NCMR provides a unique capability of curriculum development and delivery across the spectrum of adult learning.  Our approach is to provide an integrated delivery which capitalizes on off-site/on-line distance learning foundations, followed up with hands-on training in a resident environment and culminating in a hands-on practical application training phase in a tough environment. This approach minimizes operational costs and maximizes operational effectiveness for our students.  We can accomplish the resident and hands-on phase either at the NCMR training site (Calamityville®) or via mobile training teams anywhere around the world.

  • NAEMT Authorized Training Center
  • NDLSF Certified Training Center
  • Ohio EMS Certified Training Center
  • STORM Regional Training Site (covering Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois & Kentucky)

Course Offerings

NCMR course offerings can be found in our online catalog.  Once scheduled, the NCMR courses are delivered either at our training facility in Fairborn, Ohio, or delivered to your agency's training facility. NCMR provides the instructors/experts and the training materials.

Schedule a Class

There are two ways to schedule a class offered by the NCMR: standard scheduling or Excess Delivery Acquisition Program (EDAP) scheduling. One standard scheduling occurs by selecting the schedule a class option and enrolling online. For EDAP scheduling, contact, Associate Director for Curriculum Development & Delivery