communication: Essential to Success




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Leadership Development


Setting Performance Expectations: Providing Direction and Influence

This interactive program will look at ...

  • The major outcomes you expect
  • The specific criteria that needs to be met
  • How each person's responsibilities tie to major outcomes
  • The importance of explaining 'why' instead of just telling
  • The link between seeking input and gaining commitment
  • The impact of communicating clearly and honestly
  • Establishing Priorities
  • Clarifying job responsibilities
  • Correcting misunderstandings about what's expected
  • Why staying on 'message' - with consistency - is essential
  • Listing your expectations
  • Effective delegation

If you're a supervisor/leader, this program should be considered another 'essential' to place in your leadership 'toolbox.'

Evaluation Comments:

"Effective - and should be mandatory."


"Good quality - useful information."

"Will help me w/being a better supervisor."

"It will help me get started with a new employee."

"As a new supervisor, this training will help me to do it right."

" Very helpful to have steps to guide one through the process -- takes the mystery/fear out of evaluating those I supervise."

"Fantastic -- thank you. I hope to take the additional leadership courses in the section."

"Well received; on target."

"Great stuff!"

"This has set me on a good track - I never really knew how to do this before."

"Gave me confidence and structure for how to approach setting expectations/goals w/both high and low performers."

"This should be mandatory for all leaders; gives new perspectives to how to discuss expectations."

". . . very detailed in building an effective performance plan and going through it with the employee."

". . . helps to structure a necessary task, turn it into a powerful tool for increasing performance."

". . .will help me communicate with my team/staff members on what is expected of each of them."

"This is one of the best sessions. . ."

"Extremely well prepared, very engaging and provided great tools to set expectations. Wonderful initiative; very needed."

"Phenomenal - very effective. Keep the Leadership programs coming!"

"Workbook will be helpful tool to guide myself to influence staff outcomes. Excellent presentation; good resource. I look forward to additional workshops."

"Will help me in setting expectations for my staff that report to me. Would recommend to others to attend."

"It will allow me to be better prepared to set expectations with my employees and team. It also allows me to better motivate my employees as we set expectations. Finally, it reminded me to clearly express/communicate those expectations. . . very effective; answered questions, provided examples; the video was very effective in exemplifying the content. I would recommend to other supervisors. Thank you for offering this program!"

"Gave me a deeper understanding of successful leadership and practical examples of how I can apply it with co-workers and employees. I learned a great deal and can readily apply this information to my personal and professional life."

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The 'Art' of Coaching

This course focuses on:

  • Coaching being seen as an essential skill within your leadership 'toolbox'
  • Proven coaching techniques
  • A coaching 'process'
  • Tips to hone the finesse that is necessary to be an effective coach
  • 'Testing' your coaching skills
  • Receiving immediate feedback

Evaluation Comments:

"A great workshop filled with practical examples I can definitely use. Validates - "I'm on track" in confronting constructively. Thank you!"

"This program will definitely help me in my supervisory role, and in helping raise the performance level of myself and those I supervise."

"Excellent tools and techniques that can be used in everyday life."

"Should be a requirement for all supervisors."

"Excellent review of proper coaching skills."

"Helps me help supervisors who report to me and set expectations of them in their supervisory/coaching roles."

"This is a good set of structured tools - reinforces some of what I do. . . helps me be more deliberate."

". . . make me a more thoughtful supervisor."

". . .dynamic, engaging. . ."

"Outstanding - really stretched us to understand. . . techniques, tactics, procedures to apply in our work place."

". . .it is important to build a relationship with my employees, invest in them and they will invest in me."

"Provided great tips on how to coach an employee and develop solutions together."

"A very valuable tool for managers and supervisors."

"Very organized and high quality of individual and group ex cercis es."

"I believe the overall effectiveness of this program is and should be required for supervisors. Without learning this information, I am not an effective supervisor."

"Thoroughly enjoyed it and found the cognitive coaching particularly fascinating."

"I feel every supervisor should be required to participate in this program!"

"It will provide me with a new set of tools that I can use to be a better leader for my team."

"Outstanding! I really enjoyed learning about this topic and felt the materials were of a very high quality."


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Providing Effective - and Constructive - Feedback

This interactive program will look at:

  • Why feedback is important
  • The importance of assessing yourself
  • Ensuring the feedback is constructive
  • How to use effective communication techniques
  • How to provide oral and written feedback
  • The importance of developing a personal action plan
  • Characteristics of quality feedback
  • The process of making observations and giving feedback

Evaluation Comments:

". . learned some strategies for incorporating staff ideas to restructure the office. . .things are different w/a new supervisor and so are the expectations."

"Good flow of information.  Positive outlook."

"Should be a must for supervisors and managers. . . ."

"I will be better prepared to provide feedback, especially when it is uncomfortable."

"Very good, well presented. "

"It will give me tools to provide feedback in a constructive way to help improve/reinforce performance behaviors."

“Excellent; great practical application with real life experiences."

"A valuable asset. . ."

“Everybody should do this.”

“. . .provided concrete instruction, examples and direction for providing effective and constructive feedback.”


