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Overall Comments:

“The University Center for International Education (UCIE) has been extremely pleased by the services, staff and resources available through OD and Learning at Wright State. UCIE has gone through many transitions in the past several years and we reached out to OD and Learning for support through a two-part workshop on Customer Service in 2007 and 2008, Executive Coaching for several UCIE staff members, and a workshop on Myers Briggs offered in 2009. The impact on UCIE and our staff has been dramatic and we have been enormously grateful to Albert Bondurant for this service at no cost to our Center. His professionalism coupled with his pro-active directness has helped our Center move forward in ways we would not have thought imaginable just a few years ago.”

— Michelle Streeter-Ferrari, Director, University Center for International Education

“I received many favorable comments from the Pharmacology and Toxicology faculty about Albert Bondurant’s workshop (Understanding Ourselves, Understanding Each Other). They said it was great fun, provided a new perspective on group interactions and provoked some changes in meeting organization.”

— Mariana Morris, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies Professor, Chair, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Boonshoft School of Medicine“

“The Office of the Controller was extremely pleased with the unbiased analysis and feedback it received from Organizational Development and Learning and the ultimate action steps provided to improve operational efficiencies and effectiveness. A number of insightful and thoughtful recommendations were provided, many of which have been implemented. Having this professional in-house service available proved to be very beneficial in a time of great need.”

— Jeff Ulliman, CPA, Assistant Vice President for Finance, University Controller

“Albert Bondurant’s workshop (Understanding Ourselves, Understanding Each Other) was a fun, thought-provoking experience. The faculty greatly benefited from his ability to bring out in us a positive, cohesive focus to improve our department in accomplishing its mission and improving team-building skills. Want to know how to form committees that will succeed or how to pick the perfect collaborator? His insightfulness into the department’s personality was encouraging. Mr. Bondurant’s coaching style made us all appreciate each other a little more and we look forward to his next session.”

— Terry Oroszi, MS, Director, Pharmacology and Toxicology, MS Graduate Program Director, Pharmacology Genetic Testing Facility Research Associate, Cardiovascular and Diabetes Lab Boonshoft School of Medicine

“Organizational Development and Learning provides excellent, confidential advice to assist staff members with work-related issues. I highly recommend their services.”

— Denise Robinow, Executive Director of Marketing Services, Communications and Marketing Advancement

“We recently participated in a workshop designed to explore “Teamwork” including understanding individual work styles. The Myers Briggs exercise created an opportunity for staff to explore different “work preferences” and how each individual’s strength may serve the team. We had the opportunity to assess what we felt were strengths of the unit and what team members could do to maximize identified strengths. Albert did a great job of helping the unit understand how the “individual” preferences impact the workplace. Understanding the evolution of workplace changes was an eye-opener to creating an even fuller and dynamic work environment for now and in the future”

— Brenda Dewberry, MS Director, Pre-College Programs

“Organizational Development and Learning has been very helpful for me in my role as University Librarian and Associate Vice President for International Affairs. Albert Bondurant has assisted both the University Libraries in efforts of staff development and improving teamwork. The results have been positive and the investment of time worthwhile.”

— Stephen Foster, Ph.D., University Librarian, Associate Vice President for International Affairs

“Organizational Development and Learning created a customer service presentation uniquely tailored to the Offices of the Bursar, Financial Aid, Registrar and Undergraduate Admissions. The staff in OD and Learning took the time to learn about our needs and used an innovative approach to deliver key points on how to build and maintain a customer service friendly environment. The sessions were informative and engaging as we learned more about ourselves, our offices and the important roles we have in serving the university community.”

— Steven Sherbet, University Bursar, Director of Treasury Services

“Organizational Development and Learning has been a valued resource to the Registrar’s Office. They have presented a number of high quality programs over the past two years and have also provided individual coaching and facilitation sessions. All have received high marks from staff and have proven effective in gaining increased knowledge and understanding. I look forward to learning more about the new opportunities that are scheduled to be offered in the near future and I am sure that they will continue to win praise from participants!”