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Performance Appraisal: An Obligation

The program is tailored for anyone in a supervisory/leadership role with staff reporting to them.  The program will look at:

  • Defining Performance Management (PM)
  • Performance Management as an on-going process
  • The importance of documentation
  • The 'benefits' of a performance appraisal
  • How you're being perceived
  • Key 'ingredients' in the process
  • Why focusing on core competencies is vital
  • The importance of effective communication
  • The 'seven solutions' to a successful performance appraisal

Evaluation Comments:

"There is no question as to the impact this session will have on our efforts to improve PA participation at WSU."

"The material was excellent and every supervisor should be required to complete a course with this material being presented."

"This program will be quite helpful to those of us who have never written a performance appraisal. Also help us when we get our appraisal from our supervisor."

"Thought-provoking, comprehensive."

"I feel this is essential for anyone required to complete evaluations."

"Terrific; a must for any supervisor."

"Very good quality, very informative."

"Great program! Hope to see it become mandatory. There are a LOT of people that need this!"

"Very effective. Should be required for of all supervisors."


". . .provided concrete examples and practical application to completing a performance appraisal."

"Interactive elements very helpful."

"I thought it was excellent, for both new supervisors and ones who have done many evaluations."

"Excellent - interactive."

"Very effective."

"Extremely effective."

". . .should be required for all supervisors."

". . .very effective - was presented w/new ideas!"

"Excellent! Very informative and specific."

"Great course!"

"Very beneficial."

". . . gave great points that I will be able to use."

"Excellent quality with applicability to my work."

"This program is a great resource for anyone looking to develop their performance evaluation skills."

"Information was valuable and will enable me to do my job better."




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Professional Development


Understanding Ourselves / Understanding Each Other

The program is a non-supervisory/leadership program focused on the link between introspection and effective teamwork.

Evaluation Comments:

"Very well put together program that made me think about what I do."

"Helped me to understand my personality type and how I can use my attributes to be more successful."

"Fun. . . interesting"

"10 out of 10."

"Very effective; not boring."

"I better understand myself and my co-workers so we can all work more efficiently."

"Made our staff group a stronger unit."

"It helped me understand how others think about problems and how to better express my concerns or opinions."

"It created a cohesiveness within the group."

". . . help me with my interpersonal relationship skills. Excellent material; instructor facilitated the class very well; kept us on track nicely. Great program; great instructor."

"It will help me communicate with and understand my team members better. I realize I must let others know and understand me . . . it made me think and gave me many ideas to improve."

"I know that people are different; today's program will help me realize, as an extrovert, that I shouldn't always think that introverts are uncomfortable with silence."

"The program helped me analyze some of my preferences, and I realized that people with different preferences are necessary . . . a nice presentation."

"It gave me a perspective of how to work with other people and how other people might think and act. This will help me get to know more about myself and how to work with others. Really great facilitation skills - guided the group very well."

"It will help me keep in mind that a good team consists of diversity and difference in thought. It will also help me keep in mind which situations best suit my preferences. I thought it was a very good presentation with some helpful material. The presenter was engaging and the exercises were helpful."

"To find other methods of communicating and working with people different from you. To empathize with others and find more effective ways to work together to identify strengths and weaknesses in others. Very effective and interactive; interesting."

"Allow me to be more open and reflective concerning others I will work with especially in a team. Very interesting; very professional and skillfully presented."

"Helps me to understand how I am perceived to better manage my talents. Great program; I look forward to future programs."


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Effective Communication: Essential to Success

This program is a non-supervisory/leadership program focused on the importance of interpersonal communication:

  • Practicing positive intent
  • Understanding assumptions
  • How to actively listen
  • How to build rapport
  • Being direct without being rude
  • Positive phrasing, etc.

Evaluation Comments:

". . . will make me more aware of my communications with co-workers and attempt to be more effective."

"I speak with students regarding difficult concepts and processes daily. This will help me to streamline my conveyance."

"It was very good. Lots of information."

"It will be very helpful as communication is a barrier for me; English is not my first language."

". . .valuable for nurturing healthy team building!"

"The program was very good. I look forward to putting my new skills and awareness to work."

"Excellent material; well researched and well conducted."

"It will help me to make sure I am really being understood the way I want to. . . will help me to communicate better without making people defensive."

"I was reintroduced to good personal habits and introduced to the necessity of polish."

" Great! Appropriately paced."

"Great material often overlooked in other presentations."


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Resolving Conflict: Dealing with Difficult Behavior

This program is a non-supervisory/leadership program focused on:

  • Keys for improving relationships at work
  • Understanding styles of behavior
  • Analyzing your relationships
  • Dealing with difficult team members
  • Following through with consistency

The program is being offered within the Unlocking Your Potential series and will be facilitated by George Frey (from the Division of Professional Development).

Evaluation Comments:

“Help me to develop my skill set for conflict resolution; listening, getting to the root, finding a win-win solution.”

“Quality of material was excellent. Quantity was very informational.”

“Very impressed with the programs from your dept.”

“This was the best quality material I have seen from our professional development program.”

“This is a step in the right direction. . .”

“Should be mandatory."

“Excellent, knowledgeable, articulate.”

“Give me a better approach to dealing with conflict.  Good tools for resolving tension.”

“Excellent quality.  The material was relevant and practical.”







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