— Marian Hogue, University Registrar


Course Evaluation Comments:


Administrative Professionals Day 2012: Keeping Your Balance in an Unbalanced World
(guest speaker: Jane Boucher)

"One of the best seminars I've ever attended."

"Didn't know how you could top last year -- but you did!"

"I've had the opportunity to attend similar programs, but I believe this one was the best."

"Thank you for doing something special for those of us in the support staff."

"It will definitely help me try to be more understanding of those I meet and work with."

"Ms. Jane Boucher was excellent. I could listen to her all day."

"Excellent! Very engaging!"

"She gave us so much to consider about our lives!"

"I loved it - very uplifting."

"Better help me assess the personality type of co-workers to know how they operate and relate."

"Allow me to have balance in my daily job and learn how to be more of a server."

"Very genuine. Learned something that will stick with me for the rest of my life."

"It will help me to better understand how my temperament would naturally interact. Also gave me good information on how to evolve and develop."

"Quality was great. The stories were interesting. The many sayings were small treasures."

"Jane was a very good and dynamic speaker. Her personal perspective and experiences made the subject matter easily understandable.'

"It was very well run. I was blessed and very appreciative of the opportunity to attend."

"Take a positive attitude back to the office. . ."

". . . enthusiastic, well-prepared, easy to listen to, entertaining. . ."

"Good reminders of how to balance my life and what kind of personality I have."

"It was an AMAZING afternoon - the best quality."

Administrative Professionals Day: Imagine a Workplace
(guest speaker: George Frey)

"I loved it! Please offer it again! The presenters were wonderful - on our campus all these years - hidden jewels! A truly worth-while afternoon. Thank you so much!"

"Excellent presentation! Made me want to integrate material presented in our office. I probably came away with more enthusiasm for change from this presentation than most I have attended."

"Wonderful, a great celebration! I am enthusiastic to go to work tomorrow!"

"Nice time to socialize with other admins. Great ideas, excellent format to set the theme for the day - very energetic, encouraging!"

"Thanks so much for this breath of fresh air!"

Compliance Training Series: Ethical Behavior

"Organizational Development and Learning's program provided a good reminder of what actions are considered ethical and unethical. There was clarification on some confusing/gray areas. The training was very well done. There was a nice blend of visual, written and active elements as well as a nice exchange of questions/answers and comments. Mr. Bondurant is an excellent presenter! He included some humor and read his audience well."

"I felt the topic was covered well . . . Everything that we needed was presented from the complete university policy to DVD segments demonstrating the ideas. I thought the program was thorough and all the points of view were introduced. I would like Mr. Bondurant as the presenter of other programs."

WSU Leadership Academy: Setting Performance Expectations: Providing Direction and Influence

"Effective - and should be mandatory."


"Good quality - useful information."

"Will help me w/being a better supervisor."

"It will help me get started with a new employee."

"As a new supervisor, this training will help me to do it right."

" Very helpful to have steps to guide one through the process -- takes the mystery/fear out of evaluating those I supervise."

"Fantastic -- thank you. I hope to take the additional leadership courses in the section."

"Well received; on target."

"Great stuff!"

"This has set me on a good track - I never really knew how to do this before."

"Gave me confidence and structure for how to approach setting expectations/goals w/both high and low performers."

"This should be mandatory for all leaders; gives new perspectives to how to discuss expectations."

". . . very detailed in building an effective performance plan and going through it with the employee."

". . . helps to structure a necessary task, turn it into a powerful tool for increasing performance."

". . .will help me communicate with my team/staff members on what is expected of each of them."

"This is one of the best sessions. . ."

"Extremely well prepared, very engaging and provided great tools to set expectations. Wonderful initiative; very needed."

"Phenomenal - very effective. Keep the Leadership programs coming!"

"Workbook will be helpful tool to guide myself to influence staff outcomes. Excellent presentation; good resource. I look forward to additional workshops."

"Will help me in setting expectations for my staff that report to me. Would recommend to others to attend."

"It will allow me to be better prepared to set expectations with my employees and team. It also allows me to better motivate my employees as we set expectations. Finally, it reminded me to clearly express/communicate those expectations. . . very effective; answered questions, provided examples; the video was very effective in exemplifying the content. I would recommend to other supervisors. Thank you for offering this program!"

"Gave me a deeper understanding of successful leadership and practical examples of how I can apply it with co-workers and employees. I learned a great deal and can readily apply this information to my personal and professional life."

WSU Leadership Academy: The 'Art' of Coaching

"It will allow me to communicate and coach my staff in a more efficient manner."

"I believe every person that has people reporting to them should attend the Cornerstone classes."

"Excellent class!"

"A great workshop filled with practical examples I can definitely use. Validates - "I'm on track" in confronting constructively. Thank you!"

"This program will definitely help me in my supervisory role, and in helping raise the performance level of myself and those I supervise."

"Excellent tools and techniques that can be used in everyday life."

"Should be a requirement for all supervisors."

"Excellent review of proper coaching skills."

"Helps me help supervisors who report to me and set expectations of them in their supervisory/coaching roles."

"This is a good set of structured tools - reinforces some of what I do. . . helps me be more deliberate."

". . . make me a more thoughtful supervisor."

". . .dynamic, engaging. . ."

"Outstanding - really stretched us to understand. . . techniques, tactics, procedures to apply in our work place."

". . .it is important to build a relationship with my employees, invest in them and they will invest in me."

"Provided great tips on how to coach an employee and develop solutions together."

"A very valuable tool for managers and supervisors."

"Very organized and high quality of individual and group exercises."

"I believe the overall effectiveness of this program is and should be required for supervisors. Without learning this information, I am not an effective supervisor."

"Thoroughly enjoyed it and found the cognitive coaching particularly fascinating."

"I feel every supervisor should be required to participate in this program!"

"It will provide me with a new set of tools that I can use to be a better leader for my team."

"Outstanding! I really enjoyed learning about this topic and felt the materials were of a very high quality."

WSU Leadership Academy: Providing Effective/Constructive Feedback

". . learned some strategies for incorporating staff ideas to restructure the office. . .things are different w/a new supervisor and so are the expectations."

"Good flow of information.  Positive outlook."

"Should be a must for supervisors and managers. . . ."

"I will be better prepared to provide feedback, especially when it is uncomfortable."

"Very good, well presented. "

"It will give me tools to provide feedback in a constructive way to help improve/reinforce performance behaviors."

“Excellent; great practical application with real life experiences."

"A valuable asset to WSU."

“Everybody should do this.”

“. . .provided concrete instruction, examples and direction for providing effective and constructive feedback.”

WSU Leadership Academy: The Performance Appraisal: An Obligation

"Gives a good foundation of knowledge."

"Thorough and well organized."

"I believe all new supervisors should be required to attend."

"There is no question as to the impact this session will have on our efforts to improve PA participation at WSU."

"The material was excellent and every supervisor should be required to complete a course with this material being presented."

"This program will be quite helpful to those of us who have never written a performance appraisal. Also help us when we get our appraisal from our supervisor."

"Thought-provoking, comprehensive."

"I feel this is essential for anyone required to complete evaluations."

"Terrific; a must for any supervisor."

"Very good quality, very informative."

"Great program! Hope to see it become mandatory. There are a LOT of people that need this!"

"Very effective. Should be required for of all supervisors."


". . .provided concrete examples and practical application to completing a performance appraisal."

"Interactive elements very helpful."

"I thought it was excellent, for both new supervisors and ones who have done many evaluations."

"Excellent - interactive."

"Very effective."

"Extremely effective."

". . .should be required for all supervisors."

". . .very effective - was presented w/new ideas!"

"Excellent! Very informative and specific."

"Great course!"

"Very beneficial."

". . . gave great points that I will be able to use."

"Excellent quality with applicability to my work."

"This program is a great resource for anyone looking to develop their performance evaluation skills."

"Information was valuable and will enable me to do my job better."


WSU Leadership Academy: Performance Issues/Improvement

". . .gives me more!"

"It will definitely help me to address employee performance problems in a more effective, positive manner. . . has provided me with tools and processes to use everyday in my supervisory duties. Please continue to build on these programs/skills we have learned by offering programs in the future. Thank you!"

"I learned of many resources that will be helpful for me and my staff. I feel more empowered as a supervisor to better assist my staff in improvement. I thought the case studies, verbal examples were excellent; in addition, the manual is such that I can easily pick it up as needed months from now and truly understand and remember what was said. I learned so much I didn't know, including resources to pass onto staff. This was a FANTASTIC training!"

". . . has given me a "starting point" to deal with a problem employee. Has also given me a plan. . .how to proceed. The instructors were very knowledgable and presented the information clearly. Should be required of all supervisors."

"The training enhanced my knowledge of how to deal with difficult situations/staff in the workplace. It will help me in becoming more effective as a manager. Great job!"

"Good overall presentation for better day-to-day management. Good for multiple supervisors in the same department to attend. Would like all other supervisors in our office to attend and hope it will be offered again soon!"

". . . will assist me in the overall understanding of the PIP and other performance related issues. I wish this was available before I became a supervisor! Very thorough and detailed -- keep the series going!"

". . .helps reinforce the training I had and increases my confidence."

". . . knowledge of proper procedures in dealing with situations of an employee. Material is excellent; very good explanations. All supervisors should be required to take these classes."

"I'm better prepared to take action when confronted with unsatisfactory behavior."

WSU Professional Development Alliance: Understanding Ourselves / Understanding Each Other

"Help me with my interpersonal relationship skills. Excellent material; instructor facilitated the class very well; kept us on track nicely. Great program; great instructor."

"It will help me communicate with and understand my team members better. I realize I must let others know and understand me . . . it made me think and gave me many ideas to improve."

"I know that people are different; today's program will help me realize, as an extrovert, that I shouldn't always think that introverts are uncomfortable with silence."

"The program helped me analyze some of my preferences, and I realized that people with different preferences are necessary . . . a nice presentation."

"It gave me a perspective of how to work with other people and how other people might think and act. This will help me get to know more about myself and how to work with others. Really great facilitation skills - guided the group very well."

"It will help me keep in mind that a good team consists of diversity and difference in thought. It will also help me keep in mind which situations best suit my preferences. I thought it was a very good presentation with some helpful material. The presenter was engaging and the exercises were helpful."

"To find other methods of communicating and working with people different from you. To empathize with others and find more effective ways to work together to identify strengths and weaknesses in others. Very effective and interactive; interesting."

"Allow me to be more open and reflective concerning others I will work with especially in a team. Very interesting; very professional and skillfully presented."

"Helps me to understand how I am perceived to better manage my talents. Great program; I look forward to future programs."

WSU Professional Development Alliance: Effective Communication: Essential to Success

". . . will make me more aware of my communications with co-workers and attempt to be more effective."

"I speak with students regarding difficult concepts and processes daily. This will help me to streamline my conveyance."

"It was very good. Lots of information."

"It will be very helpful as communication is a barrier for me; English is not my first language."

". . .valuable for nurturing healthy team building!"

"The program was very good. I look forward to putting my new skills and awareness to work."

"Excellent material; well researched and well conducted."

"It will help me to make sure I am really being understood the way I want to. . . will help me to communicate better without making people defensive."

"I was reintroduced to good personal habits and introduced to the necessity of polish."

" Great! Appropriately paced."

"Great material often overlooked in other presentations.'

WSU Women's Leadership Institute IV: Women's Occupational Mobility and Leadership Opportunity in the 21st Century

"It was very good. Lots of information."

"I now have new strategies to use. Possibility to network with women in the class is a good idea."

"Great ideas..."

"Thought provoking."

"Quality of the materials was excellent..."

"Great Presentation."

"Very effective."


"Fantastic!!! I will get the word out."

"I will recommend this program! I would like to see more."

"Interesting I enjoy listening to successful women in higher education."

"Useful tools to build on."

"Builds confidence and helps formulate a plan."

"Very enlightening and enthusiastic. Hit on issues of extreme concern that should be addressed by WSU admin."



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